What Do Indoor Cats Need

In this article you’re going to learn about what do indoor cats need to be happy

You’ll learn how you can ensure your cat is happy

How you can keep them entertained and be a cat at home

So if you want a happy and healthy cat then you’re going to love this article

Let’s get started!

What Do Indoor Cats Need

They need everything!

Just kidding

A indoor cat needs love and affection

That is one of the most important aspect of keeping a indoor cat happy

This means if you have a cat or even thinking about adopting one then you need to make sure you have time 

Time for your cat

Because they need it

There’s a myth about cats

Which goes like

They are independent

They don’t need our love and affection

They pretty much don’t need us as much as dogs need their owners

But this is not true at all

Cats need us as much as we need them

They love our attention and the love and affection we give them

If you don’t do this then your cat can become depressed

Before we look at how you can keep your indoor cat happy

Let’s answer the question if it’s cruel to keep cats indoor

Is It Cruel To Keep Cats Indoor?

No it’s not cruel to keep a cat indoor


Because a outdoor cat are more likely to face danger

Such as cars, Foxes, getting into fights

Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t let your cat outdoors

That’s entirely up to the cat parent

But keeping them indoors is not cruel

This is providing that you keep them happy

Which is the main point of this article

You can make sure your cat can be a cat indoors too

How do you do this?

Carry on reading on how to keep your indoor cat happy

How Do I Keep My Indoor Cat Happy

There are many ways to keep your indoor cat happy

The first and one of the most important thing is to show them love and affection

Spend some time with your furbaby

Tell your cat you love them

I know we can be busy with work and family

But at least spare some time out during the day where it’s just you and your cat

Fix a time

And keep it as a routine because cats love routine too

You can also communicate with your cat

Yep, talk to them

They understand us

More than you think!

You can find out more in my article How to talk to your cat 

Showing your cat love and affection is a great way of keeping your cat happy

That’s the emotional part

Now you have to catify your house

This means make your house more cat furniture like

For example

Get your cat a cat tree

Cats love them

And it allows them to basically be a cat

Your cat can play on it

Cat trees have scratching posts too which is important for cats and for you because you don’t want your walls and carpet being torn apart right!

I would recommend getting your cat the Armarkat Cat Tree

One of the best out there and very popular among cat parents

Very ideal for your cat

This is how it looks like

Armarkat A7202 72-Inch Cat Tree, Beige

Looks pretty awesome

I love that little hammock

Your cat would love to sleep in that for sure!

There are so many different levels to allow your cat to jump from one to another

It’s tall and cats love heights so perfect for your cat to sit at the top and have a good view of their territory (Your house)

Brilliant cat tree

I actually wrote a in depth review which you can check out

Armarkat Cat Tree Review 

You could also get some single scratching posts for your cat

And put them in different rooms

Trust me

You don’t want your cat tearing up your couch

It happened to me!

Cats need a scratching post 

If your cat is scratching up your wall or furniture then you can stop this and divert their attention to their scratching post or even to the cat tree

Check out my article

How do you keep a cat from scratching up your furniture 

Other things you can get for your cat is wall benches

You stick them on the wall and your cat can jump from one to another

Another great place for your cat to just chill and see their territory

Cats feel safe when they are high up so that’s why cat trees and cat wall benches are perfect for this

It will keep them happy

Make sure you feed your cat on time and give them the highest quality of food

Food that has high nutrients

This is a great way of making sure your cat is healthy

A healthy cat is a happy cat

Now I know sometimes you have to pop out or you are at work

So feeding your cat can be difficult

But there’s always a way of feeding your cat when you’re not at home

Want to know how?

Check out my article

How to feed cat wet food while away

Cats love treats too!

So make sure you give your cat some

My cat lurrrves it!

He begs for it and if we don’t give in

He know how to manipulate us into giving him

Let’s just say it involves slow blinking (you can’t say no to that!)

Play with your cat

Cats are hunters and they need to practice hunting and catching prey

So you should buy one of those toys that are string with a toy mouse at the end

And play with your cat

Your cat will love it

My cat does!

It’s his favorite game

You could also get those self interactive games

So if you’re tired or not at home

This self interactive game is something your cat can play with when you’re not there

Here’s a really cool self interactive toy

k-berho Cat Toys Interactive, Cat Toys for Indoor with Feather,Ball,Mouse

Your cat will have fun with this toy!

You can check it out by clicking the link below

Click Here To Find Out More

The Best Litter

Don’t forget about your cats litter box

Your cat needs a litter box of course and litter too

Now choosing litter is very important because you want to get the very best

Did you know litter can be dangerous to your cat and to you too

The dust that’s found in litter is not very good

That’s why you need to get the best dust free cat litter 

It’s safe for your furbaby and for you too

Do you want to know what is the best litter to get for your cat?

Because I’m sure you want the very best right?

The best cat litter is…. Pretty Litter

Have you heard of it?

It’s a new revolutionary litter that changes everything!

With this litter you can actually monitor your cats health by just them using the litter box

If your cat is suffering from any health problems such as UTI or kidney disease then once they’ve relieved themselves the litter will change color!

How cool is that?

You’ll be able to detect any early sign of health problems

This is very important and a life saver for your cat because they are so good at hiding their pain

It’s also dust free and contains the odor too

Basically it checks all the boxes

Want to learn more?

Check out my In-depth Pretty Litter Review 

Wrapping It Up

Indoor cats can be happy

It’s just how you make them happy

You should give them love and affection and spend quality time with your cat

This is what they need the most

Of course feeding them too

Try and give them the highest quality of food because that will give them good nutrients

You want your cat to be healthy because that will keep them happy

Also, take your cat to the vets every 6 months to make sure they are all good and nothing is up with them

Cats are very good at hiding pain so taking them to the vets is very important

Make your house suitable for your cat by adding cat furniture such as cat trees, cat benches and scratching posts

Have a variety of toys for your cat to play with

That’s about it!

Your cat will be happy indoors for sure



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