Can You Kennel a Cat At Night

In this article you’re going to learn if you can kennel a cat at night

You’ll learn if you should do this

If you don’t want to then this article will also talk about how to keep your cat busy during the night

You’ll learn how to get your cat to sleep through the night

So if you’re tired of your cat waking you up at 4am every night then you’re going to love this article!

Sound good?

Let’s get started

Can You Kennel a Cat At Night

You can kennel a cat at night

But it’s best not to

I’m not saying you shouldn’t because sometimes our little furbabies can give us trouble

But it should be the very last option

What you should do is try to figure out why your cat is misbehaving and then tackling it

For example if your cat is meowing at night constantly then there is a reason why your cat is doing this

Does he want attention?

Is he hungry?

Is he bored?

These are all things you need to look at

Sometimes it’s just a simple solution

If your cat is meowing at night and you want the solution to stopping this problem

Check out my article

How to stop a cat meowing at night 

Stop Your Cat From Waking You Up At Night

There are many reasons why your cat is waking you up at night

So before we can look at how to stop your cat waking you up at night

Let’s look at the reasons

This will make us understand our little feline friend

  • Your Cat Is Bored
  • Your Cat is hungry
  • Your Cat is lonely

So let’s look at the first point


Cats can get bored

It’s in a cats nature to stay awake during the night and sleep during the day

After all they are predators and they hunt at night

If your cat won’s sleep at night then try to keep them entertained when you’ve gone to sleep

Keep Your Cat Entertained During The Night

How Do I Keep My Cat Entertained When I’m Sleeping?

Good question

Your Cat needs you to play with him right?

Not necessarily

You can put out toys for your cat to play with

Or maybe get a cat tree

Cats love cat trees

They can have lots of fun in them and it will sure keep your cat busy

If you don’t have one then I would recommend getting one

It’s a must!

I’d recommend getting Armarkat A7202 72-Inch Cat Tree, Beige

This cat tree is awesome and will keep your cat entertained during the night

It has really good reviews and is popular among cat parents

You can check out my in depth review by clicking the link below

Armarkat Cat Tree Review 

You can keep your cat busy with toys too

Self interactive cat toys

You don’t have to be there

They can play with the toy themselves

I would recommend checking out

k-berho Cat Toys Interactive, Cat Toys for Indoor with Feather,Ball,Mouse

This toy is awesome

Your cat will love it

And it will keep them busy whilst you’re getting your beauty sleep!

Check out the video below to see it in action

The price is not too bad too

Click Here To Find Out More

If you think your cat is lonely at night then I have written a article on this where I go into more depth on making sure they are busy and not bored and lonely

Check it out by clicking the link below

Do cats get lonely at night

Okay so we have tackled 2 points

Cats being bored

If your cat is lonely

What about if your cat is hungry?

To tackle this

Make sure you give your cat a full meal just before you go to bed

And then keep out dry food for him so at night he can just snack on them

But I already do this

No problem

Then you should keep out wet food because this will keep him more full

The problem with this is, what if the wet food goes bad or dries up right?

There’s a solution to this too!

You should get your cat a automatic cat feeder

This way your is fed when you’re sleeping

Now which automatic cat feeder can take wet food because most of them are just for dry food

But not this one

Cat Mate C500 Automatic Pet Feeder with Digital Timer for Cats 

This cat feeder is awesome

You set a timer and your cat is fed!

Check out the video

You can find out more about this by clicking the link below

Discover More

If you work during the day this comes in handy too

Because you can feed your cat even while you’re away 

It’s a good investment and very ideal for your cat too

At least you can go do your errands without worrying if your baby is hungry

Get Your Cat To Sleep Through The Night

That would be awesome right?

Getting your cat to sleep through the night

It can be done?

The best part?

You could make it into a routine!

How do you do this

It’s pretty simple

You just have to make sure your get your cat tired during the day

Or at least before you go bed

During the day play with your cat as much as you can

Keep them entertained

You can do so much

Here’s a article I wrote about fun things to do with your cat 

Especially during this period where we have to stay at home you could play with your cat more now

This will hopefully get your cat tired and she will sleep through the night

An hour before you go bed

Play with your cat as much as you can

Get them tired

Make them run by getting them to chase the toy string (My cat loves that!)

This will get your cat tired and hopefully will sleep

It’s a win win because you get to spend some good quality time with your furbaby

Another point I want to mention is sometimes your cat may scratch the side of your bed or even the bedroom door

This can be frustrating!

So how do you stop this?

Have a read of my article

Stop your cat scratching the bed at night

There’s always a way of stopping your cat disturbing during the night

But if worst comes to worst and you need to keep your cat in a kennel

Then sometimes you don’t have a choice

The best thing you could do is get something that is very spacious

Something like this

Large 3-Tier Cat Cage Pet Playpen Cat Crate Kennels 67″ Height Kitten House 

This is something very spacious and it’s not something you may feel guilty about

You could use this for as long as you think it’s appropriate but then as soon as you have figured out how to solve the problem then let your cat be free


So the answer to the question can you kennel a cat at night is yes you can

But it’s best if you can use this as the last very option

There’s always a solution to a problem

You just have to figure your cat out and see what they want and the tackle it like this

Cats love routine

So once you get your cat into a routine of sleeping during the night everything should be okay

I know it’s easier said than done

But try playing with your cat before you go bed

Get your cat tired

And take it from there

It’s not a one day fix

It may take time but consistency is key here

Follow the advice in this article and hopefully your cat won’t wake you up at 3am in the morning for whatever reason!

If it comes to a point where you have to put your cat in a kennel then make sure you have one that is spacious so your cat don’t feel trapped

The one I have recommended is perfect!

Remember, always show your cat love and affection

Even if it can be frustrating because they’re getting you up in the middle of the night

Shouting at them won’t do any good

With time, your cat won’t disturb you at night or better, they’ll sleep with you during the night




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