Do Cats Get Lonely at Night

In this article you’re going to learn if cats get lonely at night

You’ll learn how you can actually keep them entertained even whilst you’re asleep!

How you ask?

Carry on reading

But first let’s talk about cats at night

What do they do?

Do they get lonely because the hoomans are fast asleep

What do they do?

Do Cats Get Lonely at Night?

Yes and no

If your cat has nothing to do then of course they will get lonely

Especially if you have only one cat

And if you don’t have anything that will keep them entertained then they can get lonely

This is something you don’t want happening


Because if your cat feels lonely and bored then your cat will try to wake you up

Constantly meowing at night for some attention

Now if you have to wake up early and need your sleep

This can become a problem

So that’s one problem

No sleep for you

The other problem is

If your cat becomes lonely then this can cause boredom and depression

Can Cats Get Lonely And Depressed?

Just as us humans can get lonely

Cats can get lonely too

And we all know loneliness can turn into boredom which then has knock on effect to depression unfortunately

You don’t want your cat to become lonely and depressed

No cat parent would want that

A depressed cat can lead to health complications

It can cause litter box avoidance

Constant over grooming

And all other problems

I’m not trying to scare you or anything

It’s something important that us cat parents need to think about and consider

All these health complications can lead to expensive trips to the vets

A house full of cat urine and poo (You don’t want your house smelling like cat urine for sure!)

It’s not nice seeing your cat constantly over grooming because this can lead to patches on your cats fur

It’s horrible

Imagine this can all happen due to loneliness

So let’s step back and look at this situation

At night, cats can become very active

But the problem is we’re sleeping

So our little furbaby has nothing to do

And because they got nothing to do they can become lonely and bored during the night

It’s not practical for you to stay up during the night

So what can you do

You have to figure out a way to keep your cat entertained at night

Let’s look at how this is possible

How To Keep Your Cat Entertained At Night

It’s not hard to keep your cat busy during the night

What you need to do is catify your house

What do I mean by this?

Get your cat their own type of furniture

Such as a cat tree

Or scratching posts

Play mat tunnels

Cat trees are pretty awesome and will keep your cat busy for sure

There are so many cat trees out there to choose from

You don’t have to do the research to look for the best ones

I actually have a article that you could check out by clicking the link below

Top 5 Best affordable cat trees 

I recommend some pretty cool cat trees at really good prices

So if you have a budget then you deffo should check it out

The one cat tree I would recommend is the Armarkat Cat Tree

It’s very popular among cat parents and has really good ratings

I have written a in depth review if you’re interested in reading it

Armarkat Cat Tree Review 

Cat trees are made for cats of course and they will love it

It will keep your cat busy

You can also get some play mat cat tunnels

I find these pretty cool as well

If you have these sort of cat furniture it will make sure your cat has something to do

With a cat tree, they can jump from perch to perch

Cat trees also has scratching posts so your cat could get busy scratching that up!

Sometimes these things you may already have so let’s look at different toys you can possibly use for your cat to keep them busy at night

Try These Night Time Cat Toys

If you already have a cat tree or other sort of cat furniture and your cat is still lonely or trying to wake you up

Don’t worry because there’s other toys you can give your cat to play with during the night

Let’s call it night time cat toys!

So here’s a few you may want to consider getting for your little furball

Nighttime Quiet Cat Toy Quiet Glow Firefly Mat Toy by Petstages

This is a cool toy that will keep your cat busy at night

I won’t go into much detail on what they do but talk about it briefly

I’ll leave a link for you so you can find out more

Anyways, this firefly mat is very popular among cats

It’s basically flashing lights that flash on the mat

And we all know cats love chasing light

This will keep your cat entertained during the night for sure!

Click Here To Find Out More

Nighttime Quiet Cat Toy Quiet Glow Play Pair Cat Toys by Petstages

These are glow in the dark balls

They’re really cool because they don’t make noise but glow in the dark

Your cat will love playing with this

The best part?

You won’t get disturbed

And your cat will be busy playing with this during the night!

I love how it’s very affordable but yet so effective!

Click Here To Find Out More

PetFusion AMBUSH INTERACTIVE Cat Toy with electronic rotating feather. 

Rotating feather

A very interactive toy for your cat

I mean which cat wouldn’t want to play with a feather that rotates!

The feather pops out from different holes for your cat to catch

It has LED lights so it will grab your cats attention

Brilliant interactive toy that will keep your cat busy and entertained during the night

Click Here To Find Out More

All for Paws Interactive Cat Butterfly Toy with Two Replacement Flashing Butterflies Toy

I love this toy

It’s so entertaining

So imagine for a cat how entertaining it would be!

This butterfly flutters around and bounces when your cat tries to catch it

It’s a great way of keeping your cat entertained and active too

Here’s a video of a cat playing with it

How entertaining is that?

That will keep your cat busy during the night for sure

Your cat won’t feel lonely if he’s got this to play with

Check Price On Amazon

It’s pretty cool at how many different ways you can keep your cat entertained during the night

There are some awesome cat toys that will keep your cat busy whilst you’re sleeping

Technology has sure improved which is a good thing for us cat parents

But that doesn’t mean we should just leave our cats to it and let them play on their own

During the day when you’re at home then it’s important to spend quality time with your cat

This is a great way of increasing the bond between the two of you

Cats need our love and attention!

Get Your Cat To Sleep At Night

I guess the best thing to do is to get your cat to sleep during the night

Easier said than done

But it doesn’t mean it’s impossible

You can get your cat to sleep during the night

Every cat parents dream

And I’m going to reveal the “secret” to you


Get them tired during the day!

That’s it!

What you need to do is try to keep your cat active during the day as much as you can

I know cats love to nap and curl up into a ball and sleep for long periods!

But as soon as they are awake and you’re at home with them

Try to spend as much time as possible

Play with them and make them run around

This is a great way of bonding with your cat

Also, it helps release that energy cats have especially during the nights

So before you go bed

Spend time playing with your cat

Get your little furball to run around

Try to do schedule an hour of play before you go to bed

Hopefully, your cat will get tired and just fall asleep

You can then keep this up as a routine so your cat gets used to it

Cats love routine

At least that way you know your cat is not lonely during the night because she’s sleeping

Another thing to mention is feeding your cat right before bed

If your cat is full then this will stop them being hungry at night

Your cat will sleep with a full stomach

A side note, when you’re at work and nobody is home then this could lead to loneliness too because your cat will be active during the day

You don’t want that happening

Have a read of my article

How to keep a house cat entertained for hours and hours

Wrapping It Up

Cats can get lonely during the night

Especially if they have nothing to do

That is why it’s important to add some cat furniture to your house

Make your house more cat friendly

Such as cat trees and cat benches

This will keep your cat busy during the night

Also, you should look to add some self interactive toys

Try to get your cat to sleep during the night if possible

Spend at least an hour before you go bed with your furball

This will tire her out and make her want to sleep too!

You can easily then keep this as a routine

If you can’t do this and still worry about your cat being lonely at night then you should consider getting your cat a companionship

Getting another cat is a great way of giving your cat company

At least she has someone to play with (and play fight too!)

That way, both cats can keep each other company during the night



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