Do Cats Like Heated Beds?

In this article you’re going to discover if cats actually like heated beds

You’ll learn why it’s important to actually have one available for your cat especially during winter

So without further ado

Let’s get started!

Do Cats Like Heated Beds?

The weather is getting cold and the pet shops are stocking up with cosy blankets, sweaters and coats, and heated beds for your pet cats and dogs.

You might be tempted to purchase a heated bed for your cat, it is a very clever idea for a product after all.

There may be one or two things making your hesitate though.

Firstly, the price tag, and secondly the nagging question – Do cats like heated beds?

Well you can’t ask your cat, and you can’t try before you buy, but luckily I can share some insight with you, so keep reading to find out more.

Let’s look at how cats keep themselves warm in the winter

Because me personally I find it very cold!

But cats they are different of course


How do cats keep themselves warm?

How Do Cats Keep Themselves Warm?

You must be wondering how stray cats and other furry creatures manage to survive the winter out in the cold without a warm fire to settle down next to in the evenings.

Your cat’s fur and body are designed to adapt to the different seasons so that he is able to stay cool in the summer and protected from the sun, but also warm in the winter and protected from the wind and rain.

The layers of fur rise to wick away water and trap body heat preventing it all from escaping.

Raised hairs also increase the surface space on the body, creating little pockets of insulation underneath the skin.

Unfortunately the sad fact though is that many feral cats are not able to survive extreme weather in the wintertime, and they become victim to frostbite, sickness and hypothermia.

Which leads me to my next point

Do cats need humans to provide extra heat during winter months?

Do Cats Need Humans To Provide Extra Heat During Winter Months?

A little extra heat in the home doesn’t hurt anyone. If you and your family enjoy it, you can bet your cat will too!

Cats can always be found curled up in warm spots in the home, like under the bed, by the radiator or near your home computer or desk lamp.

For this reason your cat is likely to very much appreciate a heated cat bed bought specially for him.

I think all pets enjoy a bit of luxury!

An our cats definitely deserve some sort of spoilt treatment right?

There are some breeds of cats that will appreciate a heated cat bed even more.

For example, Cornish Rex cats only have one layer of fur instead of three like common cat breeds, and this means that they get colder more quickly.

Sphynx cats are hairless and are often trained to wear little cat sweaters to keep them warm in the winter.


So my cat will appreciate a heated cat bed

But the problem is,

Will my cat like his new heated cat bed?

Will My Cat Like His New Heated Cat Bed?

Your cat will almost definitely love his new heated cat bed.

In fact if you have more than one cat you may want to get more than one heated bed, because they are sure to fight over it.

If you find that your cat isn’t keen on the new heated cat bed, the reason is unlikely to be because it is heated.0

You should consider whether the design of the bed is off-putting for your cat, or the positioning of it in your house.

Cats like to sleep in areas that are away from high activity areas of the house so that they don’t get disturbed.

You also need to make sure you go for a suitable size and shape to suit your cat’s preferences.

Which Heated Cat Bed Should I Get For My Cat?

There’s so many out there right?

Check out my Top 3 best heated cat beds to buy in winter 2019

And it’s hard to make a decision because it’s not like you’re getting it for free

It costs money so you want to make sure you get the right one

One that your cat will actually use!

And one that will keep your cat warm of course

So now the million dollar question is

What is the best heated cat bed?

I would really recommend you getting

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Heated Pet Bed, Mocha, Small

This is one cosey bed that your cat will enjoy

Trust me

Why do I say it’s cosey?

The pillow inside this bed is made up of

Soft fluffy polyfilled pillow

Now that is soft!

I wouldn’t mind sleeping in that myself!

But yes, your cat will feel warm in this heated cat bed during winter

But Is This Heated Cat Bed Safe For My Cat?

It’s a question all cat parents would ask when it comes to something that involves electrical things

But to answer the question


It’s completely safe for your cat to use

It has been officially MET safety listed which means it exceeds the USA/CA electrical safety standards

You have nothing to worry about

Will This Bed Get Too Hot For My Cat?


It stays warm

So what happens is

When your cat is using the bed, the bed will warm up to your cats body temperature to compliment it if that makes sense – basically your cat will feel nice and warm in this

Now when the bed is not in use

It stays 12 to 15 degrees above room temperature

Is This Bed Only For Winter Use?

You can use this ALL YEAR ROUND 

That’s what I love about this heated cat bed

It’s not just an investment for a couple of years

You can use this bed during summer too

Remove the heater easily when we’re in summer

That’s it

So it’s a win win situation in all seasons

Not bad for a investment right?


If you want your cat to feel warm this winter then this bed will do the job

Your cat deserves to escape the winter weather and this is one of the best ways to help him

Your cat will surely love you for this!

The price is not bad too plus it comes with a 1 year warranty

Click the link below to find out the price for this awesome cat bed

Check Price On Amazon

Final Words

Don’t just wait and see how your cat will feel this winter

Start preparing now to keep your cat cosy

And the best thing you can provide for your cat is

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Heated Pet Bed, Mocha, Small

Your cat will love your for it and will appreciate it

Ultimate objective is to keep your cat warm

And this is the way to do it

So yes cats love heated beds especially in winter

I mean wouldn’t we love a bed that heats up!

The same way your cat will love it

And don’t worry

It’s all safe to use

It does have 4.5 star out of 5 rating on Amazon which gives a clear indication that cat parents love this and have been buying this

I’ve actually written an article about heated beds being good for cats which you can check out by clicking the link below

Are heated beds good for cats 

You can’t go wrong with a heated cat bed 🙂

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