Should I Leave The Heating On For My Cat?

With the weather becoming cold now

And sometimes below freezing

Us cat parents have a responsibility to make sure our little feline friends are kept warm

So a question that cat parents tend to ask is

Should I leave the heating on for my Cat?

The answer to this is very simple

No you don’t need to unless you want to pay a huge bill!

And I know that’s not something you’d want to do

So why I’m I saying no to leaving the heating on?

If you’re out at work then the house will get cold obviously and my cat will feel cold

But this is not true



Your cats internal body temperature is around 3ºc – 4ºc higher than of a human

That means your cat will feel comfortable and happy in temperatures that we may not be able to tolerate

So as long as you’re gone away for just a couple of hours it should be okay for your cat

Another thing you can do is,

Leave the heating on for a hour or two before you leave the house

And then you can turn it off after you leave

That way, your house will stay warm for a couple of hours

How You Can Keep Your Cat Warm Whilst You’re Away

We love our cats too much

So I understand we can worry that our cat may still feel cold if the heating is not on

The best way to keep your cat warm indoors is to provide them with a beautiful cosy warm heated cat bed

They’d love that

Have you ever notice you cat loves snuggling up in warm places

Such as near the radiator, where the sun shines, on your bed

So imagine a self warming heated cat bed?

It’s such a great way to keep your cat warm whilst you’re not in the house

Imagine you’ll save so much money

You won’t need to worry if your cat is feeling cold because they have a bed that actually heats up

That’s why you should get your cat a self warming cat bed

It’ll save you money in the long run

But it’s not just about saving money

It’s about our cats

They need to feel warm and cosy when the weather get really freezing

If you’re wondering what is a self warming cat bed then you should check out my article where I go into more detail what it is and how it works

I pretty much answer all the questions you may have

Click the link below to find out more

What is a self warming cat bed?

If you’re thinking about getting one and don’t know which one to purchase for your cat

It can be overwhelming, I mean there are so many out there and you want to make sure you got the best for your cat right?

I got you covered

I’ve actually written a best heated cat bed review

I talk about the best 3 heated cat beds that you should buy this winter

I know there are some articles that have the best 25 cat beds etc

But for me, having to choose from 25 can be overwhelming itself!

That’s why I have written about only 3 and trust me they are all awesome!

Click the link below to find out more

Best Heated Cat Bed Review 

Trust me your cat will love a heated cat bed

And in return they’ll love you for it too!

Wrapping It Up

You don’t need to leave the heating on if you have gone out

Your cats body temperature is a bit higher than ours so what me may find cold your cat won’t

But that doesn’t mean we don’t need to help them

Cats do get cold too and sometimes they can’t tolerate it 

So this is where we step in

To help them feel warm in winter

Because if we don’t they can get sick from the cold weather 

Which is why I recommended that you get your little furball a self warming cat bed

That way your cat can snuggle up in this bed whenever he feels cold and you’re not at home

And yes, heated cat beds are good for your cat 

They are not dangerous or anything

Your cat will appreciate it






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