What Is a Self Warming Cat Bed?

In this article you’re going to learn what is a self warming cat bed

You’ll learn if it’s good for your cat

And why you need one this winter!

So let’s get started

What Is a Self Warming Cat Bed?

A self warming cat bed is a bed that heats up on it’s own

It’s pretty much in the products name lol

But to go into more detail

On a cold winters night

It’s important to keep your cat warm

Yes, they have fur but that does not help them much when the weather drops below freezing especially if you live in areas where this happens in winter

So they need our help in keeping them warm

And how can we help them?

Cuddle with them in the best option lol

That way you’re warm and your cat is warm too!

But we can’t do this 24 hours during the day right?

We’d love to but it’s not possible

That’s where a self warming cat bed comes into play

Now what that does is

When your cat sleeps on this bed

The bed will warm up to your cats body temperature keeping your cat warm

You see, it won’t warm up where it’s too hot

It warms up to the right temperature which is pretty cool

And when your cat is not using it then the bed stay around over 12 – 15 degrees above room temperature

Okay, so you  must be wondering which self warming cat bed should I get?

Good question


There’s so many out there and it can be overwhelming which one to choose

Because it’s a investment and you’re spending money

You don’t want to purchase one that does not work or your cat may not like it etc

And sometimes you have articles that give you the best 25 out there!

25? again so many to choose from!

If you’re like me and just want to know like the top 3

Then I have good news for you

I actually have done the research and have written an article on the top 3 cat beds to buy this winter

You can check it out by clicking the link below (My favorite is the the first one I recommend)

Top 3 Cat beds to buy in winter 2019  

Are Self Warming Cat Beds Safe To Use?

This is a very important question because our little furballs life is too precious and you don’t want to give them something which can be dangerous of course and I get that

But a self warming cat bed is 100% safe

Yes, it needs to be plugged into an outlet

And you keep it on pretty much all day

But they’re completely safe

In my top 3 cat bed article

I have recommended all that have been tested by MET Labs

Which means they are of safety standard

I go more into detail about this in an article I wrote which you can check out by clicking the link below

Do cats like heated cat beds 

Will My Kitty Actually Use It?

As a cat parent this question is something I always think about when buying something for my cat

You can relate to this

You buy your cat a toy and he does not play with it at all!

It can be so frustrating!

I know exactly how it is

Sometimes they play with the box lol

The last thing you want is

To buy a cat bed and your cat just does not want to know

But I can tell you this

Your cat will use it

They have to!

Because it’ll be cold and they’ll look for a place to feel warm right?

And because a heated cat bed stays above room temperature it’ll give out warm air

Your cat will go to wherever it’s warm


Your cat will no doubt snuggle in

If worst comes to worst

Then all you gotta do is

Place treats in the cat bed

Your cat will surely go and take them and once he realizes how warm this bed is

He won’t move!

You know your cat better than anyone else so I’m sure you’ll figure a way

Final Words

Do cats need a self warming cat bed?

I wouldn’t say need but it certainly would help keep them warm in winter

And that’s the main thing to look at right?

We can keep warm by leaving the heating on or cuddling up under a duvet

Your cat will want to keep warm too

And we cat parents can certainly help them by providing them with a bed that warms up

If we’re not careful they your cat can get sick in the cold weather 

It’ll be a good way to ensure your cat stays warm when you’re not at home

Let’s keep our cats warm this winter – They’ll love you for it



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