Pretty Litter Review (The Best Cat Litter)

A Health Monitoring, Odorless, Dust Free, Safe For Your Family, Cat Litter 

What if I told you, you can be the reason to save your cats life

By just looking at your cats litter

That’s right

You can potentially save your cats life by detecting any problem when he uses the litter box

Let me explain

Because you’re going to be blown away with this litter

Cats are very subtle animals

That means, if your cat is in pain then they are good at hiding it

The worst part?

By the time you realize it could be too late!

You don’t want that right?

No cat parent wants that

You see, the most common problem that you may have face with your cat is the avoidance of the litter box

You just don’t know why your furbaby has stopped using the litter box

You’ve tried everything

Adding another litter box


But nothing seems to work

So you’re out of ideas

But the problem is right in front of you

You just can’t see it

Your cat could be suffering from a health condition

But my cat is playing, walking, eating normally

That’s why they are so good at hiding their pain

You wouldn’t realize that your cat is not using the litter tray because of a underlying health problem

Such as kidney stones, UTI, bladder disease

I don’t wish none of that for any cats (I’m a cat parent myself)

Isn’t it important that you can detect this?

Save your cat from pain

And discomfort

Potentially save his life

Our cats are our babies

And you don’t want to see them sick or anything

If you do see they are unwell, then you want to get them treated right away!

It’s a concern when you notice something different in your cat

When you see something is not right

But what if you couldn’t see it along and by the time you did, things got worse

So what has cat litter got to do with all this you may ask

I’ll explain

This cat litter that I’m going to reveal to you is something you’ve never used before and probably have never heard of!

If you’re interested – carry on reading

If you think you got it all covered and know when your cat is sick (even though they can hide it very well) then you can click the back button

Still here?


I’m happy you want to be the best cat parent out there!

So let me explain what this cat litter does and how it’s going to help you keep on top of your cats health

This cat litter detects any health problems with your cat


When your cat uses the litter box

And your cat has UTI

The litter color will actually change!

I’m not joking

Which Cat litter I’m I talking about

It’s a brand called Pretty Litter

And here’s my Pretty Litter review (Hope you enjoy it)

What does Pretty Litter Detect?

It detects four main things in the urine which causes the litter color to change

  1. Bilirubin (This may indicate cancer, pancreatitis, metabolic disease)
  2. Red Blood Cells (Bladder inflammation, kidney stones, UTI)
  3. Alkaline Urine (Lead to UTI, stress related bladder inflammation)
  4. Acidic Urine (Lead to Kidney Tubular Acidosis, Metabolic Acidosis)

So you could know ALL this instantly just by a normal routine trip to the litter box

Pretty Litter

As a Cat parent myself

I know it would be heartbreaking to realize too late that my cat was suffering from a disease that I had no idea about

I’m sure you would too

You would be confused to understand how you didn’t even know because your cat was being normal all that time even though they were in pain

You then blame yourself for not acting quick enough but could you really blame yourself because your cat was just as good at hiding it

But now that could all change

You can act quick which is invaluable to your cats health

I mean it couldn’t get any easier to detect a problem with your cats health

They just got to use the litter box and you will have a idea straight away!

I know money is not important as your cats health but imagine how much money you’ll save if you take your cat to the vets as soon as you realize somethings wrong

You can save a lot of money because a trip to the vets is not something that is cheap

And with that money you can spoil your cat (maybe get a cat tree or a heated cat bed for the winter)

So let’s look at the features of Pretty Litter and what you get

What’s So Great About Pretty Litter Over Other Litter

Well I mentioned the main thing which was it changes color to detect any health problems with your cat

But it doesn’t end there

There’s more

Use Less Litter So Less Scooping

Are you lazy like me?

There’s no choice in cleaning the litter box because you have to clean it (Unless you have a self cleaning litter box)

When you use pretty litter then that means you use less litter

Which mean less scoop

Which means you won’t have to keep buying litter

Saving money

Another awesome feature

Let me ask you a question

Do you hate it when the litter box stinks up the whole house?

Well guess what

Pretty Litter Has The Best Odor Control Litter

The worst thing is

When you have guests come over

And your house doesn’t smell like the scented candles you used

But it smells like a litter tray full of cat urine and cat poo!

I’m sure you don’t want your house to smell like that

Well you won’t have to worry with using Pretty Litter


Because Pretty litter effectively traps the odor and then eliminates leaving your house smelling fresh and beautiful

It’s a odor control litter too!

80% Lighter

If you have multiple cats then you are probably using around 20 to 30 pounds of cat litter each month

So you are buying in bulk (Which can be expensive) or taking multiple trips to the pet store

But with Pretty Litter you get a month supply of cat litter

Do you want to know how much this weighs?

10 pounds?


4 – 6 pounds! How light is that?!

The revolutionary crystals are 80% lighter than normal litter

So that means you will use far less than you would for normal litter

Instead of going multiple times to the pet stores

Or ordering bulks of litter

Sign up to Pretty Litter and you’ll get a months supple every month

Delivered to your door

Which leads me to the next feature

FREE Delivery

Who doesn’t love free delivery

You don’t have to worry about buying litter again. Ever. 

Delivered to your door for free

So sit at home and let the cat litter come to you

Safe For The Family

Pretty Litter is safe for the family

Normal cat litter contains two ingredients which can be dangerous to people and pets

And that is

Sodium Bentonite


Crystalline Silica Dust

These two ingredients are found in normal cat litter

I know you don’t want to purchase something that can be harmful to your family and pets

But with Pretty Litter is all good

Non toxic and safe for people and pets!

Saves You Money

I know with health you can’t put a price tag on it

But if you could save money, would you say no?

With Pretty Litter you’re actually saving money


You pay a whole month supply for $22 which is less than a average one cat family that would spend litter in the stores

And another way you’re saving money is by reducing the cost of vet bills

Because of early detection in potential health problems

You will be able to get your cat seen before it gets worse

So with that money you’ve saved you can buy your cat something nice maybe? Or treat yourself!

Who doesn’t love to save money

Here’s How You Could Get Your Hands On Pretty Litter (With a Discount!)

I love a discount

How about you?

I know you do too

Well in this Pretty Litter review – here’s how you could get your hands on a discount

They have a promotion going on

You can get 20% OFF from your first order 

A small bonus too which is your furbaby gets a toy too which is cute

The code to use to get the 20% off is AFFTOY20 which you use at checkout

>Click here to see if this discount code is still working<

Make sure to use the code AFFTOY20 

Not bad right

I would recommend checking it out because if it is still working I got no idea how long this discount code will stay

So you might want to act quick!

Pretty Litter Pros & Cons

Just like every product there are always pros and cons

And I want to unbiased and make sure you know everything

So let’s look at the pros first

The pros:

Easy To Use 

* Pretty Litter is easy to use, very efficient and is importantly, odour-free.

Safe For Cats And Kittens

* Pretty Litter is a natural occurring and highly absorbent silica crystals that is safe for both

cats and kittens

Locks The Odor 

* Pretty Litter works in a completely new way as it locks in the odor from your cat’s urine but allows the water content to evaporate.

It’s a odor control litter

Non Clumping

* Pretty Litter is non-clumping, so importantly, if your cat or kitten does accidentally

swallow some of the crystals, it will not harm them, as the crystals will not expand inside

your cat’s stomach.

Monitors Your Cats Health By Changing Color 

* Pretty Litter checks your cat’s health. The silica crystals are white in color and monitor

your cat’s pH levels – should they alter, Pretty Litter changes color to alert you of a

possible health problem in your cat.

Easy Color Coding System To Detect Health Problems 

* There is an easy color coding system that uses five different colors. If your cat urinates

and the crystals turn dark yellow- mid green in color, all is good, but the other co lours

can alert you of a potential health problem in your cat.

Dust Free So Healthy For The Family

* Pretty Litter is healthy for your family too. There is no dust which is ideal if you have

children or someone with asthma in your home.

Free Delivery Every Month

* Pretty Litter is a subscription cat litter. You order one box of Pretty Litter per cat per

month and it will be delivered right to your front door – with no postage charge.

Easy To Use

* So easy to use! You simply pour the whole box of Pretty Litter into the litter tray and let

your cat use it for up to one month. Just removing all feces and stirring the Pretty Litter

each time your cat urinates in it.

To be honest, I think this litter is a life saver for your cat so it’s hard to point out any faults

But here’s a couple of things to point out


* Pretty Litter is not the cheapest cat litter but…

If you calculate how much you usually spend per month on cat litter and factor in potential wastage, you will find that Pretty Litter is competitively priced.

* There can be pools of urine in the Pretty Litter after your cat has used the litter tray 

But here’s the solution to this.

The manufacturer’s suggest that when your cat has urinated, that you give the Pretty Litter a quick stir to disperse the urine so that the silica crystals can quickly get to work on locking in the odour and allowing the water element to evaporate.

* Pretty Litter can be more messy

Because Pretty Litter weighs less than many conventional cat litters so sometimes it can be tracked all around your room if you can a cat that boisterously covers their faeces.

Cat parent have reported that this problem is minimalised is you use a cat litter with a rim or place the cat litter tray on an opened newspaper to collect any litter that escapes!

* Pretty Litter doesn’t seem to be effective for a whole month and can start to smell.

For most cats and kittens, Pretty Litter works really well for one month, but for some cats it is true that after a few weeks, the Pretty Litter is not so effective.

The reason for this is simple – each cat is different. Some cats produce much more urine than others and stronger smelling urine too, depending on their diet.

This problem is easily resolved by changing the Pretty Litter slightly sooner and adjusting the delivery time accordingly.

Overall when you look at the pros and cons

The pros easily outweigh

Yes there are some things that may be considered a negative but these problems are easily solved

I mean which cat litter does not have any cons?

The best thing about Pretty Litter that I love the most is – monitor your cat’s health 

You can’t get that with any litter

If it means you can save your cats life with Pretty Litter then it’s easily the best cat litter out there

Plus it’s an odor control litter! No more smelly litter!

Why not give it a go and take advantage of the discount code you get on first purchase

The code to use to get the 20% off is AFFTOY20 which you use at checkout

>Click here to see if this discount code is still working<

Conclusion – Pretty Litter Is The Real Deal

As you can see in my Pretty Litter review I think It’s easy to say with confident pretty litter should be used by every cat parent

Your cats health is valuable and it’s important to make sure they are healthy

As a cat parent, I know it’s heartbreaking when you find out that my cat was suffering all that time and I had no idea

Cats are very intelligent animals and subtle too

Don’t let your cat hide their pain and illness from you

Let’s win the battle – It’s a good battle because we making sure we are looking after them

After all this is the best way to look after a cat

Shower them with love and affection

And making sure they are healthy and happy

That’s what it’s all about

A litter that detects early signs of an illness in your cat

An odor control litter

Dust free

Delivered to your house every month – FREE

It can’t get better than that

Which Litter does ALL of these things?

Don’t forget to check and see if the 20% off discount is still available 

The code is AFFTOY20

So tell me,

Would you use a product that can detect an early illness for your pet?

Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading my Pretty Litter review and I hope I have answered all your questions and most importantly recommended the tool to potentially save your cat from being unhealthy and sick


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  1. I was curious to know if it might work with a self cleaning litter box? I use Litter Maid self cleaning litter box.
    This unknown has prevented me from giving Pretty Litter a try…
    Do you happen to know?

    • Hi Carol

      What litter are you using right now?

      If it’s sand like texture then it should be okay

      Here’s what it says on the Pretty Litter help page

      “Yes. PrettyLitter’s sand-like texture works great with many automated self cleaning litter boxes. If your litter box already works well with other crystal litters it will work great with PrettyLitter.”

      Hope this helps

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