Best Cat Tree For Large Cats

In this article you’re going to learn what is the best cat tree for large cats

If you’re struggling to find a cat tree that is suitable for a large cat then you’ll love this article

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Special considerations may need to be made when deciding on the best cat tree for large cats.

Larger cats are obviously heavier, and some larger cat breeds like Bengals are extremely athletic (They look beautiful too!) 

Keep reading for some useful tips and ideas to help you choose a cat tree, or something similar for your larger cat to enjoy.

Safe And Stable Cat Trees For Large Cats

It is important to note that when your large cat uses a cat tree to play, the weight of the cat is likely to cause a cat tree to overbalance, unless it is particularly stable.

When choosing a cat tree for your large or active cat, you can use the following tips to help you choose one that is suitable:

  •     Go for a heavy and secure base.
  •     Choose an apparatus that can be fixed to the floor, ceiling or wall.
  •     Look for cat trees that are wider and have several bases in order to spread the weight horizontally.
  •     Ensure that the cat tree is not top heavy.
  •     Choose a cat tree that is made out of good quality heavy weight material like wood.

The Right Size Cat Tree For Your Large Cat

Not all cat trees are made equally, and it can be a good idea to check the measurements, particularly of the ledges and any bed elements.

If these are not generous then your cat won’t find them very comfortable, and they will be less likely to spend time relaxing on them.

Instead they will seek out more enjoyable places to hang out and sleep.

This will be very frustrating for you after you have invested so much of your money on a fancy product.

So do your research carefully.

Cat Tree Features

Most cats enjoy using scratching posts or surfaces.

Firstly, figure out which your cat prefers, as some cats prefer to stretch upwards on a vertical scratch post to extend their spine, and other prefer to claw on a horizontal scratching mat.

Most cat trees incorporate scratching surfaces or posts in their design, so by checking prior to purchase whether the measurements are correct for your cat you will ensure that they get the maximum use and enjoyment out of the cat tree you choose for them, therefore getting better value for your money.

If you have a cat that likes to climb why not go for a cat tree that has more vertical climbing elements?

Sturdy sisal scratching posts provide a great opportunity for cats to grip and climb.

The alternative to a cat tree for larger or more active cats is a series of shelves and ladders that are designed to attach to your walls.

They give cats the opportunity to travel around the room’s perimeter, mimicking the walls and trees that they might move through in an outdoor environment.


Cat trees are a great way to provide your large cat not only with a means of entertainment and exercise, but also somewhere to relax and claim as his own territory in your home.

Cats sometimes do need to get away just like us humans

And with a cat tree, you give them just that

They can be a great investment for the right cat, so go ahead and indulge your pet!

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