Are Heated Beds Good For Cats?

In this article you’re going to learn if heated beds are good for cats

You’ll discover if cats actually like these heated cat beds

Is it worth getting one for winter?

You’ll find out everything

So let’s dive right in!

Are Heated Beds Good For Cats?

When the weather gets wetter and colder we want to make sure that our pets are warm and comfortable in the home, so that they don’t get sick.

There are many ways that we can cater for our pets in the winter from making sure that their beds are kept away from drafts, and providing warm blankets, sweaters and cranking up the central heating.

An innovative invention created to keep pets warm is the heated bed, and you may be thinking of investing in one for your cat.

But there is a question that crosses every loving pet owner’s mind when trying to make their decision

Are heated beds good for cats?

Keep reading to find out!

What Is A Heated Bed For Cats?

A heated bed is a bed designed for your pet cat or dog that contains a removable heat pad with an element that heats up when the pad is plugged into your electricity source.

This provides your cat with a constant source of heat to keep them cosy when the house is cold.

Now during winter, the house does get cold (My house gets very cold!)

The problem is

We go to work so it’s okay for the house to be cold in that period

But what about our little furball?

Keeping the heating on is a option… If you want to pay a very high bill! 

And if you’re out for 8 hours, you’re not going to keep it on for that long!

This is where a heated cat bed comes in

Your cat can have a very nice nap in it

At the same time feel nice and warm and cosy

You must be wondering

Fine, it’s going to keep my cat warm but are they safe to use?

Are Heated Beds Safe?

When it comes to your pet your number one priority is his safety, so you will be relieved to know that heated cat beds are designed with your cat’s needs in mind.

This means that safety precautions have been made and the finished product is considered as safe for it’s intended purpose.

Here are some of the design features you can look out for when choosing a heated bed for your cat, which will help to put your mind at ease.

  •     The longer the cord length, the further away from the electricity outlet you can place your cat’s bed.
  •     Chords should be durable and chew resistant.
  •     Built in thermostats mean that the temperature is moderated and regulated for your cat’s safety and comfort.
  •     Go for beds in which the heating pad is removable as this makes it easier and safer to wash the bed when needed.

So in reality they are safe

So now we know

What is a heated cat bed

Is it safe to use

The next question is

Will my cat actually like a heated bed?

Do Cats Like Heated Beds?

Most cats are suckers for a heated spot, whether it is by the radiator or a sunny patch by the window.

So a heated bed solely for their enjoyment is like a gift sent from heaven.

If your cat doesn’t seem keen on a heated bed that has been bought for him, it may not be the fact that it is heated that puts him off.

Some cats don’t like to have beds with tall sides for example, and prefer to sleep on a mat-style bed or curl up on a cushion.

Some cats prefer to find a covered den to hide out in, or they prefer sleeping higher up in a cat tree.

You may even need to consider whether it is the size or material putting your cat off his new heated bed.

So what is the best heated cat bed out there?

The Best Heated Cat Bed Your Cat Will Lurrvee!

The best heated cat bed?


It’s this one

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Heated Pet Bed, Mocha, Small

The picture speaks for itself

I would love to sleep in that myself!

Just look at how cosy it looks

Your cat will love that to bits!

The thermo kitty heated pet bed

Has a nice name to it too right?

You want your cat to stay warm this winter?

Then you need this bed

Your cat needs it

It’ll keep him warm and cosy which is the ultimate objective right?

Here’s some key features

  • It warms up to your cats body temperature when they’re using it
  • When it’s not in use, it stays 12 -15 degrees above room temperature
  • It has a very nice soft and fluffy pillow which makes it really comfortable for your cat
  • Soft foam walls to give a cuddly feeling to your cat
  • MET safety listed
  • Washable covers

It pretty much has everything that a heated cat bed needs right?

The price you ask?

You’ll be surprised at how affordable this bed is!

Click the link below to find out

Check Price On Amazon

With winter just around the corner it’s important to keep your cat warm and this bed will do the trick!

Are There Any Alternatives To A Heated Cat Bed?

If you are not sure about giving your cat a bed that is connected to an electricity outlet, or you are too worried about cables because you have a young kitten, here are some alternative ways to provide your cat with heated places to sleep.

  • Thermal Cat Bed Or Blankets – These are a great alternative to the traditional heated cat bed because they warm up with the cat’ own body heat, and this heat is then retained while the cats snoozes. Essentially your cat’s heat is being reflected back at him to provide extra warmth.
  • Radiator Mounted Cat Hammocks and Ledges – These are great products that are designed to hook onto your home radiators so that your cat has somewhere comfortable to sleep that benefits from the warmth of your central heating.
  • Heat Lamps – A lamp wit a bulb that emits heat is a great way to provide your cat with extra warmth if you position it over the place he likes to sleep. Perhaps you have even noticed your cat curling up near your desk lamp or a warm computer before?

So there you have it

Other alternatives out there

But to be honest

I would really recommend a heated cat bed

It’s safe to use

Your cat will love it for sure

It keeps them warm, safe and cosy

What more would your cat want (apart from treats!)

You don’t have to do research to look for the best one

Because the one I recommend and have been in the article is

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Heated Pet Bed, Mocha, Small

It’s perfect for your cat

The last thing you want is your cat getting sick in winter

I mean, the vets are not cheap to use

So it’s so important to make sure your cat does not get sick in winter

Not just that

But they deserve to feel warm in winter of course

And providing them with a awesome heated cat bed will do just that!

Great gift too as we head into the festive season!

Check Price On Amazon

Wrapping It Up

Are heated beds good for cats?

Yes they are!

And they’re perfect for the winter weather

It something all cat parents should get

If you want your cat to feel warm and cosy this winter then you need a heated cat bed

(Speaking about heated cat bed I need to get one of those electric heated blankets)

But yes, it’s something your cat will love

And I’m sure he’ll love you for it too

The bond between the two of you will of course increase

Our cats, they deserve the best right?

Because winter can be brutal

And cats feel it too

There’s only so much a cat can tolerate in the cold 

Let’s keep them warm this winter

They’ll love us for it

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