Are Cat Trees Safe For Kittens?

Are cat trees safe for kittens?

Should you get one when they’re so tiny and cute

Is it dangerous for them?

All of this will be covered in this article

So if you’re in two minds about buying a cat tree for your kitten then this article is perfect for you

Without further delay

Let’s get started!

Are Cat Trees Safe For Kittens?

Kittens are tiny and curious.

And cute of course

They love to explore, getting into nooks and crannies, and climbing all over your furniture.

It’s just in them because they have all this energy they need to burn off

Which is why you’ll see your kitten run after pretty much anything

You’ll see them zoom past you

Or chase after your ankle

Pretty much anything that moves

I remember when my cat was a kitten once upon a time

He’s 13 years old now!

Time flies so make sure you cherish every moment with your kitten and enjoy it


It’s important to provide your kitten with some sort of entertainment or something to help them burn off this energy

That’s where a cat tree comes in

But the worrying thing is

Are cat trees safe for kittens?

As new cat parents or new cat parents to kittens then it can be something that may be a concern for you which is understandable

Not to worry because in this article we’ll go through everything

So carry on reading to find out how to choose a cat tree that is suitable for your kitten to play on.

Should I Buy A Full Size Cat Tree For My Kitten?

Are you worried that your kitten may not be able to handle a full size cat tree? Starter cat trees are a great way to introduce your tiny kitten to exploring his environment is a safer way.

They are often a lot smaller with fewer opportunities for your kitten to fall and hurt himself.

The levels are closer together or connected with ladders and ramps, and there are often more hanging toys attached to satisfy your young kitten’s playful nature, and keep them amused and out of trouble.

When your kitten grows out of his kitty starter cat tree, you can also save it in storage for when your cat becomes a senior.

Or just use it alongside something bigger to challenge your growing cat.

It will be a great way of your cat just being a cat if that makes sense

A cat tree provides everything that a cat needs

For example,

Running, jumping, scratching, hiding

The best cat tree I would recommend is the Armarkat cat tree

You can check out my review by clicking the link below

Armarkat Cat Tree Review 

Kittens Are Surprisingly Agile

As long as the cat tree you purchase is good quality and well constructed, it should be suitable for your kitten.

Kittens learn very quickly what they can and cannot achieve in terms of agility, and your kitten will explore a new cat tree at his own pace.

A full size cat tree can be a good investment that will continue to be useful when your kitten is bigger.

So in the long run it’s worth your money

I know it is slightly expensive but you can get good deals out there and it’s not something that will last only a couple of months

Hopefully, it should last years!

The best way to keep your kitten safe is to ensure that the cat tree is not placed near an open window in case your kitten is able to escape before it is ready to venture outside.

You should also be aware of any furniture that is placed close to the cat tree.

These will be viewed by your kitten as an extension of the cat tree.

So if your kitten has easier access to high shelves, then ornaments are more likely to get knocked off.

But what you can do is get some cat shelves

These cat shelves are basically like a plank of wood that is fitted on the wall

So your kitten or cat can jump from one to another

Be aware of nearby plants too as the cat tree may give your kitten easy access to plants that are toxic.

Beware Hazardous And Toxic Materials

When choosing a cat tree for your kitten, be aware that as a kitten they are more likely to scratch, bite, chew, and pull at loose fabric and anything dangly that may catch their attention.

Try to avoid cat trees that are covered with carpet as the fibres will fray and become a choking hazard to your kitten.

Keep an eye on any wear and tear to ensure that the cat tree you have purchased remain safe for your kitten to play on.

Toxic materials to look out for include Phthalates, PVC with added chemicals, BPA, lead, and Formaldehyde.

Best Cat Trees On a Budget

Cat trees can be expensive and you want to make sure you get a good one

There are many out there and it’s hard to decide right

I’ve actually written a article on how to pick a cat tree 

If you are on a budget then I got some real good new for you

I have written a post with my top 5 cat trees under $100

You can check it out by clicking the link below

Cat Trees Under $100 

You’ll be left open mouth when you see what type of cat trees you can buy for under $100!


Just to wrap up, cat trees are safe for kittens

In fact it’s a great idea to get one because it will help keep your kitten entertained and also burn that energy that they have

If you’re not at home due to work, you don’t want your kitten to be bored right?

Cat tree will keep your cat busy for the whole day

Now, if you live in a small apartment and don’t have much space for a cat tree then you can check out my article

Best cat tree for small apartment to buy 

Choosing a cat tree that is safe for your kitten is mostly common sense, but the tips above should help you with your decision.

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