Do Cats Get Bored In Apartments – (Tips To Keeping Them Entertained!)

In this article you’re going to learn if cats get bored in apartments

You’ll learn different way on how you can keep your cat entertained in a apartment

So if you want your cat to never be bored then you’re going to love this article

Sound good?

Let’s dive in!

Do Cats Get Bored In Apartments?

If you live in a small apartment and have a cat then you’re probably worried that your cat may get bored

It’s understandable having this concern

There’s not much space for a cat to explore or just to play

But not to worry

There’s plenty of ways keeping your cat entertained

First it’s important to know if your cat is actually bored

Maybe you’re just thinking too much

Let’s look at the signs of a bored cat

Signs Of a Bored Cat

A bored cat can be a risk to your cats health

You should be aware of the signs of a bored cat

Here’s what to look out for

  • Litter box issues – Your cat may start to avoid using the litter box
  • Over – eating – Have you noticed your cat eating more than he normally does? Is he constantly asking for food? Make a note of this so you’re aware if they’re over eating
  • Sleeping More Than Normal – This can be a tricky one because cats love to sleep. They are always taking a cat nap right? I’d love to take a cat nap everyday (If my kids let me!) Anyways, keep an eye out on your cats sleeping patterns. Is he sleeping too much? More than usual? Have you noticed a change in your cats habit of sleeping. You’ll pick it up because you know your cat better than anyone else
  • Lack Of Appetite – Over eating can be a sign of boredom but even not eating too. Is your cat avoiding their best food? My cat loves Sheba! What’s your cats favorite brand? Let me know in the comments 
  • Over Grooming – This again can be difficult to figure out. Cats spend like 30% of their life grooming themselves! So how will you know? Well, you know your cat and how much he grooms so as soon as he starts going over the top then that pretty much is a sign. Another sign to look out for is patches, make sure your cat is not grooming to such an extent where they leave patches on their fur
  • Depression – This can be really bad. If your cat is depressed then it’s a sad feeling right? You want your cat to be happy. Look at how your cat is behaving, is he playing less, just sitting doing nothing. These can be signs of cat depression. 

So these are some of the signs to look out for if your cat is bored.

The first thing you should do though is get your cat checked out at the vets to make sure they are okay

If the vet says it’s all clear then yes, your cat is most likely bored

Now the question remains?

How Do You Prevent a Cat From Being Bored

There are many ways

I think the number one way is to just

Spend time with them 

Quality time

Just you and your cat

Give your cat attention and love

Learn more on how to show your cat love by clicking the link below

How to show your cat you love them 

You can even talk to your cat too

They do understand what we are saying to them

Communicating with your cat can also be fun for your cat

It also creates a special bond with your cat too

If you want to learn more about how you can talk to your cat in a way they understand then check out my article

How to talk to your cat 

And play with your cat

You can use a toy with a string

They love chasing that around

Well my cat certainly does!

Here’s one that you can use

Go Cat Cat Catcher Teaser Wand with Mouse Cat Toy

Pretty simple but very effective

I can’t find the one that I have but it is pretty much similar

All you gotta do is make it seem like a prey and wiggle it around slowly

Watch how your cat becomes like a Tiger and wiggles his bum before he pounces!

This is a great way of keeping your cat entertained

The price is really good too

Check Price On Amazon

Okay, you must be thinking

“I can’t do this all day!”

And you’re right

You can’t just keep playing with your cat 24 hours

We humans do have a life to live!

So what can you do


Get your cat a cat tree

Cats love them!

And they’ll play on it all day

There’s so many benefits of having a cat tree

Let me ask you?

Do you like your couch?

It’s probably expensive right?

Now imagine that being scratched up by your little furball

Trust me,

I’ve been there!

How much will a new couch cost?

At least over $200

With a cat tree

There’s already scratching posts

And cats do need to sharpen their claws and get rid of their dead skin

Which is why they scratch of course

Your cat will have plenty of scratching posts on a cat tree

Cat trees can be expensive

But you can get really awesome condos for under $100!

I have actually reviewed 5 awesome Cat trees that cost less than $100!

You can check it out by clicking the link below

Best Affordable Cat Trees 

Won’t a Cat Tree Be Too Big For My Apartment?

Good question

It is a concern

Cat trees are big

And they can take up space

But I think it’s very important to get one for your little feline friend


Because when you’re not at home

Then at least your cat can play on the cat tree

It keeps them busy

You don’t want them getting bored

So what cat tree should you get

Lucky for you

I’ve actually written a post about the best cat tree for apartments

Click the link below to check out some awesome recommendations!

Best cat tree for small apartment to buy 

You’ll love those cat trees I recommend!

Another cat tree I would recommend you check out is Armarkat Cat tree

The brand itself is pretty popular so you can’t go wrong

I’ve actually written a review on it which you can check out by clicking the link below

Armarkat Cat Tree Review 

Wrapping It Up

Cats can get bored in apartments

But that’s only if you let this happen

You can prevent this


By spending time with them and playing with them

And if you’re at work then investing in a cat tree would be a wise idea

Try to provide your furball with a variety of toys

Another option is to get those toys that are automatic

Something like this

Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy – 3 Levels of Interactive Play – Circle Track with Moving Balls Satisfies Kitty’s Hunting, Chasing & Exercising Needs

It’s keep your cat busy for sure!

Dead cheap too!

Check Price On Amazon

It’s not hard keeping your cat entertained and preventing them from being bored

You can check out my article on keeping cats entertained in apartments

I go into more depth

How to keep a cat entertained in an apartment 



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