Can My Cat Catch Coronavirus

In this article you’re going to learn if your cat can catch coronavirus

Is your cat safe?

Can you infect your cat with coronavirus if you have it?

If you are concerned about this global pandemic virus and your cat catching it then you need to read this article

Sound good?

Let’s dive in

Can My Cat Catch Coronavirus

Your cat will not catch the coronavirus

There is no evidence that a cat can be infected by Covid 19

This is the good news

Your cat is safe from this global pandemic

They are okay to stay indoors and if you have a outdoor cat then it’s okay for them too

Now with many countries in lock down and many people staying at home then this is a chance to spend some quality time with your cat

Things To Do At Home With Your Cat During Self Isolation

It’s become a global pandemic

And many people are advised to stay home to stop this virus spreading

Although this is a very worrying time

Let’s hope it passes by quickly and everything returns back to normal

But now that you’re at home

Isn’t it a good opportunity to bond with your cat?

It’s good to look at this situation in a positive manner

Maybe you haven’t had the chance to spend time with your furbaby

Now is the chance!

Make use of it

They say that stroking your cat reduces stress

And let’s be honest, we are all stressed with this situation

But as cat parents, we are luck to have our cats because they do give us stress relief just by petting them

Cats love to be stroked behind the ear or even a tummy rub

String Toys To Play With Your Cat

My cat loves those string toys

He can chase them all day

It’s a great way of keeping them entertained

It also keeps them active and fit

Great exercise for your little furbaby

Here’s a cool string toy
Cat Dancer Products Rainbow Cat Charmer

Another toy that comes to mind is

All for Paws Interactive Cat Butterfly Toy with Two Replacement Flashing Butterflies Toy

This is such a cool toy

That butterfly just bounces from one side to another

Endless fun!

Here’s a video it so you can see for yourself

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If you’re feeling lazy and don’t want to move a string toy around

Then another toy you can use to play with your cat is a laser

You can just sit there and shine the laser around and watch your cat go crazy!

Fitpets Interactive Training and Exercise Cat Toy 

Check Price On Amazon

Cat Furniture

If you haven’t got your cat a tree then now is a good time

You have time to set it up and watch your cat play on it

Cats love cat trees

It keeps them busy and active

I would recommend checking out

Armarkat A7202 72-Inch Cat Tree, Beige

Very popular cat tree among cat parents and of course cats!

The price is not bad too

Check Price On Amazon

If you’re on a budget and money is a bit tight

Then you should check out my article

Top 5 best affordable cat trees 

Wrapping It Up

Cats won’t catch the coronavirus so you don’t have nothing to worry about

Of course you don’t want to catch it too

So it’s important to take precaution methods that the government have advised

During these times where everybody is at home and there is less social interaction

The positive side to this is, you have plenty of time to spend with your cat

Use this time to create that special bond with you and your cat

In our normal day to day life it really is a hustle and bustle and we don’t know where time goes

It can be difficult to give our cat the time and attention they want

But now we can give it to them and they deserve it right?

It will keep them happy and also keep you happy too in these difficult times

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I have some great tips on ways to show your cat how much you love them!

Deffo worth a read

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