Is Pretty Litter Any Good

So you’ve heard of this awesome cat litter Pretty Litter

Which detects any signs of health complications in your cat

If you’re wondering is Pretty Litter any good then you’re going to love this article

Because you’re going to learn what’s so good about Pretty Litter

And why not just you but ALL cat parents should own this litter

Is Pretty Litter Any Good?

Cats make wonderful pets, but the one essential aspect of their care that can be off putting is a smelly litter tray to deal with!

The whole house can smell like a Litter box

The worst part?

When you have friends come over and that smell is literally stinking up your whole house

It is beyond embarrassing

Those scented candles don’t mask the smell

It kinda just makes it worse!

Like many cat owners, you have probably tried a number of different types of cat litter including sands and clumping clay and had differing degrees of success!

Luckily ineffective cat litter can definitely be a thing of the past, thanks to Pretty Litter….

Introducing Pretty Litter

Pretty Litter is an exciting and completely new type of cat litter that is effective, long lasting and most important of all- totally odorless.

Pretty Litter is very easy to use; you just need one bag of Pretty Litter crystals per cat per month.

How simple is that?

Pretty Litter is made from natural occurring and highly absorbent silica gel crystals that are safe for both cats and kittens.

You simply pour the whole box of Pretty Litter into the litter tray and let your cat use it for up to one month.

Pretty Litter does not clump, but it is a good idea to stir the crystals after your cat has used the litter tray. T

he crystals will absorb all the odor and eliminate the moisture.

Pretty Litter is actually safer than using many other types of cat litter because if the crystals are accidentally ingested, they do not expand so cannot cause any harm to your cat.

Here’s some other awesome features that makes pretty litter good – more than good to be honest!

Health Monitoring Your Cat

This is by far the most awesome feature of Pretty Litter

Imagine if you could detect any health problems within your cat

We all know cats are very subtle – they hide their pain away very well!

As a cat parent, you don’t want to realize a little too late

That’s where Pretty Litter comes in

Using Pretty Litter is a really smart way to keep an eye on your cat’s health.

Only too often, it is hard to tell that your cat is unwell, but by using Pretty Litter you will be health monitoring and will be alerted if your cat has a potential health problem as the crystals change color when they register a change in pH levels in your cat’s urine.

Save your cats life and stay well on top of your cats health

What’s more important than your little furbaby’s health? Nothing.

It’s invaluable!

Easy To use Indoors

Other great bonuses are that Pretty Litter does not create any dust which is ideal if someone in your house suffers from asthma and Pretty Litter stays where it should – in the litter box – and you will not find it tracked around the room.

Pretty Litter compares really well with traditional cat litters because you need a much smaller amount of it to keep your cat’s litter tray smelling good – which is particularly important if you live in a flat or bedsit.

You will need on average 10 kg (22 Lbs) of traditional cat litter a month, compared to just one lighter-weighing box of Pretty Litter.

No Need To Carry Pretty Litter Home Every Time It Runs Out 

The best news of all is that you don’t even have to carry your box of Pretty Litter home as it will be delivered straight to your door every month- without any postage charge.


Who doesn’t love free shipping?

This way there is no chance that you will forget to pop any cat litter in your supermarket trolley!

Pretty Litter is a subscription-based cat litter company, working hard to make owning a cat really easy.

The makers of Pretty Litter are confident that both you and your cat will love their product and if you are not completely satisfied with their product, they offer you a full refund if you return the box within 30 days – sounds like a win-win situation!

20% OFF With Your First Purchase

I love a promotion

I’m sure you do too

And Pretty Litter is offering just that

You can get 20% OFF your first purchase

Here’s the discount code to use at checkout


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Still wondering if Pretty Litter is any good?

It’s not just good

Its awesome

This cat litter has the potential to save your cats life

Can you put a price on that?

You can’t

Imagine you can detect any early signs of a health issue in your cat

A health monitoring, odorless, dust free, safe for your family Cat Litter 

Pretty awesome

If you want to learn more then check out my in depth review

Pretty Litter Review With a 20% Discount Code 

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