Do Kittens Need A Cat Tree?

In this article you’re going to learn if kittens need a cat tree

You’ll learn all the benefits of having a cat tree

And how this will help your kitten

So if you are sitting on the fence on getting a cat tree then this article will help clear your mind

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

Do Kittens Need A Cat Tree?

If you have just brought a new kitten home, or you are thinking about getting one, the first thing on your shopping list is probably some form of cat tree.

Because now that you have a little feline friend, you need to “catify” your home

(By the way catify is a term I kinda just made up!)

What I mean by catify is to make your home suited for your kitten

And that means getting a cat tree

Trust me, your kitten will love a cat tree for sure!

Cat trees is a great investment for young kittens.

Keep reading to find out why.

Kittens Love To Play On Cat Trees

Kittens have a lot of energy and they love to play and climb.

I mean they run after anything!

It’s too cute right?

My neighbor just got a kitten recently

And the first thing he bought was a cat tree

Simply because it’s a way of a kitten to burn that energy!

You see, a cat tree will direct their playtime onto an apparatus that is designed specifically for their feline needs.

It’s a way for them to jump on them, scratch at them, run around!

Cat trees are perfect if you have more than one kitten because they will have great fun using the cat tree to climb, hunt and chase each other.

You want entertainment? Just watch your kitten play on a cat tree lol

Especially if you have to young kittens

Boy, the fun they have will keep you entertained for sure!

It doesn’t mean you need two kittens

Solo kittens will also love their cat tree, especially if you adorn it with plenty of play accessories.

Most cat trees nowadays have plenty of accessories on them already

Cat Trees Provide Great Exercise For Kittens

Most cat trees come with different elements incorporated into the design, which provide your cat with mental stimulation and exercise.

This is important because it keeps your kitten healthy at a young age

That way you don’t need to worry about your cat declining in health

I’m sure you don’t want to visit the vets frequently! (That itself is very expensive)

Here are some of the features that you will find incorporated into a good cat tree:

  •     Hammocks – For lazing, playing and sleeping
  •     Hidey boxes – for playing hide and seek or snuggling up inside
  •     Hanging Accessories & Toys – To bat, hunt and pounce on
  •     Ledges – Positioned at different levels to encourage climbing
  •     Scratching Posts – So your kitty can stretch his whole body and sharpen his kitty claws.

As you can see there’s plenty to do for a kitten on a cat tree

It sure does keep them busy and active

Cats are natural predators and they need to use that instinct somewhere right, and with a cat tree they can do just that

Cat Trees Help To Preserve Your Furniture

You can’t stop a kitten from playing, and kitten play usually includes plenty of hunting, chasing, pouncing and of course scratching and biting.

They can be a handful but it’s cute!

These are all instinctive play behaviors, which allow kittens to practice being adult hunters.

Unfortunately your new kitten may direct his play in the wrong areas, and your furniture and carpets may suffer.

Especially if you have a expensive couch or carpets

Last thing you want is a ruined couch or shredded up carpet

They’re not cheap to replace!

If you have a good cat tree, then you can direct your kitten to play on it so that your furniture does not get damaged.

This also helps the relationship between you and your little feline friend

It saves you from becoming frustrated or angry at your kitten (Which shouldn’t happen anyway)

Cat trees are designed to be highly stimulating for cats, and you can ramp up the interest by using feather teasers and other cat toys to play with your kitten on the cat tree.

Cat Trees Provide Kittens With A Sense Of Security

When you first bring a new kitten home, they may be quite timid, and find the new environment and situation to be very intimidating.

And when a kitten becomes scared or stressed this can cause unwanted behavior

Such as

Spraying, peeing outside the litter box

Now I’m sure you don’t want your house being a litter box right?

The smell of cat urine is not pleasant at all and to remove the smell is very difficult

By having a cat tree it will save you from all these problems that may occur

A cat tree provides some essential cover for your kitten so that they always have somewhere to retreat to in order to feel safe.

Your kitten will likely seek out the warm, hidden areas of your cat tree in order to establish their dens and safe spaces.

They will also enjoy having somewhere high to escape to in order to get up out of the way when too much is happening in the room.

From there they will be able to satisfy their kitty curiosity from a safe distance.

In short, it’s like a safe haven for your kitten


A cat tree is a really good investment for your kitten, and if you provide them with one, then they will be very happy indeed!

It really is a no brainer and something you should definitely consider

If you live in a small apartment and worried about space then you should check out my article

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By having a cat tree, it will save your furniture from being scratched, your carpet and couch too

It literally saves you from many problems that may occur

Seeing your little kitten play on it will give you and your family endless entertainment which is a bonus!


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