How Do I Pick A Cat Tree?

In this article you’re going to learn how to pick a cat tree

They’re not cheap and can be expensive so it’s vital you pick a correct one

Which is why you’ll learn what to look out for

A guide to save you money and buy the perfect cat condo for your little furball

Sound good

Let’s get started!

How Do I Pick A Cat Tree?

You have finally decided to invest in a cat tree for your pet kitty, but now you have discovered that there are so many options to choose from!

And you want to make sure you get the best out there

You don’t want to be left out of pocket

The problem is this is the first time you’re actually buying one

If you are feeling overwhelmed and thinking – How do I pick a cat tree?

Then carry on reading for some helpful tips.

When it comes to picking cat trees it can be overwhelming

You’re spending a lot of money

It’s not just one of those string toys that cost less than 10 bucks

You want to make sure the cat tree is actually good and will last for years!

Imagine purchasing a cat tree and it breaks apart within weeks!

That’s money gone down the drain

On a Budget – What Cat Tree Should I buy?

I completely understand with being on a budget

We can’t get too many expensive stuff and cat trees can be expensive

The dilemma is

You want to get a perfect awesome cat tree

But you can’t spend too much

I mean we all want to spoil our cats right?

I got some good news for you though

You can get a awesome cat tree for a really good price

I’ve actually written my top 5 cat trees to buy that cost under $100

The best part?

They all cost under $100 (Except one that I recommend but you’ll find out why when you check it out!) 

You can check it out by clicking the link below

Cat trees under $100 – (Buying Guide) 

Trust me you’ll be surprised at what you can get

Choose A Cat Tree Your Cat Will Love

It is common sense to choose a cat tree that your cat will love

But which one!

Well, you know your cat better than anyone

And you know how she behaves at home

So by observing her and seeing what she does you can work out which one will best suit their personality and play preference

To be honest,

Cat trees are all designed to appeal to certain cat instincts and behaviors.

So you’ll most likely get one that your cat will love

My recommendation would definitely be the Amarkat Cat tree

It’s a well known brand

They’re pretty awesome

I’ve actually written a review on this which you can check out by clicking the link below

Amarkat Cat Tree Review 

Cat Trees For Lazy Cats

As cats get older they love to take naps and just be lazy

My cat is nearly 14 years old!

Those days are gone where he would chase around pretty much everything and anything

God, I miss those days

He’s name is Tigger by the way

He still plays, but not as much as before of course

This is natural

He’s more of a lap cat which I love

He’ll just sleep on your lap or on your chest if you’re sleeping

I love it

A nice warm purring feeling – That’ll put anyone to sleep especially in winter!

Enough of Tigger (I can talk about him all day lol)

So yes,

If your cat is a lounger, then you can look for cat trees with features that provide your cat with comfortable areas to relax and sleep in.

Some cat trees offer hammocks, levels with soft surfaces or beds to snuggle up in, or enclosed den areas where your cat can retreat inside to sleep.

It’s a great way for your cat just to relax

Also, it provides them with their own space too right

If you always have kids coming over or you got children

Your cat will appreciate some sort of space because children love to bug cats (Not all of them lol)

Cat Trees For Territorial Cats

Some cats love to keep an eye out on everything

So if your cat is a bit of a watchman and enjoys watching over his territory then you should go for a cat tree with high ledges.

Many cats love to observe the room from a high vantage point.

They love high places too

Unlike me, I’m terrified of heights, I don’t know how cats enjoy this!

Anyway, your room belongs to your cat

In fact your whole house is your cats territory

And your cat wants to make sure everything is running smoothly

Most Cat trees are very tall and have resting places at the very top

If you place the cat tree next to the window then your cat can watch “Bird TV” and you’ll hear her chatter away  

Cat Trees For Active Cats That Like To Hunt

Perches set at different heights, and levels connected with ladders provide active cats that like to play with plenty of opportunity to move around and practice their hunting techniques, especially if the cat tree comes featured with hanging toys.

It’s a great way to allow your cat to use their natural instincts

Cat Trees For Cats That Love To Scratch & Stretch

Cat scratching posts are a must, so ensure that there are plenty of these featured on your choice of cat tree.

These may come in the form of horizontal scratching surfaces, or vertical scratching posts and boards.

Work out what your cat prefers before purchasing your cat tree.

Keep in mind that a tall scratching post element enables your cat to stretch out their body to the full, which is very healthy and satisfying for them.

This will save lots of problems 

You don’t want your cat to start scratching things they’re not meant to

Like your couch or carpet

That can become expensive

Not only that, but it’ll make you angry at your cat which can lead to not a pleasant relationship

And if you do shout at your cat then your cat can become stressed which leads to other problems

You see how a cat tree can save so many problems from occurring?

Also, cats need something to scratch because it helps remove any dead skin

All cats love to scratch and pretty much all cat trees do come with a scratching post

Cat Trees For Kittens

If you have a kitten then why not go for a smaller cat tree to begin with?

This way you can determine what kind of cat your pet will grow up to be before investing in a larger and more expensive cat tree.

Small kitten trees are great for playtime and keep you kitten safe by being lower to the ground.

They are also perfect if you have younger children who want to play with the kitten, as they will be able to reach the levels more easily.

It won’t take up too much space in your house either and is easier to move around or store away if needed.

Some cat parents wonder if a kitten needs a cat tree

And the answer to that is yes!

You can check out my article about this where I go into more detail

Do kittens need a cat tree

Another thing to consider and most cat parents do is if it’s actually safe for a kitten to have a cat tree

It is something that many new cat parents may worry about

If you are worried about cat trees being safe for kittens then you can check out my article below

Are cat trees safe for kittens 

Cat Trees Designed For Your Home

A final consideration when choosing a cat tree for your home is the design and style.

There are some very stylish sculptured cat trees that are designed to look like beautiful pieces of sculpture or furniture.

These can be an attractive addition to your living room, and a pleasure for you to look at as well as for your cat to enjoy.

It can be expensive but they do look great!

Cat Trees For Large Cats

If your cat is large then you want to make sure you get a condo that will support the weight of your feline friend

So what you need to look out for

Is if the cat tree is sturdy

Does it move often?

Is it large?

Now you must be thinking majority of cat trees are large and sturdy

Oh and you need a cat tree with the highest quality of materials

I have a article about the best cat trees for large cats

You can check it out by clicking the link below

Best cat trees for large cats

I have some awesome recommendations you should definitely check out

Wrapping It Up

Picking a cat tree can be overwhelming because you just don’t know which one to get

And it’s not something that costs $20

It is a investment and you want to make sure you get the right one

Last thing you want is to buy a cat tree that your cat has no interest in

Or just doesn’t want to use it

But cats do actually use cat trees 

You’ll see when you get one

Cat trees are definitely worth it

And if I was to make a recommendation then I would definitely say to get the amarkat cat tree

I did mention this earlier in the article

You can check out my in depth review of this awesome cat tree by clicking the link below

Amarkat Cat Tree Review 

It really is a awesome cat tree

Now if you live in a small apartment then it can be difficult buying a cat tree because of space

Not to worry though because I actually have written about which cat tree would be best

Click the link below

Best Cat Tree For Small Apartment To Buy 

Hopefully with this article it will make life easier for you to pick a cat tree that your cat will love!


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