Do Cats Have To Have a Scratching Post

In this article we’re going to talk about is cats have to have a scratching post

Do they need one?

Is it beneficial for them?

Will they scratch other things if they don’t have one?

So if you’re wondering if you should get your cat a scratching post then you’re going to love this artilce

Let’s get started!

Do Cats Have To Have a Scratching Post

Cats love to scratch objects

And these objects tend to be your couch or your furniture

When they do this it can become really frustrating

Your expensive leather couch getting ripped to shreds!

Or that lovely furniture you just bought that’s being destroyed!

But you have to remember

Your cat is just being a cat

They’re not trying to get at you or anything

They’re just being themseleves

And what happens when they start to scratch your couch or furniture is it can lead to being angry at your cat

It could lead to raising your voice at your cat

Or even punishing them

But this doesn’t work at all

It actually results in more negative behavior

That is why a cat needs something to scratch

An alternative

Which is why a cat needs a scratching post

There are many reasons why cats love to scratch objects

  • Cats have scent glands in their paws so when they scratch your couch they are actually leaving a territorial message to other cats
  • Similarly the marks left from scratching is also a way of showing other cats that this place belongs to a cat (Unfortunately those marks are on your couch or furniture!)
  • When your cat scratches it helps remove the outer layer from a cats nails.
  • It’s a great way for your cat to get some exercise. They can stretch their body, claws and feet. It’s like a release of good hormones which helps keep your cat healthy
  • Sometimes a cat would scratch to release excitement or stress! We all need to release stress right and this is one way your cat does it

So you can see why your cat needs to scratch

Now if you don’t have something for your cat to scratch

Then say goodbye to your furniture, carpet, couch, wallpaper!

Do you see why a cat has to have a scratching post

It helps both of you

Your cat to reap the benefits of scratching

And for you to save money and have a house that’s not ripped to shreds!

Trust me, my cat used to scratch my leather couch

You don’t want that happening!

If you’re wondering which scratching post is best for cats carry on reading

What Type Of Scratching Posts Is Best For Cats

You want to get your cat a standing up scratching post

Cats love tall scratching posts

So a tall scratching post would be the best

I would personally recommend you getting a cat scratching tree

It just helps with your cat using a cat scratching tree more easier than just a scratching post

With a cat scratching tree you’re getting a cat tree too

And cats love cat trees right

It helps them basically be a cat

They can jump from one perch to another

If you have multiple cats they can run around and play on it

Your cat will be more attracted to a cat scratching tree than just a scratching post

Why don’t you check out my top 5 best cat scratching tree

Your cat will love my recommendations for sure!

A Healthy Relationship With You And Your Cat?

So what has a healthy relationship with you and your little furball got to do with a scratching post?

Here’s the reason..

Think about it

When your cat was scratching your furniture or couch how frustrating was it?

It can really get you angry

Not just you but other family members

And what happens is family members start to talk among themselves about getting rid of the cat

This causes stress and arguments with the family!

Now that your cat has started using a scratching post or if you get a cat scratching tree

Your furniture is safe!

Your couch is safe!

No need to worry about leaving your little furball at home when you’re out

A happy family!

This also creates a good relationship with your cat

So it’s a win win

Also, if your cat is scratching the furniture then I have written an article on how to stop this behavior

You can check it out by clicking the link below

How to stop your cat from scratching the furniture

Wrapping It Up

A cat needs a scratching post

It will be good for you and for your cat

A cat scratching post allows your cat to exercise

It pretty much allows them to be a cat

If you want your furniture, couch, carpet to be safe then yes get a cat scratching tree

A cat scratching tree will attract your cat to use the scratching post

It will be the best decision you’ll make!

Here’s the link to check out my top 5 cat scratching tree

Top 5 Best Cat Scratching Tree

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