Can You Mix Pretty Litter With Regular Litter?

In this article you’re going to learn if you can mix Pretty Litter With Regular Litter

If you’re thinking about purchasing Pretty Litter and wondering if you could mix it with regular litter or if you already have it then this article is for you

If you are thinking about buying Pretty Litter but want to learn more then check out my Pretty Litter Review 

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Can You Mix Pretty Litter With Regular Litter?

Pretty Litter is a completely new easy to use type of cat litter that was created in 2015 in Los Angeles using new technology.

Pretty Litter is not an ordinary cat litter as it also works as a health monitor for your cat and because of this very important feature and the whole concept of Pretty Litter being a monthly cat litter, it is best not to mix it with an ordinary cat litter

It’s best you stick with Pretty Litter because it’s designed to help you monitor your cats health

What Is Special About Pretty Litter?

There is a wide range of different cat litters on the market including sand. Many of them are clumping cat litters made from betonite clay.

Pretty Litter is a natural product as it is made from silica crystals. The silica crystals are non-clumping, so a key feature of Pretty Litter is that it is totally safe to use for cats and kittens because if they do accidentally swallow some crystals, the crystals will not expand inside the animal will be passed through their body safely.

If you mix Pretty Litter with an ordinary clumping cat litter you will not have this peace of mind because there could be problems if your cat/kitten did swallow some cat litter during play.

Pretty Litter Is a Great Health Monitor.

Pretty Litter uses a patented formulation to create indicators that change color should there be a difference in the pH balance of your cat’s urine or traces of blood in the urine.

Pretty Litter silica crystals are white in color, but if look closely at the crystals, you will see numerous small orange flecks.

These are the special pH monitors which will alert you of any potential health problem in your cat.

The color of the Pretty Litter crystals changes when a difference in the pH levels in your cat’s urine or if blood in the urine is detected.

If your cat urinates on the Pretty Litter and the crystals turn dark yellow- mid green in color this confirms that all is well with your cat’s urine.

If you were to mix the Pretty Litter with an ordinary cat litter, it may well not be so easy to see a change in the color of the crystals, so you could miss the alert that your cat is developing a health problem and that you should be getting your cat checked out by your Vet.

Using one of the blue-colored cat litters to mix with Pretty Litter will compound this problem because this could mask the Pretty Litter crystals changing to blue.

When Pretty Litter changes to blue, blue/green or dark green in color, this is indicating that your cat’s urine is too alkaline and that your cat could have a urine infection.

In order for Pretty Litter to work effectively then it’s important you only use Pretty Litter and not mix it with any other regular litter

Pretty Litter – Easy To Use 

Pretty Litter has been specially designed to be trouble-free too as Pretty Litter is a subscription-based cat litter company that delivers to your front door every month.

All you need is one pack of Pretty Litter per cat per month. You simply pour the whole pack into your litter tray and use it for up to a month.

Maintenance is easy.

When your cat defecates you simply remove this from the litter tray as normal and when your cat urinates, you mix the urine into the silica crystals so that they can speedily get to work on removing the odor.

The water element of the urine simply evaporates.

The main reason that you are wanting to mix Pretty Litter with another type of ordinary cat litter is probably because Pretty Litter seems quite expensive – this would be a false economy! If mixed with other cat litters, Pretty Litter cannot work as effectively on removing the odor from the urine (as well as not being as efficient as a health monitor).

If you were to calculate how much you usually spend on traditional cat litter each month you would find the cost comparable – with the huge bonus that Pretty Litter is much lighter in weight compared to the 10kg (20lb) bags of cat litter you haul back from the supermarket. Pretty Litter is delivered right to your front door – how convenient is that?

If you are still unconvinced, then I would recommend you read my in-depth review where I go into more detail 

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Wrapping It Up

You can’t mix Pretty Litter with regular litter

If you do this then you won’t be able to monitor your cats health because you’ve mixed up the litter

The litter used by Pretty Litter is specially designed for the purpose of changing color if your cat has any health problems

So if you want Pretty Litter to be effective – use only Pretty Litter only 

That way you can get the full benefit of Pretty Litter






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