Does Pretty Litter Really Work?

If you’re wondering does pretty litter really work then you need to read this article


Because you’re about to be blown away at how awesome this cat litter is

I get it

It’s hard to believe that a cat litter can actually detect any early signs in your cats health

Carry on reading to find out more…

Does Pretty Litter Really Work?

The first time you hear about Pretty Litter, it does sound very revolutionary!

A cat litter that only needs to be changed monthly, a cat litter that is a health monitor for your cat too, is safe to use and delivered right to your doorstep every month for FREE – Wow!

It does sound a bit too good to be true

So I can understand you being a bit skeptical

I would be too

Let me tell you though

This is all true

And it’s going to change your cats life and your life too

I’ve written a in-depth review on Pretty litter which you can check out by clicking the below

Pretty Litter Review 

Let’s first look at what is Pretty Litter and how this litter came about

What Is Pretty Litter?

Pretty Litter was created in Los Angeles in 2015 by a cat lover, Daniel Rotman.

His cat had died because Daniel had not been able to monitor his cat’s health easily and Daniel decided that he never wanted to experience losing his pet again through not knowing when they first became ill – the result was Pretty Litter.

It is a sad story but he used this experience to help other cat parents like you and me

I find it pretty amazing how you don’t have to go through what Daniel had gone through

You can now stay on top of your cats health through Pretty Litter

Is Pretty Litter Safe To Use? 

Pretty Litter is a natural product as it is made from silica crystals.

These silica crystals are non-clumping, making Pretty Litter totally safe to use for cats and kittens.

If your pet did accidentally swallow some crystals, the crystals will not expand inside the animal causing problems, but would be passed through their body safely – giving you peace of mind.

How Does Pretty Litter Monitor My Cats Health?

Pretty Litter uses a patented formulation to create indicators that are the small orange specks among the silica crystals you can see when you look at a handful of Pretty Litter.

When your cat urinates on the Pretty Litter the crystals change color – should there be a difference in the pH balance of your cat’s urine or traces of blood in the urine.

The special pH monitors which will alert you of any potential health problem in your cat.

When your cat urinates on the Pretty Litter the crystals quickly turn color.

If the crystals become dark yellow- mid green in color this confirms that all is well with your cat’s urine, but other colors indicate a change in the pH balance or the presence of blood, which is a fast and easy way for you to be notified that your cat needs to be checked out by your Vet.

This is very important because cats are very subtle animals

They don’t like showing any sign of pain or weakness

It’ just how cats are

It would be really sad to know that your cat was sick for a long time and you had no idea

Now is the time to change that

You will be able to tell instantly if your cat is unwell

What’s So Good About Pretty Litter Over Other Cat Litter Brands? 

Pretty Litter has been specially designed to make owning a cat really trouble-free!

Pretty Litter is a subscription-based cat litter company that delivers to your front door every month – with no postage charge.

All you need is one pack of Pretty Litter per cat per month.

When your pack arrives, you simply pour the whole pack of Pretty Litter into your litter tray and use it for up to a month.

Maintenance is really easy.

When your cat defecates, you simply remove this from the litter tray as normal and when your cat urinates, you give the Pretty Litter a quick stir so that the silica crystals can speedily get to work on removing the odor from the urine.

The water in the urine simply evaporates.

Pretty cool

Is Pretty Litter Expensive? 

Pretty Litter may not be the cheapest cat litter on the market, but then it is much more than a cat litter as it helps you monitor the health of your cat and really eliminates all odors.

Interestingly, when compared to traditional cat litters it is comparable in price because you have to change them so often and the average monthly cost of using traditional cat litter in the United States is $22 (£18 or €20.50).

Even if you have to change Pretty Litter after three weeks as it isn’t working quite as efficiently, you will still find it a good buy – especially as it is conveniently delivered with no postal charges to your home.

It saves you trips to the pet stores

You don’t have to carry heavy pet litter from the store – to your cat – to your house – and store it away

Just sit at home relax and it’ll come to you

Saves you time which you could use to play with your Kitty! Happy days!

Check out my Pretty Litter Cat Review

Wrapping It Up

So does pretty litter really work?

It does so you don’t have to worry about it

Cat parents are loving this – easy to understand why

If you could choose a product that will keep your cat healthy and could save your cats life

Would you choose it?

Of course you would

Our cats mean the world to us

They can’t tell us they are feeling unwell

In fact they do the opposite!

Our cats hide away the pain (We can’t really blame them for that!)

So it’s up to us to monitor our cats health

Make sure they are healthy

You could do this just by your cats litter

A routine trip by your cat using the litter box will give you a idea if your cat is okay or not

It doesn’t get much easier than that

Still unsure?

Have a read of my in-depth review of Pretty Litter 

That way you can understand more what the litter is all about

Already made up your mind that you want to stay on top of your cats health?

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Here’s to a healthy happy cat!



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