Fun Things To Do With Your Cat At Home

In this article you’re going to learn different fun things to do with your cat at home

If you’re at home because of this coronavirus then you will have a lot of time

So this is a great time to bond with your cat

If you’re looking for fun things to do with your cat whilst you’re at home then you’re going to love this article

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

Fun Things To Do With Your Cat At Home

If you’re at home due to the lockdown then this is a chance to bond with your cat

I mean if we’re at work all day during our lives then we don’t get this opportunity to spend some time with our little furbabies

Yes, we do play with them when we get home but is it enough?

Can we do more?

Could you give more attention to your cat?

The answer is yes!

Now is the time

Let’s face it

If we were kept indoor all day we would get bored right?

But do indoor cats get bored?

Do Indoor Cats Get Bored?

They can do if they don’t have anything to do

If you don’t have any cat furniture then what can a cat do to spend their time

So it’s important that you have certain things for your cat to play with

What comes to mind straight away is a cat tree

It’s made for cats and they love it

It allows them to be a cat

They can jump from one perch to another

Scratching the posts that comes with a cat tree

They have dangling toys too

Your cat will pretty much have fun with it

Armarkat cat tree is a pretty awesome cat tree to get

Here’s a review I have written about it if you want to check it out

Armarkat Cat Tree Review 

Let’ face it

Cat trees don’t come cheap

Especially if you want to buy one that will last for a long time

But you’ll be surprised at some cat trees and how affordable they are

They’re not made of cheap quality but will last a long time

So if you are on a budget you can check out my article

Top 5 best affordable cat trees

Other ways you can catify your house is by adding benches on the wall

So your cat can jump from one to another

It also allows your cat to sit at a high distance

I don’t know how cats can love heights because I’m afraid of heights!

The reason why cats love to sit at high places is because it gives them a whole view of their territory

Your living room is pretty much your cats territory

So sitting at a high place, he can see what’s going on

It also gives them a place of safety and security

Scratching posts are a good way to make your house more cat proof

If you don’t want your cat to scratch up your furniture, carpet or couch then yes you should get one

So these are some ways to add cat furniture to your house so your indoor cat won’t get bored

At least your cat could do things if you’re not there

But when you’re at home

How could you entertain your cat?

Carry on reading for some awesome fun ways!

How Can I Entertain My Indoor Cat

There are plenty of ways to entertain your indoor cat

Ping Pong Balls!

Oh my, ping pong balls and cats = FUN!

Trust me,

If you have laminated flooring then this will work perfectly

If not, then you can play in the bath (of course when it’s dry)

All you do is throw the ping pong

And watch your cat go crazy!

The way your cat will run after it and bat it with their paws is exciting

Endless fun for your cat

Great way of keeping them fit and healthy because they’ll be running around

Toys String 

What I’m talking about here is those string toys that have a mouse or feathers attached at the end of it

My cat loves this and will chase it

I love the way they go all predator mode

And then they shake their bum and pounce so quick!

I would recommend getting a toy like this

It allows your cat to practice their hunting skills

After all, they are predators and hunters

Make sure you allow your cat to catch it too otherwise if they keep missing their prey it can cause frustration

Here’s a string toy that you could get for your cat

Cat Toys Wand Retractable Interactive Feather Teaser Cat Toy with Bell, 5pcs Refills

Simple but yet very effective in entertaining your cat

Now I know sometimes it can get tiring to continuously play with your cat

You want to take a break but your cat is very hyper or is a kitten and can’t stop chasing things!

So a self interactive toy is a good idea here

Something your cat can play with without you being there or needing to hold the toy

I would recommend

k-berho Cat Toys Interactive, Cat Toys for Indoor with Feather,Ball,Mouse

That’s a video of a cat playing it

Pretty awesome toy for your cat to play with when you just want to relax or maybe look at your cat as entertainment!

A toy that will keep your cat entertained even when you’re not there!

How’s that

It operates for 10 minutes and then shuts down for 1.5 hours and then again works again

Cats do get tired too so a good 10 minutes of playing and then it shuts down

That way your cat won’t get bored too

So if you’re at work, this interactive toy will keep your cat busy for sure!

Check Today’s Price

Communicate With Your Cat

That’s right

You should talk to your cat and communicate with them

Did you know they actually understand us?

You can actually hold a conversation with them?

It’s proven scientifically

And you can now learn to actually hold a conversation with them

There’s a actual guide that teaches you how you can talk to your cat in a way they understand

It’s pretty amazing

This guide is called Cat Language Bible

You don’t have to go to the stores to get this

It’s sent to you via email straight away!

If you’re interested you can check out my review of Cat language Bible by clicking the link below

Cat Language Bible Review 

What Do Cats Like Doing?

Cats love hunting and chasing things

After all they are predators and hunters

So they need to practice this skill

And the best way to help them is to play with them

Especially with toy strings and let them chase it

Lasers are good too

Just make sure you let your cat catch it too otherwise they can get frustrated!

Cats also love to take naps

You probably notice your cat snoozing for some part of the day

All curled up and snoozing away

Then at night they love to play!

Just when you are about to sleep

If your cat does stay awake at night and is bored then check out my article

Do cats get lonely at night

What Else Do Cats Love To Play With

Cats love paper bags and cardboard boxes

Don’t ask me why but they just do!

Have you ever bought something for your cat and it comes in a cardboard box

But your cat is not interested in the toy

They’re interested in the cardboard box!

And they’ll play in it for hours!

If that is entertainment for them then sure why not

As long as they are happy

Also, during this time it’s a good opportunity to show your cat you love them

You can check out my article

How to show your cat you love them 

Keep Yourself And The Family Entertained Too

Let’s not forget about our family too

Especially during these times where we have to stay at home

It’s important to keep the whole family entertained!

Now keeping the kids entertained is a hard job in itself!

But we should look at the positive side of this

It’s a great time for the family to bond together too including the cat of course

So you should do things together so everyone is occupied

I would recommend checking out this board game

It’s for 4 – 6 players and is 60 minutes long

Catan The Board Game

Check Price On Amazon

Great way to bring the family together

Don’t forget to give attention to your cat though!

Quick story

I remember when me and my family were playing monopoly

And my cat Tiger wanted attention

But we were so involved in the game because it was intense

And we kinda ignored Tiger (Unintentionally)

Guess what he did?

He came right in the middle of the board game and he just lied down!

That was how he got our attention

I actually had a picture of him lying down on the board game but I can’t find it

So make sure you don’t forget your little furbaby when playing together as a family

Wrapping It Up

Cats love attention and they love it when we play with them

Especially if you have only one cat

During these times where people have to go into self isolation then it’s a great way of spending time with your cat

And what better way then doing fun things with your cat at home

The bond between the two of you will become very special or if not even more special

Your cat will feel happy which means a healthy cat too

Not only that

Another bonus is,

Spending time with your cat helps reduce our stress level too

It can be hard during these times

So we both can help each other

You can even talk to your cat too

They do understand us

So communicate with your cat too

I actually have written a article on this subject

You can check it out by clicking the link below

How to talk to your cat 



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