My Top 5 Cat Blog Posts For 2019!


We’re already nearing the end of January in 2020

It has gone really fast!

A friend of mine sent me a picture of us in college which was in 2010

10 years ago

Can you believe that

I feel so old

In those 10 years so many things have happened

I got married šŸ˜€

I have 2 beautiful children

A girl who’s 3 years old now

And a boy who’s 6 months

Yep, it can get pretty hard at home especially at night but hey! I wouldn’t change it for the world

My cat Tigger – I’ve had him for now 13 years!


I thought I’d create this post about my top 5 articles of 2019

So without me babbling on my life story let’s see what they are

My Top 5 Blog Posts of 2019!

These blogs I have chosen are pretty awesome otherwise they wouldn’t be in my list! Duh! lol


Stress In CatsĀ 

This article deals with a very important matter

Stress in cats

Yep, cats can get stressed and Rasma talks really good about it

I would recommend every cat parent to read this article!


Why do cats purrĀ 

Do you ever wonder why cats purr?

It’s amazing though right?

I love it when my cat sleeps on my lap and purrs away

Anyways, in this awesome article you’ll learn why cats purr

Hope you enjoy it!


Vet Check ups – How often?

Such a important article

Vet check ups are very important

You want to make sure you check this article out!

A healthy cat is a happy cat and that’s the most important thing for our little furball


Should your cat sleep on your bedĀ 

My cat loves sleeping on the bed

In fact he sleeps on my younger brothers chest (I don’t know how he can stay still all night!)

But this article is a must read

Is it okay for them to sleep on your bed?

Learn all about it by checking out the link

Cuddling with your cats when you are sickĀ 

Cats have many advantages and one of them is cuddling with them

Especially if you’re sick

You didn’t know?

Check out this article how cuddling with your cat when you’re sick can actually help you out




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