Are Cat Trees Good For Cats?

In this article you’re going to learn about if cat trees are good for cats

You’re going to learn why you need to buy a cat tree

How this will help your cat

What a cat tree does

In short: if you want to know all the benefits of a cat tree then you’re in the right place

Let’s get started!

You see, when we talk about toys for cats or something to keep them entertained then the first thing that comes to mind are cat trees.

But the thing is

As cat parents, safety for our little feline friend is priority

Safety and also if the toy will actually benefit our cat

Is it good for them

Will it help them

So with regard to cat trees

If you are wondering – Are cat trees good for cats?

Carry on reading to find out the benefits of having a cat tree in your home and why you should get one

Cat Trees Provide Stimulation For Indoor Cats

If you have an expensive cat breed you may not want to allow your cat to go outside of your home.

Perhaps you live in an area where your cat is not able to roam freely outdoors because of wild animals or traffic?

Or maybe you have kittens that are still too young to venture outside.

In all of these cases a cat tree may be considered as an essential piece of equipment to keep your indoor cats entertained.

Especially if you are not at home due to going work

A cat tree will keep your cat active and entertained

At least they’re not bored in the time you are out of the house

A happy cat is a healty cat and that is the most important thing

Cat Trees Encourage Natural Cat Behaviors

A cat tree gives your indoor cat the opportunity to scratch, stretch, climb and mark their territory.

These are all instinctive behaviors that keep cats physically and mentally healthy.

The last thing you want is your cat to scratch your expensive couch!

Trust me, I’ve been there already!

And it’s not the cats fault for scratching the couch

They need to do this to sharpen their claws and remove any dead skin

So if they don’t have anything to scratch they’ll use whatever is available to them

A cat tree will help prevent this

Another thing is, cats love high places

It’s a way of them feeling safe and being secure

Being in a high place gives your cat a good view of his territory (Yep, your house belongs to your cat now!)

A cat tree let’s your cat basically be a cat

Cat Trees Provide Multi-Cat Households With Separate Territories

If you have more than one cat in your home then a cat tree can provide them each with their own space to hang out.

This is because trees usually have various layers to explore and claim.

Territory and personal space is very important for your cats to ensure they remain friendly with each other.

It helps to reduce stress levels and anxiety-induced behaviors.

When cats start to spray in the house it’s usually because of territorial

Now with a cat tree, this can prevent cat spraying

And again, I’ve been there with my cat spraying all over the house

It’s not a behavior you want to encounter

It can become a really tough issue to resolve

Also, when cats become stressed, they stop using the litter box

I’m sure you don’t want to see cat urine puddle in your house

Or on your beautiful carpet

That is why a cat tree is so beneficial

How To Get Even More Out Of Your Cat Tree

To boost the entertainment value of your cat tree you can place it near a closed window so that your cats can climb to the top and look out into the garden.

They will get a lot of pleasure and mental stimulation simply from watching the birds in the trees and any activity that may be going on in the street.

You can call this Cat TV

Provides them with some sort of entertainment

Even Older Cats Can Benefit From A Cat Tree

Older cats tend to be more inactive and spend a lot of their time sleeping.

You may think that a cat tree would be a waste of money for an older cat that does not want to play, but you would be wrong.

All cats, regardless of their age will appreciate some form of furniture or apparatus that they can call their own.

It gives them a sense of security and allows them to feel safe and relaxed.

Cat trees have these puggy holes where your cat can just sleep and relax

My Cat Is Large – Can They Still Use a Cat Tree?

If you have a large cat and are worried about your cat using a cat tree then I’m here to tell you, you don’t need to worry

There are many cat trees out there that can acommodate a large cat

It’s just a matter of buying a cat tree that is big and sturdy

It has to be made of the highest quality

That is important

Now you must be wondering

Which cat tree is best for a large cat

You don’t want to purchase a cat tree that will break within a few days!

That’ll be a big waste of money as cat condos don’t come cheap!

You don’t need to worry though

I’ve written a post about the best cat trees for large cats

You’ll love the cat tree that I recommend

Go check it out by clicking the link below

Best cat tree for large cats

Cat Trees Let Your Cat Observe Activity Without Having To Get Involved

Cat trees also provide your cat with a high vantage point so that your cat can have an overview of the activity that is happening in your house.

Cats love to rest in high-up places and observe their territory, so place a cat tree in a quiet corner, perhaps near a window, and with a good view of the room, and you will have a happy pet cat!

Remember this,

Your house is not yours anymore, it belongs to your cat

It’s your cats territory now

With a cat tree, your cat has an opportunity to have a whole view of his territory whilst relaxing at the top of their cat tree!

Pretty cool right!

I would checking out the Armarkat Cat Tree

It’s a pretty awesome cat tree that your little feline friend will love for sure

You can read my in depth review of it by clicking the link below

Armarkat Cat Tree Review 


If you are still undecided as to whether to invest in a cat tree, why not start off small.

Cat trees come in all different shapes and sizes.

If your cat or kittens love a small one, they are bound to adore an even bigger cat tree!

One thing I’d like to mention is,

If you live in a small apartment and thinking about space and where you can put the cat tree

I understand it can be a bit tricky

But you don’t have to worry because there’s some cat trees that are ideal for a small apartment

You can check out my article where I talk about this

Best Cat tree for a small apartment 

You’ll be surprised at the choices you have

Also, if you are on a budget or money is tight then you can check out my article

Awesome Cat Trees For Just Under $100! 

You’ll find some real cool trees for such an amazing price!

Overall, getting a cat tree will be beneficial for both you and your cat

It provides your cat with entertainment and let’s them be a cat

And it helps you because you know your couch will be saved from being scratched by your cat

A happy cat means there won’t be any spraying in the house

It’s a win for both of you

But ultimately it’s all about providing for your little furball and giving them the best life

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