Cat Scratching Bed At Night & How You Can Stop This

In this article you’re going to learn how to stop your cat scratching the bed at night

You’ll learn why your cat is behaving like this

And of course how you can stop it

So if you finally want a good nights rest and also your kitty to sleep during the night too

Then you’re going to love this article

Let’s get started!

How To Stop Your Cat Scratching The Bed At Night

A long days work

And you’re absolutely tired

You just want to go sleep

And have a good nights rest

So there you are sleeping away

In deep sleep

All of a sudden you hear a scratching sound

Now this has woke you up from your deep sleep

The worst part?

It’s hard to fall back to sleep again!

And you have to be up early

So you look beside your bed

And there you see your cute little furbaby (She might not look cute at that precise moment!)

Scratching away at your bed

At 2am in the morning! 

Something you can relate to?

It’s frustrating right?

Being disturbed from a deep sleep

So why in the middle of the night is your cat scratching the bed

I mean out of all times during the day

It’s at night

And this is happening every night!

Well there are many reasons

Carry on reading to find out why your cat is doing this

And how you can stop it

Why Is My Cat Scratching The Bed At Night?

As a cat parent myself

You and I know that cats are very good at training their owners to do something

Now you see cats are hunters

They are predators

And when do predators hunt?

At night


Your cat is just being a cat

Their sleeping pattern is different to ours

They will wake up instantly in the early hours of the morning to hunt or to just play

So who will they disturb to do this?

You guessed right


And sorry to break it to you

But your cat does not care about your sleep

Not even a tiny bit!

Don’t worry

It’s not the end of the world

You can’t train your cat to sleep at night

But you can manage this

Let’s look at the different reasons why your cat is scratching the bed at night

She’s Bored

If your cat is bored at night then for her to get your attention

She will try to wake you up by scratching the bed

Now if you’ve woken up once to attend to your cats need then your cat will remember this

So she’ll come back again to wake you up

You need to break this cycle


Get your cat to sleep during the night

Wait, didn’t you just say we can’t do that?!

That’s right

But you can manage your cat before you go bed

And here’s the way to do it

Play with her right before you go bed

That simple!

The trick is to tire her out

Make her feel exhausted by playing

Get her to chase things

My cat loves those strings with a toy at the end of it

Spend some time with them before you go bed

And watch how your cat will want to sleep! 

It’s also a great way to spend some quality time with your cat

It creates a bond too right

She Just Wants To Scratch! 

Cats need to scratch

It is a form of stress release for them

It helps with their claws

They just need to scratch

So if you don’t have a scratching post then you should definitely get one

Cats need a scratching post 

Here’s a better idea

Get your cat a cat tree


Because your cat can play on it and also use it as a scratching post

A cat scratching tree

You hit 2 birds with one stone 

Your cat has something to play with and also something to scratch

Trust me, it will be a really good investment

You can check out my article

Top 5 Best Cat Scratching Trees

This is a great way of keeping your cat busy at night too

So she won’t come to your bed and start scratching it

And you can have a good nights sleep

I would recommend checking out the Armarkat Cat Tree

It’s one of the best out there

You can read my in depth review on it by clicking the link below

Armarkat Cat Tree Review 

Your Cat Is Hungry

Sometimes your cat will wake you up at 2am because she’s hungry

I know, it’s frustrating

You just fed your cat before you went bed

But remember, cats are active at night so yes, they will get hungry

Solution to this problem?


Get a automatic cat feeder 

Problem solved!

Here’s a pretty awesome cat feeder

You sleep at night

And let this automatic feeder deal with your cats hunger

It’s a great way of making sure your cat is not hungry at night

And you get your sleep

Also, if you’re out of the house then at least you know that your cat has access to food

You can find out more about this awesome automatic feeder by clicking the link below

Learn More

Stop Your Cat From Scratching The Bed

If you want your cat to completely stop scratching the bed then you need to take action

One thing you could do and is really effective is

Add some double sided sticky tape 

Your cat will hate it

And once they realize they can’t scratch anymore they will stop

But remember

Your cat will look for some place else to scratch

So make sure you have a alternative

Such as a scratching post or a cat tree that has a scratching post

That way you can divert your cats attention to the scratching post

Wrapping It Up

If your cat is scratching the bed at night then it’s a sign that your cat is telling you something

You just have to figure it out

Is it going to be easy?

It can be hard

The best part?

Once you figured it out you’ll get a good nights sleep… every night! 

You know your cat better than anyone so you’ll be able to find out exactly what she wants

Most of the time it could be just attention seeking

Cats love to play at night!

They are natural hunters so it suits them at night

The trick is to get them tired during the day

Another reason your cat is scratching the side of the bed is simply because she’s being a cat

They need to scratch and if they don’t have a scratching post or a cat tree that has one then they will look for other places to scratch

And unfortunately your bed is the target!

So make sure you have something for your cat to scratch



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