How To Stop Your Cat Scratching The Walls

In this article you’re going to learn how to stop your cat from scratching the walls

You’ll learn why your cat is behaving like this

What you can do to stop this behavior

So if you’re tired of your wall being scratched by your little furbaby then you’re going to love this article!

Sound good?

Let’s get started

Cats are cute and we love them as pets

They become family right?

But when they start doing things that causes us cat parents problems then this can become really frustrating

And one problem that can be really annoying is

Scratching the walls!

Does this relate to you?

You’ve gone out for some shopping

And you come home

Only to see that your beautiful and expensive wallpaper is completely ruined!

It’s all scratched up

And looks destroyed!

The worst part?

You just bought them recently!

The culprit?

Your cute adorable cat

Don’t get me wrong we love our cats and they are cute and adorable

But this behavior can get you really angry

I mean

You don’t want to go out and be constantly worried about the damage your cat may do to your house

I’m sure you want to go out without this constant concern

Not to worry because you’re going to learn how you can stop your cat from scratching up your wall

But bfore we look at why your cat is scratching the walls

I think it’s important to understand why they are doing this

Once we understand the reason behind this

We can then create a solution to this problem

Remember, for every problem there is a solution

So not to worry because you’re going to discover the solution to this behavior

But first

Why Is My Cat Scratching The Wall?

Cats scratching the walls is a natural cat behavior


Your cat is just being themselves

So according to them, they ain’t doing anything wrong

Unfortunately for you

It’s not something pleasant

Scratch marks all over the walls!

Not just the living room

But the whole house!

So why does your cat do this?

Let’s look at some reasons behind this

Territory Marking

That’s right

Your cat is marking her territory

But wait, don’t cats mark their territory by spraying?

That’s right

Cats do mark their territory with spraying

But guess what

They mark their territory by scratching up your walls!

You see,

Feline paws have scent glands

So now when your little furbaby is scratching the wall

She’s leaving her scent on the wall to let other cats know

This territory belongs to her

Not only is your cat leaving her scent through her paws

But also, the scratching leaves a mark

So cats can see it

And unfortunately you can see it too!

Claw Exercise

A cat will scratch the wall as it gives them some sort of exercise

A physical exercise via flexing their claws

It also gives their forelimbs a much needed exercise

Who doesn’t love strectching after curling up when sleeping

I certainly do so I’m sure our cats do too right!

Cats love to curl up and sleep

So of course they’d love to stretch

Claw Layers

Cats scratching the wall helps them keep their claws healthy and clean

Scratching a hard surface helps remove the dead outer sheath from your cats claws

Getting Your Attention

Your cat may be scratching the wall to get your attention

Some cats will scratch the wall all night to try and wake you up!

This can be a real problem!

I’m sure you’d want to sleep and not hear your cat scratching the wall

Stress Relief

Your cat may scratch the walls to relief tension

Cats can get stressed too and to release that stress they will scratch the wall

Scratching the wall helps soothe your cat too and gives them some sort of comfort

After all, cats find comfort in their own individual scent

How To Stop Your Cat Scratching The Walls

So now that we know why your cat is scratching the walls

Let’s look at what you can do to stop this behavior

To be honest it’s really easy

You need to divert their attention to a different object

And what that could be is

Something that allows your cat to scratch without it causing you any frustration

I know what you’re thinking

A scratching post

And yes that is something that your cat will love to scratch of course

The problem with just a scratching post is

It’s hard to get them to use it

It’s not that appealing

So what I recommend is

Getting your little furball a cat scratching tree

What’s a cat scratching tree?

Basically a cat tree that has many scratching posts

Why do I recommend this?


It’s more appealing

It’s a cat tree which cats love

And it also has scratching posts

So if your cat uses the cat tree

She will automatically use the scratching post too

To get your cat to use the cat tree is easier than to get her to use a single scratching post


Your cat can play on the cat tree and be a cat!

It’s made for them right

Which Cat Scratching Tree Should I Get For My Cat?

Good question

It’s hard choosing the right one

You want to make sure you get one that your cat will love

And a cat tree that will last long

So lucky for you

I have written a in depth article on my top 5 recommendations

You can check it our by clicking the link below

Top 5 Best Cat Scratching Tree

I’m confident you’ll love my recommendations!

They are pretty awesome and I know your cat will love it too!

Actually I have another article on affordable cat trees

These are cat trees but at a affordable price

Each cat tree I recommend pretty much has plenty of scratching posts

You can take a look at my article by clicking the link below

Best Affordable Cat Trees

These cat trees are awesome and at a very good price!

So if you’re on a budget then you should definitely check it out!

What NOT To Do

If you catch your cat scratching the walls

You should never shout at your cat

Or punish them

They’re just being a cat

So for them it’s natural behavior

And if you’re shouting at them for something they think is normal

It will upset your cat and possibly cause her to become afraid of you

That’s something you don’t want

It can cause to stress too

And this can lead to other problems

I know it’s easy to say

But you have to remain calm

Get your cat a cat tree

And encorouge her to use it

By the time you know it

She’ll be scratching the scratch posts on the cat tree instead of the walls

It does require patience

But it will be worth it

One thing you can do is,

Sprinkle cat nip on the cat tree

This will attract your cat to the cat tree

You can also place cat treats on the cat tree

Wrapping It Up

When your cat is scratching the walls and completely destroying it

Remember, it’s just your cat being a cat

They are not trying to get you angry

Or getting back at you

Your cat is behaving how they they naturally behave

The important thing is

To encorouge your cat not to use the walls to scratch

Provide her with a alternative

And that is a cat scratching tree

This will stop your cat from scratching up the walls

I hope you found this article useful!

Please leave a comment and let me know how you got your cat to stop scratching the walls





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