Best Affordable Cat Trees – Top 5 (Buying Guide Review)

If you’re looking for an awesome cat tree for your little furball but are on a tight budget I understand your pain

That is why I have reviewed 5 awesome cat trees at affordable prices!

That’s right

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy a really cool cat tree

Trust me

These are the best cat trees you can get for a very good price especially if you’re in a budget

You’ll be surprised

Before I babble on about how cat trees are a really good way of keeping your cat entertained

And a entertained cat is a happy cat

A happy cat means a healthy cat

And that’s the most important thing right?

A healthy happy cat

The last thing you want is your cat to get bored

Boredom can make a cat depressed

When a cat is depressed it’s obviously not a good thing

It can lead to many health complications

So if you’re at work and you want to keep your cat entertained and you don’t have a cat tree

It can be a hard thing

Cat trees allow your furball to be a cat

It keeps them active

They can jump from one perch to another

Scratch the hell out of the scratching posts that are built within the tree (Saves your couch from being scratched!)

There are so many benefits of a cat tree

The best part?

You don’t have to spend tons of money

I think I said I wasn’t going to babble on right?



Here are 5 AWESOME best cat trees that are under $100

Let’s dive in!

Should I Get My Cat a Cat Tree

Before we look at my top 5 awesome cat trees I want to talk about if you should get a cat tree

Well, my obvious answer is


Cats love cat trees

It gives your furbabies to be cats

A cat tree has many benefits

It keeps them healthy and active

If you have multiple cats then it helps keep the peace

Great way of maintaining harmony between cats

If your cat is a indoor cat then a cat tree is a great way to give your cat exercise

They can do plenty on a cat tree

Jump from one perch to another

Scratch the scratching posts

Chill right at the top

Gives them a great view of their territory (Your room)

Cats love to climb and a cat tree provides just that!

You’ll see, once you get a cat tree, your cat will have non stop fun

Which is another point I want to mention

It keeps your cat entertained and busy especially if you go work and they’re alone at home

At least you know they are not bored

You see why it’s important to get a cat tree?

Lucky for you, you don’t need to invest a lot of money 

I have listed in this article some pretty cool cat trees that cost less than 100 bucks

Let’s take a look

I’m sure you will love them as well as your cat!

Best Affordable Cat Trees – Top 5 Awesome Cat Trees!

I’m so excited to share with you these really cool cat trees that cost less than $100

You can finally spoil your cat and keep them busy, entertained, active and happy with a cat tree

AmazonBasics Extra Large Cat Tree Tower with Condo


Bring comfort to your pets by presenting them with this multi-level cat tree.

This item comes with scratching posts and enclosure for your cats’ satisfaction. It provides a perfect space for playing, resting, and climbing, anything to get the attention of your cute little ones.

Having this item prevents them from damaging your sofa or carpet since it has natural jute fiber scratching posts to keep their nails healthy without damaging your other home items.

You can choose from the product’s style and specifications.

Others include tunnel and platform, step ladder, multi-platform, multi-level, hammock, and dual condo.

It has a neutral color enabling you to complement it with your house décor.

Most importantly, it is durable with long-lasting materials.

Let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of this cat tree


The condo basic style comes with different features to satisfy the scratching desire of your cats.

It will help them to divert their attention from your sofa furniture or carpet to this multi-level cat tree.

It has two balls for your cat to play with.

The height is about 5-feet tool, so this is an excellent material if your pet loves to climb.

It only takes 30 minutes of your time to finish assembling.


The only thing you need to consider is the covering.

The mechanical stability is just perfect, but the thin plush fabric coating gets damaged in time.

Final Thoughts

If you have a heavy cat, this is sturdy enough to support the weight.

However, the covering is not good enough.

But I don’t think that it is a significant case to worry about.

You can always repair and change the covers as you like.

Overall, this AmazonBasics Multi-Level Cat Tree has what it takes to be your cat’s favorite place. 

The price is pretty good too

Click Here To Check Price

FEANDREA 56 inches Multi-Level Cat Tree with Hammock

This cat tree looks awesome

I mean just look that hiding spot for your cat

And all the dangly toys

Not to forget that cool hammock where your cat can just relax!

So let’s look at the description of this pretty cool cat tree


This multi-level cat tree comes with a scratching post, hammock, condo, and plush perches.

So many levels so it can be ideal for multiple cats too

A scratching post so your cat won’t tear up your beautiful carpet or that expensive couch!

The actual cat tree is very strong and sturdy so if you have a large cat it won’t be a problem 

Its scratching post has Sisal covering enabling them to scratch how much they want! 

Perfect for their claws

The dimension of this product is 21.7 x 17.7 x 56.3 inches with a weight of 35 pounds, allowing it to carry large cats or multiple cats 

Not bad for a cat tree right?


Very ideal for multiple cats

There are so many different levels so you can have each level to cater for all your cats

It will keep them busy and entertained for sure!

It has many features to keep your little furball busy like the dangly toys 

Cats love heights and this particular cat toy is very tall 

It will give your cat a great view of their territory (Your room)

Me personally, I’m so scared of heights!

Fixing a cat tree can be daunting and overwhelming 

And when you take a look at this cat tree, you may think – How will I assemble this?

But you got nothing to worry about 

It comes with easy to follow instructions

So assembling it is easier than you think!


The only negative I can think of is if you’re not a DIY person then you may not enjoy putting this together

It doesn’t come as a cat tree on it’s own which I’m sure you know although that would be perfect!

But like I said earlier, it has easy to follow instructions so it should be all good!

Final Thoughts

Overall, this FEANDREA cat tree satisfies the needs of your cats.

You want to keep your cat busy, entertained and healthy AND active? This cat tree will do just that!

It’s sturdy and made with durable material so you don’t need to worry about it stumbling over 

Just make sure you look after it and this will last you years!

The price is awesome on this

Check Price
Go Pet Club Cat Tree, 50W x 26L x 72H, Beige

Every cat parent loves this cat tree

The brand Go Pet Club is very popular

And the fact you can get this for under $100 is awesome!

So let’s see what this cat tree is all about


Go Pet Club Tree is the ideal material to bring the best comfort to your adorable cats at home.

It is full-packed with incredible features, with a high rating in the Amazon store which shows how much cat parents love this! 

Its structure is well-made with top-quality material which means one thing 

It will last for long!

Great investment indeed!

Cats love to sometimes chill out with no interference 

I guess a bit like a man cave

And this cat tree will give them just that

It’s actually pretty tall so your cat can relax at the top whilst having a view of his territory down below

The dimensions of this awesome cat tree is as follows

50″W x 26″L x 72″H.

With so many levels it is ideal for multiple cats too 


The faux fur covering creates soft texture to bring comfort to your fur babies.

The multiple posts were covered by the natural sisal rope, where they scratch to their satisfaction.

It is durable and can hold 5 average cats.

It has the complete layers for scratching, playing, and resting – anything your cat could have ever dream of 

Your cat will be entertained with this and will keep them busy for sure

If you want to move the cat tree in other areas, you can move it around on smooth floor.

Considering the base materials and its appearance, it’s worth the money 

Under $100 you can’t go wrong


I would say the material of this cat tree may not be to your liking

It is more on plush material.

But that is something very minor and I believe you can replace it if you want 

Final Thoughts 

If you have multiple cats then this cat tree is the perfect one 

It’s actually perfect for even just one cat

I mean, take a look at the image, it looks pretty cool

Your cat will love it, you’ll love it, both of you happy and that’s the most important thing!

I love the small little puggy holes where your cat can relax

And for the price you can get this at

It’s completely worth it!

Click the link below to check the price!

Check Price

Furhaven Pet Cat Tree | Tiger Tough Cat Tree House Condo 

Now that cat tree is tall!

And tall cat trees are the best because cats love heights

Tall cat trees with multiple levels

And this is what Furhaven Pet Cat Tree offers

Let’s look at what this cool cat tree is all about!


This Furhaven Pet Cat Tree is made up of high quality material 

That means it won’t break apart within weeks

It will hopefully last you a long time!

It is a double-decker condo where your fur babies can enjoy themselves on any level 

They’ll love chasing each other around if you have multiple cats

The product’s overall size is 19.7″ x 19.7″ x 69.3″.

It is tall enough to give your pets a climbing experience and boy don’t they love to climb! 

It’s good for them and keeps them fit and healthy

It also includes springy wand ball cat toys, dangling ball, Sisal scratching posts, and a dangling mouse toy.

Its foundation – the base – is sturdy that is made with high-quality materials so no need to worry about this wobbling or tumbling over! 


This cat tree is not there just for your cat to chill on 

It is also perfect for playing, giving your pets enough exercise in a day.

And that is important because if your cat is indoor they don’t have the chance to explore and roam around jumping over things etc

This cat tree will provide just that

Keeping your cat active and healthy and that can be only a good thing right

With scratching posts part of the cat tree you won’t need to worry about your couch or carpet being teared apart 

Your cat will use the scratching post

Great way for your cat to sharpen their claws or remove dead skin

Most importantly, this product is easy to clean using a damp cloth or spot-washing.

You can even vacuum it if necessary.

With the materials used, you can have an assurance that it will last longer than other cat trees on the market.

And that is a good investment!


The only downside of this product is that it takes more space because of its angle.

With its structure, you cannot put the cat tree at the corner of the house.

The height is fine, but the surfaces are small if you have large cat breeds.

I guess this is more for kittens or normal size cat trees


Overall, given its price, this cat tree is a bang for the buck.

You can’t find these types of products anywhere with the same quality.

Thankfully, online will save you from the hassle and you can give the best to your fur babies at the same time. 

It’s a great cat tree that I’m sure your cat will love to bits!

You can find out the price and more about this cat tree by clicking the link below

Check Price

Armarkat A7202 72-Inch Cat Tree, Beige

I saved this one for last

I’ll tell you why in a second

But let’s first look at why this cat tree is purrfect for your cat

Here’s a quick product description

Trust me you’ll be amazed

Product Description

This cat tree furniture is best for cats sleeping, climbing, scratching, and exercising.

Pretty much everything that a cat needs

Great to keep them busy and entertained especially if you’re away at work for most of the day

Its materials came from impressive pressed wood that is covered by faux fur for its protection.

Also, assembling the tools is hassle-free with the instruction manual included in the package.

Aside from that, the essential units, such as hammock is one of its inclusions.

You will love the soft and plush material of this cat tree.

It looks great and fits in your room perfectly.

It will suit any decor of your home


The base of this unit is the same as the building’s foundation that allows the entire structures to remain firm 

Which means if you have a slightly larger cat it won’t be a problem

The product’s price is really good, considering its excellent quality.

Moreover, it doesn’t take much of your time to assemble the materials so if you’re like me and hate DIY then you’ll love does this cat tree 

How long does it take to assemble this?

Thirty minutes will do the job. Not bad! 

One of its most exceptional features is the cat tree’s compartment, house portions, and ledges, where your pet can have a great nap. 

Seriously, that hammock looks so comfy

I wouldn’t mind taking a nap in that!

But yes, you cat will sleep like a baby in that hammock

Pretty cool spot to chill too!


The only con of this product is that you should make sure to put a rubber or resilient on the bottom of the cat tree furniture, especially if you place it on you the tiles or hardwood.

It’s easy to slide, and the materials might fall into pieces.

Screw the materials together tightly to ensure they are all intact. 

But that’s just about it (I don’t think you could even call that cons)

Overall this cat tree is the best I believe

You can’t go wrong with it

Final Takeaways

As a cat owner.. I mean cat slave (we don’t own them for sure!) you surely want to give the best comfort to your cats.

And this Armarkat Cat tree will do just that! 

Now I said I saved this for last

Because this is my favorite one

And why is that you ask?

It just looks so cool

The reviews on this awesome cat tree is pretty impressive

Your cat will love this to bits

I didn’t want you to miss out on my favorite right?

How much does it cost?

Check Price

I loved this cat tree so much that I wrote a in depth review on it

You can check this out by clicking the link below

Armarkat Cat Tree Review 


It’s hard to find a really good cat tree that is at a affordable price especially if you’re on a budget

Most of them costs more than that

But lucky for you

You have 5 awesome cat trees to choose from that won’t burn a whole in your pocket!

It’s important to get a cat tree for your little furball

It helps keep them busy and entertained

So if you’re at work

At least your cat has something to do right?

It also keeps them healthy because they’re getting that regular exercise

A healthy, active, happy cat means hopefully your cat won’t need to visit the vets too much!

Here are some useful FAQ

Do Cats Really Like Cat Trees

Cats love Cat trees.

They’re built to be high and Cats love to sit on high places

It makes them feel safe and secure and gives them a good view of their territory

Cat trees also provides your Cat great entertainment and keeps them busy and healthy.

It’s also a great exercise for them because they can climb, jump, scratch, pretty much do everything.

It’s great to get one if you’re not at home most of the time.

You don’t want your Cat getting bored.

A bored Cat can lead to a Cat becoming depressed

And no Cat parent wants that right?

Also, it can lead to your Cat becoming lonely too

Poor Kitty (I know you want to keep your little feline friend entertained always!)

And yes, it can be hard to always keep them busy

That is why Cat trees is the perfect solution to this

They can do so much with a Cat tree

You see an outdoor Cat can explore their surroundings so they can get plenty of exercise

They can sharpen their claws on tree logs

They can jump on fences

Run in a open garden

Hide in the bushes

They pretty much can do what they want

But an indoor Cat which most Cats are today (Indoor Cats) they don’t have that sort of freedom

And I’m not saying that’s bad – a Cat that lives indoor are more safe

But this means that you need to provide your Cat with that sort of entertainment that an outdoor Cat will get

They are natural predators so they need to use their hunting skills

A Cat needs that type of environment where they can run around freely

Climb on things and jump from one place to another

Scratch things to sharpen their claws and so on

That is where a good Cat tree comes into this

You see a good Cat tree can provide these opportunities for your fur baby 

Is a Cat Tree Necessary?


I’m not saying you need a Cat tree and that every Cat needs one

But it’s best they do right?

Especially if you’re away for most part of the day because you’re at work

It will keep them busy and entertained

It’s like PlayStation for your Cat!

You don’t want your Cat to be bored when you’re gone

And I’m sure you want to provide those opportunities for your Cat that an outdoor Cat has

To be honest, you don’t need to spend $$$$

You can actually get a real great quality Cat tree for a good price

Now you must be thinking

How Do You Pick a Great Cat Tree?

If it’s your first time buying a Cat tree then it can be daunting to choose one

I mean it’s an investment and you want the very best for your Cat but at a good price

And you know how Cats are, they can be very fussy! (My Cat certainly can be!)

So let’s look at some of the key features to look out for when buying a Cat tree


Cat trees come in all different designs

You want one that will suit your Cat and you know your Kitty better than anyone else

I would recommend getting a tall Cat tree because as mentioned earlier

Cats love to sit in high places so a tall Cat tree would provide just that

Some Cat trees have different perches and places to sleep

For example

A hammock


Little Cat beds

Some even have cubbies for your Cat to hide in

There’s so many to choose from

Don’t feel overwhelmed because I’m going to provide a list of some great Cat trees that you and your Cat will love!

Carry on reading..

Cat’s Personality 

You know your Cats personality

Does he like to climb?

How much do they play

Do they love sleeping

From this you’ll be able to identify which type of Cat is would be best for your Cat

For example, a senior cat that loves to sleep would prefer a Cat tree that has easy access to beds to snuggle up in

A very active Kitty that loves to climb and jump on things would love a Cat tree that is tall and has multi-levels

Some Cats love to be territorial and feel safe so a Cat tree that has one or more cubbie holes and that is tall would be very ideal for them

Basically there are many different designs that will suit your Cats personality and you would know which one would be best for them

Scratching Surface 

Cats love to scratch things and if they don’t have a scratching post then they will scratch your couch or carpet (Well my Cat used to scratch my couch!)

It’s in their nature and they need to do this to sharpen their claws and get rid of dead skin so you can’t blame them

All Cat trees should have scratching surfaces on them so it shouldn’t be a problem

A Cat tree that has multiple scratching posts would be ideal


This is obvious but I will address it

The Cat tree needs to be sturdy because your Cat will be jumping on it all the time

It can be a real put off if your Cat jumps on it and it tips over

This can scare your Cat and the guess what? Your Cat won’t play with it anymore!

That is why it’s important to buy a Cat tree that offers sturdiness

How Much Does a Cat Tree Cost?

Cat trees come in different prices

Of course in this article all these cat trees are at a very affordable price for those who are on a budget

But cat trees cost varies

If you want a high quality cat tree then be prepared to pay a bit more

The advantage to this is, you’re paying for high quality which means it will last longer

So in the long run you’re saving money because it’s a good investment

Some cat trees can cost over $300

The cat trees I have recommended in this article are all awesome and at a great price

They’re bargains to be honest!

How Tall Should a Cat Tree Be?

I think the higher the better

Cats love heights


Because it gives them a overview of their territory

Your house belongs to your cat now so the room where the cat tree is, yep, that’s your cats territory

Now when your little furball is on the cat tree they like to see what is happening down below

So the higher they are the more view they have

It’s also safe for them and a place of security

When choosing a Cat tree try getting one that is tall

Your cat would love that

That doesn’t mean a small cat tree is no good

They are good of course especially for senior cats

Or cats with arthritis

But if you have a kitten or a 2 year old cat that is very active then yes, go for a tall option


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