Is A Cat Tree Necessary?

In this article you’re going to learn about cat trees and if they are actually necessary

So if you’re wondering whether it’s necessary to get a cat tree for your little feline friend then you’ll love this article

You’ll realize why you should get a cat tree and the importance of it

Let’s get started!

Is A Cat Tree Necessary?

Cat trees look like a lot of fun for cats, and there are so many interesting and clever designs to choose from, but they do take up a lot of space, and they can get quite expensive. 

So the question can arise if it’s necessary to get one for your cat

This is understandable

But the truth is a cat would love a cat tree for sure

There’s so many reasons to this

Keep reading to find out more about cat trees to help you make your decision.

First, why do cats love cat trees?

Why Do Cats Love Cat Trees?

There are many reasons that cats seem to enjoy cat trees of all different shapes and sizes.

Here are some of those reasons:

Cats Are Territorial

A cat tree provides cats with their own space to mark as their own territory, and this makes them feel safe, comfortable and happy.

There’s so many levels to a cat tree for your cat to just relax and chill

It’s like a safe haven for them

A place where they can find some security

This is important because cats do need their space especially when you have guests over and there’s lots of children

Cats Like To Perch High Up

Ever wonder where your cat has disappeared?

Look up, he is probably on a high shelf or on top of your wardrobe!

Cats like to be able to survey the environment from a safe height, and many cat trees offer them this luxury.

Again, this is a place of safety and security for your cat

Your house is their territory and a high place gives them the perfect view of what’s going on

Cats Love To Climb 

If you let your cat outdoors he is sure to be using yours and your neighbors’ gardens as assault courses, climbing and leaping from walls to trees and rooftops.

Cat trees offer this kind of activity to indoor cats so that they can enjoy some exercise too.

It’s a great way of your cat burning their energy and using their natural instincts which is to climb

It sure will keep them busy

Cats Love To Scratch

Most cat trees have a scratching post or surfaces incorporated into the design.

Your cat loves to use these to help him stretch his body, sharpen his claws and scent his territory.

If your cat has no place to scratch then they will use other things

Such as your couch or carpet

Trust me, I’ve been through that

Last thing you want is for your expensive couch to be ripped apart!

This can make you become frustrated at your cat which may lead you to shout at her

Which then can result in your cat being stressed

And when your cat is stressed, it leads to other problems

You see how this has a snowball effect

A cat tree can save you from so many problems!

Cats Love To Watch Bird TV

Many people position a cat tree near the window so that their cats can perch on it and watch the birds in the trees outside.

This is a great source of stimulation for your cat to stop them from getting bored.

Great entertainment especially if you are out for work and your cat is alone at home

Cats Like To Play – A cat tree is just like an adventure playground for your playful cat and your cat will love it. 

How Can You Benefit From A Cat Tree?

Your cat isn’t the only one in your family who will benefit from a cat tree!

There’s a lot of benefits for you too

Keep reading to find out the role a cat tree can play in your home.

Keep Cat Hair Off Your Sofa

If your cat is spending the majority of their time on their very own cat tree you may find that you find less cat hair on your furniture.

Also, it diverts your cats attention from the furniture and other household stuff towards the cat tree

Yes, it is a small investment but it saves you a lot of money in the long term

Or if you can’t spend too much money then you can check out my article

Cat trees you can buy for just under $100

You’ll find some really good cat trees

Take a look!

Keep Your Living Room Tidy

Your cat doesn’t need to have loads of toys if you provide him with a decent cat tree. This means that you won’t keep tripping over random balls and sisal mice. Simply attach them all to your cat tree and only have one or two “free” toys out for your cat to enjoy batting around on the floor

Confine Your Cat To One Area 

Some people like to dedicate a spare room to their cats. If you have a “cat room” you can fill it with cat trees for your cats entertainment and close the door at night so that you can’t hear them when they are enjoying their midnight hunt and chase games.

A cat room can also help to protect your breakables when your cats are feeling playful.

A problem for some cat parents could be space

I mean where can you put a cat tree if there’s not much space, especially if you live in an apartment

Not worry though because I’ve actually written an article about the best cat trees to buy for a small apartment 

Which Cat Tree Should I Buy?

There are so many cat trees out there and it can be overwhelming to choose one

They’re not cheap so you want to make sure you get the perfect one for your cat

The cat tree that I would recommend is

BEWISHOME Large Cat Tree Condo with Sisal Scratching Posts Perches Houses Hammock, Cat Tower Furniture Kitty Activity Center Kitten Play House Light Grey MMJ03G

Now that looks beautiful right?

There’s so many levels so your cat has many choices

I love the little puggy holes where your cat can just relax and chill

You must be thinking that will take forever to assemble!

But it’s actuallly easy to assemble

Standing at 62 inches tall, it will give your cat a nice height to oversee everything

If you have kittens this will be perfect

It’s very sturdy too so it doesn’t matter how much your cat jumps on it, it’s all safe

The hammock looks pretty awesome too!

To be honest the price does not look bad

You can check it out by clicking the link below

Check Price On Amazon

Another Cat tree I would recommend is the Armarkat Cat Tree

A very popular brand

This cat tree is made from pressed wood and covered with faux fur

It stands at 72″ tall which is pretty high (Your cat will love that)

You know what I love about this?

It lasts forever so you know you’re making a wise investment

I’ve written a in depth review on this which you can check out by clicking the link below

Armarkat Cat Tree Review 


Look, I’m not saying you have to get a cat tree

But it’ll be very good for your cat and you

It helps your cat be a cat if that makes sense

You need to catify your home and a cat tree will provide your cat with all sorts of exercise

It’s a great way of your cat staying healthy and active

With all the benefits of having a cat tree it really is a no brainer to actually buy one

A cat tree may not be a necessity, but once you bring one into yours and your cat’s life, you might wonder how you ever lived without one before!

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