Why Do Cats Like Scratching Posts?

In this article you’re going to learn why cats like scratching posts

You’ll learn why it’s beneficial for your cat to use a scratching post

For you and your cat!

Sound good?

Let’s dive in

Why Do Cats Like Scratching Posts?

Cats need to scratch

It’s in their nature

So they have to scratch an object

And the last thing you want is your cat scratching your furniture or carpet

That is why getting your cat a scratching post is really important

Benefits Of Cats Using Scratching Posts

You’ll be surprised at how much a scratching posts helps your cat

Here’s some of some great benefits for your cat to scratch

It Allows Your Cat To Stretch

You probably see your little furball curled up when they sleep

Especially when it’s cold

They become like a little ball

And they can sleep for hours like that!

Now imagine the feeling they must get when they stretch

They must love it right?

Think about it,

If you’ve slept for a long time all curled up

And you stretch for the very first time

It feels pretty good right?

Your cat feels the same

With a scratching post

They can stretch by standing

Holding onto the scratching post

Keeps Their Claws Tidy

When your cat scratches the scratching post it helps keep their claw neat and tidy

It also removes any dead skin and allows healthy skin to grow

It’s like a grooming session for your cat

They’re getting a manicure you can say!

Good For Your Cats Health

Say what?

Good for my cats health?

That’s right!

Scratching is great for your cat to reduce stress!

And stress free cat is healthy right?

We all get stressed and cats get stressed too

They need something to calm them down right?

You can get diffusers and that does help too

But a scratching physically helps them

Great For Your Furniture

Yep, your furniture will be safe

If you want to have a furniture that is not all scratched up then you need a cat scratching post

As I said before

Your cat needs to scratch

And if they don’t have anything to scratch

They’ll go for your furniture

Your couch


Anything that helps them!

It’s better to save all that frustration and your expensive furniture being destroyed by giving your little furball a scratching post

Healthy Relationship With Your Cat

If your cat is not scratching your furniture and using a scratching post

This will keep you happy and your cat happy too

If your cat scratches the furniture it can be really frustrating

This can lead to you shouting at your cat which can get your cat stressed out

Leading to more scratching and even litter box avoidance!

So giving your cat a scratching post keeps a good harmony in the household

If your cat is scratching the furniture then check out my article

How to keep a cat from scratching up the furniture


Cats have scent glands in their paws so when they scratch the scratching the post then it leaves scent glands

This lets other cats know that this scratching post belongs to a cat

It basically is a territorial message

This gives your cat to mark something as their own

What Material Do Cats Love To Scratch?

Sisal fabric is the best fabric for a scratching post

Your cat will love this type of material

It’s heay duty

Feels pretty awesome for cats

It gets under their claw perfectly for shredding

It gives them a good grip for scratching

Sisal fabric makes loud noise and cats love that!

Cat Tree Or a Single Cat Scratching Post?

I would deffo recommend a cat tree

A cat tree has plenty of scratching posts

You see the problem with just a scratching post is it doesn’t appeal as much as a cat tree

It’s easier to get your cat to use a cat tree which will get them to use the scratching post

With a single scratching post

It can be difficult to get them to use the post

And some cat parents struggle with this

Another plus bonus with a cat tree is you get a cat tree and a scratching post!

It’s basically a 2 in 1

Cats love cat trees and it allows them to be a cat

They will use the scratching post for sure that comes with a cat tree

If you’re unsure on which cat scratching tree is the best then you should check out my article

My Top 5 Best Cat Scratching Trees You Must Get!

Wrapping It Up

So why do cats like scratching posts?

It’s pretty simple

It’s very beneficial for them

Cats love to scratch and it’s in their nature

So a cat scratching post is perfect for them

You’ll be happy and your cat will be happy

Oh and you will save tons of money!

Trust me,

My cat destroyed my leather couch

And you don’t want that happening to your couch

You don’t want to end up getting frustrated at your cat

This will create a unhealthy relationship

That’s something you don’t want!


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