How Many Litter Boxes For One Cat

In this article you’re going to learn how many litter boxes you need for one cat

Litter boxes are very important to cats because they use it to relieve themselves

It’s basically a toilet for them

When a cat starts to avoid using the litter box

The root of the problem can sometimes be the number of litter boxes your cat has

Carry on reading to know what the rule is for how many litter boxes for one cat

How Many Litter Boxes For One Cat

Have you ever gone out of the house only to return to see your cat has made a mess in the room?

Your cat did not use the litter box and now you have pee on your beautiful carpet!

The worst part?

Smell of cat urine making your house stink!

And it doesn’t matter what product you use

The smell just does not go away

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There could be many reasons why your cat has not used the litter box

I won’t go into much detail about the different reasons

Although if you are interested then you should read my article

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One of the reasons why your cat has not used the litter box is because you only have one litter box

You see, some cats like two litter boxes


Because some cats like to do pee in one and poo in another

Which is why you need another litter box for your cat

The general rule usually is

One litter box per cat + 1

Have a extra litter box

That way if your cat has peed in one at least they have another fresh clean litter box to do poo

A question might arise here

Do you really need 2 litter boxes?

Do You Really Need 2 Litter Boxes?

You don’t need two litter boxes

Some cats are fine with just the one

Provided they are cleaned regularly

A cat will not use a dirty litter box just as how we wouldn’t want to use a washroom that is dirty

There are some advantages of having 2 litter boxes

  • With 2 litter boxes you can place one downstairs and one upstairs. Basically you can put them in different locations. This reduces the chances of your cat leaving a accident for you to clean up! Win win for you
  • If your cat is upstairs and you usually have the litter box downstairs, your cat would have to come downstairs to use the litter box but if you have two, you can have one upstairs so your cat can use it straight away
  • Your cat can pee in one and poo in another
  • You don’t have to clean as often. What I mean by this is, if you have been busy and could not clean one litter box at least the other litter box will be clean

There you have it

The advantages of having 2 litter boxes

It really is a no brainer

Your cat will definitely appreciate it

I think having one upstairs and one downstairs really helps your cat

Can I Put Two Litter Boxes Next To Each Other

Location is very important when it comes to litter box

You want the litter box to be available to your cat and easily accessible

Now having two litter boxes next to each other does not make sense right?

I know some cats want to pee in one and poo in another but this will only happen if you don’t clean the litter box as much as you should do

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Having the litter box in different locations makes it easier for your cat

As I mentioned earlier

To have one litter box upstairs and one downstairs

That way your cat can relieve themselves if they’re upstairs

And if they are downstairs same thing

This is especially helpful especially if your cat is old

Makes things easier for them

Another thing that could be a problem is space

Now if you live in a small apartment then it can be difficult

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Do Cats Automatically Use The Litter Box?

Cats will normally use the litter box on their own

They do this by instinct

You see, cats like to bury their waste

So hopefully the only place in your house is the litter box

Big cats in the wild would bury their waste to avoid being seen or sensed

Domestic cats are part of the family

So even if they are not in the wild they still have this survival instinct within them so it doesn’t matter if they are outdoors or indoors they will still do the same

As every cat parent can relate

Sometimes your cat will not use the litter box

And this can happen all of a sudden

But this is not to get you angry or they just decided to stop using the litter box

If this does happen then the first thing to do is take your cat to the vets

If everything is healthy then there are a number of reasons

I won’t go into detail in this article but you could check it out in my article

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Do Cats Prefer Open Or Closed Litter Boxes

Cats don’t mind either to be honest

A actual study was published by Veterinary Medical School Of Ross University to see which litter boxes did cats preferred

The results was published in April 2013 in the Journal Of Feline Medicine And Surgery 

According to the findings, 70% of the study cats had no preference

As long as they were clean and fresh then it did not matter

So you can get a open litter box or closed one

Of course there are benefits and cons for covered litter boxes

With open litter boxes it’s pretty simple and easy to use

If you’re thinking about getting a covered litter box then here’s some advantages and disadvantages

Benefits of Covered/Closed Litter Box 

  • Great to use for small apartments
  • It will prevent dogs using it or having any access to it (If you have a dog)
  • Great at hiding litter away in the box
  • You can’t see the litter or any feces so compliments your home decor

Disadvantages Of Covered/Closed Litter Box

  • It can be uncomfortable for your furbaby
  • They can feel trapped in them
  • There is no emergency exit for your cat
  • The box can be too small

These are some points to look at if you are interested in buying one

If you do end up deciding to buy a covered litter box

Then which one is the best?

I would recommend

ecoFLEX Cat Litter Loo Cover/End Table

You can’t even tell that is a litter box!

It’s pretty awesome right?

If you have guest over

They will never be able to tell that you have a litter box

It’s very ideal for those who love their home decor

Oh, and it comes in different colors

This is a cover for a litter box

So it basically covers the litter box

Still pretty cool thought right?

You can find out the price and more detail by clicking the link below

Check Today’s Price

Wrapping It Up

How many litter box for one cat?

You can have just the one

But it’s better to have two

With one litter box it can be difficult for your cat

And for you too because you’re going to have to make sure it’s cleaned regularly

I’m not saying it’s impossible for your cat to have one litter box

Some cat parents just have the one litter box

But having two is better

You can put them in different places so if your cat is upstairs you can have one for both floors

Makes it easier for your cat

Some cats prefer to do poo in one and pee in another

I would recommend having a extra litter box for your cat

This can also reduce the chance of your cat doing their business outside the litter box


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