Top 5 Best Cat Scratching Tree To Buy 2020 – (Review Guide)

In this guide you’re going to discover the best cat scratching tree to get for your little furball

I’m sure you must be excited to give your cat a place to scratch

Because they love to scratch and will scratch something if they don’t have a scratching post

I have some awesome recommendations that you gotta check out because these cat tree are the best and they have scratch posts for cats

Your cat will love them and you will too

So if you want to get the best cat tree with a cat scratcher post then you’re going to love my review guide

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

What Your Cat Wants In a Cat Tree

Before we look at my top 5 Cat towers

Let’s look at what you need to look for when purchasing one

What your cat expects of you when you get them a scratching cat tree

Of course we are their slaves so it’s important to please them!

Height And Sturdiness 

Cats love heights but they also love a tall scratching post which is why you need a tall cat tower


Because it allows them to stretch out their body fully and let’s them pull those shoulder and back muscles

And this is very important for your cats health and flexibility

They are very flexible – I’m sure you must have seen your little furball creep through the tiniest of spaces!

If your cat has to crouch to use a scratching this won’t bring any benefit because they won’t be able stretch those muscles

It will also be uncomfortable for them

The sturdiness of a cat scratching posts is important

If it wobbles then your cat won’t use it all

That is why your little furball loves scratching your couch because they are very stable

If you ever watch big cats documentary (I love them) you’ll see a Tiger scratch a tree because they are sturdy and tall

Your cat is from the same family and wants the same too!


If the scratching post is not sturdy then it’ll tumble over as soon as your cat uses it

This is not safe at all

Because it could fall down on your cat

In my recommendations all of the cat tree I recommend to you are sturdy so you don’t need to worry

Another important factor when purchasing a cat scratching tree is the material

Which Material Is Best For Scratching Posts? 

Cats prefer materials that pretty much shreds

They love to mark their territory by leaving big scratch marks

I guess shredding is fun and cats enjoy that

They also like the noise that comes with shredding, They must find it satisfying!

Sisal fabric is the best material for cat scratching posts

It’s heavy duty and the feeling of it feels great to your cat

They shred perfectly under your cats claw

So when you purchase any cat tree, make sure there’s sisal fabric or a sisal rope for your cat to play with

So now that we have covered what your cat wants when you get him a scratching post

Let’s take a look at my top 5 best cat tree

My Top 5 Best Cat Trees That Has Scratching Posts(Review Guide)

Does this relate to you because it does to me as a cat parent

You’ve got a beautiful couch

It looks awesome

And it’s expensive as well

You’ve pretty much saved up to buy them

So you gone work

Or went out to do an errand

Come home

To see your expensive beautiful couch scratched up!

Now there’s only one person that can do that

Your Cat!

Frustrating right?

It can make some cat parents angry at their cats

And this can have a negative effect

Which can lead to your cat being scared and stressed

And that happens

Guess what follows next?

Litter box avoidance!

You see how getting a scratching post is very important 

You see,

Cats are natural born scratchers and climbers

If you see your cat scratching then this is normal for them

But if they spend most of their time indoors, they will not be able to fulfill these needs.

They need to scratch to sharpen their claws

Or get rid of dead skin

For them it’s normal

They are just being a cat

Especially indoor cats, they need to feel like a cat right?

Here’s the good news

There are plenty of cat tree products on the market to help satisfy your cat’s natural instincts.

And here are my top 5 best cat trees I would recommend that has cat scratching posts within them

Carry on reading

AmazonBasics Large Cat Condo Tree Tower with Scratching Post

First on the list is the cat activity tree from AmazonBasics.

This is a pretty awesome cat tower

Despite the product looking fairly basic, it does come with all the essentials your cat might need.

For starters, it comes with three different platforms alongside a bed at the top.

There are three jute-wrapped posts for scratching purposes, and the comfy sleeping perch at the top allows your feline companion to take a comfortable and relaxing sleep anytime he wants.

Also, it’s a very compact cat tree which makes it a perfect choice for small houses or if you live in a apartment 

However, due to it being compact, it might not be suitable for larger cats.

Here’s some awesome cat trees for larger cats Check it out >> Best Cat Trees for larger cats

There were even some reviewers who found that they have trouble getting their cat into it due to its small size.

However, for a relatively low price, it’s not really that bad of a deal as long as your cat isn’t that big.

All in all, the AmazonBasics activity tree is a good combination of durability, affordability, and ease of assembly.

While it lacks the other advanced features you can find on high-end products, it certainly is capable of providing your cat’s basic instinct

And in this case scratching

There are plenty of scratching posts which will keep your cat away from the carpet, your couch.

Let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons


  • Compact yet highly durable
  • Designed for tight spaces
  • Comes with three platforms for your cat
  • Quick assembly
  • Includes installation manual and tools in the package
  • Quite affordable compared to other options on the market
  • Comes in two different sizes to choose from


  • Instructions were a bit unclear
  • Not suitable for bigger cats
  • Can be a bit wobbly at times
  • It doesn’t have any hanging toys

Check Price On Amazon

AmazonBasics Extra Large Cat Tree Tower with Condo – Basic But Your Cat Will Love The Design!

Yet another quality product from AmazonBasics, this multi-level cat tree is ideal for an enjoyable playtime and a cozy sleeping time for your cat

To be fair, it can possibly be considered the best basic cat tree on the market.

It does have a slightly higher cost than the previous cat towers, but it’s mainly because of its multi-level design and it’s deffo worth it for sure

It has a streamlined and cleaner appearance which makes it visually appealing not just to you but to your cat as well.

Moreover, the visual space between the perches and the scratching posts makes it look more architectural and less cluttered.

It does have some dangling toys for your pet, but compared to other products, it’s far cleaner.

When it comes to the material, this multi-level cat tree uses fleece which is perfect for snuggling.

Your feline companion will surely have a really comfortable time resting at the top (I wouldn’t mind to take a nap there too myself!).

Also, if you have multiple cats in the household, then you’d be glad to know that each of them can have his own breathing space.

Despite all that, you might want to consider removing the dangling toys.

While they might add some form of entertainment for your cat, they might cause your cat’s tail to get accidentally wrapped up in their strings.

Better to be safe than sorry right

Again, there’s plenty of scratching surface for your cat or if you have multiple cats to keep them claws clean!

Let’s look at the pros and cons of this cat tree


  • Comes with multiple resting points
  • Features a streamlined appearance
  • Ideal for both playtime and sleeping time
  • Durable construction
  • Made of comfortable fleece material
  • Great for multiple cats too
  • Plenty of scratching surface for your cat to scratch


  • Installation instructions are unclear
  • Dangling toys be a cause of freak accidents

Check Price On Amazon

Furhaven Pet Cat Tree | Tiger Tough Cat Tree House Condo Entertainment Playground Furniture for Cats & Kittens, 

By far Furhaven’s best-selling cat condo, this tiger tough cat tree provides a multi-level playground for your feline companions to enjoy because it’s covered in faux fur

This awesome cat tower comes with plush fabric padding to provide your pets with that extra comfort while playing and/or sleeping.

This cat tree product includes two separate cat condos for your pets to sleep in, a dangling mouse toy, a cat occupied box, scratching posts, and other sorts of toys.

It comes with all of the features that your cat needs in a cat tree.

A large and firm base which makes it quite stable and durable.

Moreover, the shelves are in various sizes and shapes.

The scratching post is made of sisal which is the most durable natural fiber

That means it will last long – Let your cat go crazy with the scratching post attached to this cool cat tree

The product is made from processed wood which is then covered by faux fur.

Despite that, it’s fairly easy to clean and maintain so if you love to clean and love everything clean then you’ll love this cat tree!

It also comes in a wide variety of color options to choose from.

This way, you can pick the right color to complement home decor.

Despite being quite entertaining and durable, the only caveat is that the perches tend to be a bit small for medium-sized cats but this is not something that should be of a issue

It’s very minor though 

The pros and cons of this beautiful cat tower


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Comes in various colors to choose from
  • Offers mental stimulation with its IQ Busy Box
  • Various toys and entertainment options
  • Ideal for a multiple cats household


  • Perches are kind of small so might be difficult for a large cat to fit in
  • Can be a bit cumbersome to assemble
  • Can only accommodate one large cat

Check Price On Amazon

FEANDREA 67 inches Multi-Level Cat Tree for Large Cats

If your household has a huge cat, then you’d definitely appreciate what this multi-level cat condo from FEANDREA has to offer.

What I love about it is, it’s covered by a really soft material to provide that relaxing and comfortable experience for your feline companions, regardless if they’re playing or sleeping.

It brings a lot of fun and entertainment to the table with its dangling toys, ramps, and multiple platforms where your cats can play on to their heart’s content.

What’s even amazing is that it comes with a really attractive appearance that will certainly compliment your room’s design and style.

There are two different color options to choose from – light gray and smoky gray – depending on your preferences.

It’s one of the best out of the ones I have recommended and something your cat will enjoy

Its overall durability, the material used, and the availability of various entertainment make it a solid option that can rival even the most expensive cat trees on the market but at a lower price.

It’s a great investment for a cat tower!


  • Made of high quality materials
  • Quite sturdy and durable
  • Perfect for those with large cats
  • Comes in two attractive color options
  • Made of soft plush material


  • Can be quite cumbersome to assemble
  • A bit too expensive than the others on this list

Check Price On Amazon

Cat Tree – Vesper Scratching Post with Condo – Walnut Furniture – This Will Go Well With Your Home Decor 

Last on the list is this cute cat furniture from Vesper.

That said, if you want to spend a high-quality cat tree product without having to worry about your budget, then this is certainly a solid choice to consider.

It has almost the same price to that of FEANDREA’s, but it does come at a smaller build.

This is possibly because of its wooden construction and the inclusion of memory foam cushions that will keep your pets cozy at all times.

It doesn’t have that fancy look compared to most cat trees on the market.

However, its modern design makes it quite good to look at.

That will compliment your home decor for sure

Moreover, it’s actually a lot sturdier than its competitors.

Its sturdy design is made using medium-density fiberboard so you know it’s not going to fall apart within few weeks

This will last you for long

It also features three platforms that have rounded corners and a cubby where your feline companion can sleep in.

I swear cats are so lucky, they have the most luxurious things

But hey!

They deserve it right

The scratching post are neatly wrapped for your cat’s scratching purposes.

It has a cute dangling ball to provide that added entertainment for your pet.

Lastly, as mentioned earlier, there are removable memory foam cushions to provide extra comfort.

All in all, it’s a well-made and sturdy cat tree that will only take a few minutes to completely assemble.

Some cat parents have stated it’s spacious for larger cats

A high quality cat tree with a solid construction you can’t go wrong with this cat tree

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of this cat tower


  • Stable and sturdy construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • Features memory foam cushions
  • Ideal for active cats


  • Its cube-shaped condo can be a hassle to clean
  • The scratching posts are bit flimsy

Check Price On Amazon


Cats love to scratch

And they will scratch whatever they can get their claws on unless you have a scratching post

This is usually your beautiful expensive couch

Or the new carpets you’ve just got

To be fair, it’s not your cats fault

It’s in their nature to scratch

It helps keep their claws sharp and removes dead skin

It’s in their instinct

So if your cat does tear up your couch then do have patience with them

And get your little furball a cat condo that has scratching posts built in them

They will love it and it will keep them happy

It will allow them to be a cat right

And with a cat scratching tree, it’s also a cat tree too

That keep them active, healthy and happy too

I’m not saying it’s absolutely necessary to get your cat a cat scratching tree

But it will surely keep your cat happy and that’s the most important thing

If you’re looking for cat condos at a more affordable price then I actually have a article about best cat trees that are very affordable if you are on a budget

And they all pretty much have scratching posts too

You can check it out by clicking the link below

Best affordable cat trees

You can get some pretty awesome ones which will surprise you!

Providing your little furball with a cat scratching tree will save your couch from being teared up!

Your carpet will be saved too

Your furniture and wallpaper

Pretty much everything

It also keeps the relationship with your cat healthy and happy and that can mean only a good thing!

So if you’re looking for the best cat tree that has scratching posts built within them – look no further because the top 5 I have recommended are the best out there!

You don’t need a scratching post when you have the best cat tree that has a scratching post built in them!

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