Do All Cats Like Cat Trees?

Have you ever bought a toy for your cat?

And you’re sort of more excited than your cat because you can’t wait to see how your cat plays with that toy!

Only to realize your cat has zero interest in it?

So you pretty much wasted your money in buying a new toy

And your high hopes and excitement has come crashing right down

How many times have you bought your new cat a toy only to find out that they pay zero interest in it?

This can be extremely frustrating, and if you are looking to purchase an expensive product like a cat tree, then you may find yourself thinking 

Do all cats like cat trees

Will your cat actually use it?


Will it be a big expensive mistake?!

Keep reading to find out (you’ll be surprised)

Cat Trees Are Designed With Your Cat’s Natural Instincts In Mind

It may give you some peace of mind to know that a cat tree is designed to mentally stimulate your cat and provide them with a means to practice behaviors that should come naturally to them, like climbing, stretching, scratching, and marking their territory.

And to be honest, I’ll be surprised your cat would not use it

But cats love taking their time right?

So with that in mind, it does not necessarily mean that your cat is going to thank you for purchasing them a cat tree – or at least not straight away.

Patience is key here

What you have to do is

Give your cat some time to get used to a new cat tree

It’ll make the cat tree definitely worth it 

Give Your Cat Some Time To Get Used To A New Cat Tree

The saying is that curiosity killed the cat.

While cats are naturally curious, they are also naturally cautious.

This is inbuilt for their survival prospects in the wild.

So if your cat does not seem to be paying much interest or attention to the brand new enormous cat tree that you have just purchased and placed in the living room, do not give up hope.

The cat tree may be somewhat intimidating to your cat initially.

It is essentially a foreign object in their territory, and it may take some time for them to get used to it and realize what it is for.

It is very common for cats to develop a newfound interest in products like cat trees and cat scratching posts a little (or sometimes long) time after your purchase.

How To Encourage Your Cat To Like The Cat Tree

If you are impatient, you can entice your cat to pay more attention to the cat tree by using some of these sneaky but effective methods:

  • Feed your cat yummy treats close to the cat tree, and work up to feeding treats when your cat is actually on the cat tree. Your cat will associate the apparatus with a positive experience and begin to feel more relaxed.
  • Rub or spray a little catnip on the cat tree to encourage your cat to check it out. Many cats find catnip irresistible, and this could be the perfect way to break down any fear barrier
  • Place your cat’s favorite toys around the cat tree and on the different levels. Leave your cat to hunt and find them.

Will My Cat Like The Cat Tree?

Every cat is different.

Before purchasing a new cat tree try to observe your pet cat’s natural behaviors within the home.

Is your cat the kind of cat who prefers to hide under the bed and sleep all day? If you have a cat that tends to hide in a quiet room, then putting a cat tree in your living room is probably not going to interest them.

If you have an active and curious cat who likes to be involved in what you are doing, and loves to jump and climb on your furniture, then they are likely to enjoy and explore a new cat tree.

Cats that spend time outdoors may also be more accustomed to hanging out in higher places where they can survey territory, and so placing a cat tree by the window will allow them to do this when they don’t wish to go outdoors in the rain.

If you want a cat tree that your cat will love for sure then you should grab yourself the Armarkat Cat Tree

It’s 72″ tall

Pretty awesome to be honest

I’ve actually written a review on it which you can read by clicking the link below

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If you’re not in the position to spend too much then I actually have a article on cat trees that cost less than $100

Deffo worth checking out because you’ll be surprised at how awesome cat trees you can purchase for less than $100

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Will a Cat Tree Take Up Much Space?

Well cat trees are huge

But you do get different sizes of course

I guess it’s where you put the cat tree

You can always make space in your house

It’s a different story though if you live in a apartment

It can be tricky to find a suitable one

That is why you should check out my article

Best cat tree to buy for a small apartment


So do all cats like cat trees?

Of course!

It gives them something to do

They can be a cat when using a cat tree

They can climb, run around, jump scratch, pretty much everything

One thing for sure is your cat will love you for it

If you’re at work and your cat is home then most likely they will get bored

A cat tree will provide your cat some sort of entertainment whilst you’re away 

It’s a great way of keeping them occupied

Cat trees can be wonderful purchases, but whether your cat uses one will depend on your cat’s preferences, the cat tree you choose, and where you decide to position it in your home.

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