Can Cats Get Sick From Cold Weather?

Ready to be to the best cat parent in the world?

Because in this article you’re going to learn if cats can get sick from cold weather

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Because you’ll also learn how you can keep your cat safe and warm during the winter

And that way they won’t get sick!

A very important article especially now that we are entering into the winter season

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Can Cats Get Sick From Cold Weather?

Have you ever seen a cat with a cold?

If not then you may be wondering – Can cats get sick from cold weather?

And it’s important to know this

We as cat parents have a responsibility to look after out little feline friends

They can’t come up to you and tell you that they have a cold or they need to see the veterinarian

Why is is why we need to be well aware of the signs of cats feeling unwell because of the cold weather

So keep reading to find out more about cats and the cold.

Do Cats Catch Colds?

Yes, your cat can indeed catch a cold, but not the kind that you or I might catch, although it may look like the same thing.

The fact is that the cold virus that humans get is not susceptible to the common felines that gift us with their presence in our lives.

They can however be infected by an alternative virus which presents itself with many of the same symptoms.

So what are the symptoms that we need to look out for?

How do you tell if a cat has a cold?

How Do You Tell If a Cat Has A Cold?

The signs that your cat may be suffering from a cold are pretty obvious.

In fact if you can recognize when a child has caught a cold then you are likely to be able to recognize when a similar virus is attacking your cat.

Here are some of the obvious signs to look out for:

  •     Lethargy – This symptom may not be as obvious because cats do tend to spend a lot of their time hanging around the house sleeping. If your cat seems less alert than usual, especially at food times or when being given attention, then you may want to look for some of the other symptoms.
  •     Coughing and Sneezing – While it is true that there could be a number of reasons for a cat to cough or sneeze, for example something is stuck in his throat or irritating his nasal passage. If after closer inspection there doesn’t seem to be a reason, and your cat is clearly displaying more of the symptoms in this list, then he may indeed have a cold.
  •     Runny Nose or Eyes – A runny nose can often be a dead giveaway. Cats noses are often moist but if it is excessively runny then it could be a big clue that your cat is infected. The same goes for runny eyes. Check your cat for any discharge.
  •     Fever and Loss of Appetite – If your cat has a fever and is not showing his usual interest in food, you should keep a close eye on him. If he is not drinking any water then you may want to take him to the vet to be checked over before it leads to dehydration.
  •     Trouble Breathing – If your cat is congested then you may notice that he is having trouble breathing. If you notice a raspy sound coming from his nose or throat while he is breathing, this could be a sign that he is suffering from an infection.

Okay, so now we know what the symptoms are

Let’s look at what you can do to for your little furball if they catch a cold

What Should You Do If Your Cat Has Cold?

The best thing to do whenever you suspect that something is not quite right with your cat is to take him to see a vet.

A vet will examine your cat thoroughly and be able to diagnose your cat if he has caught a virus.

Your vet will also be able to provide you with professional advice on how to look after your cat, and offer treatment to help with his recovery.

I know this is obvious but it’s the best thing to do of course

You don’t want to wait around

So if you notice any of the symptoms on your cat

Then take them straight to the vets

It’s important to help our cats stay warm during the winter

This will reduce the chances of them catching a cold

Here are few ways on how you can keep your cat warm this winter

Ways To Keep Your Cat Warm In Winter

Keep Your Cat Indoors 

Some cats are outdoor cats and when the weather becomes freezing this can be dangerous for your outdoor cat

If you can then you should try to keep your cat indoors during winter

I know it’s easier said than done

But there’s no harm in trying

Because at least this way you know your cat is warm inside your house and you have an eye on him all the time

You should check out my article about cats and being outdoors during winter by clicking the link below

How cold is too cold for a cat to be outside 

Get Your Cat a Cosy Heated House

What’s a heated house?

Good question

It’s a small little house for your cat that gets heated up to keep them warm during cold weather

Here’s one that is really awesome and something I would really recommend you getting

K&H Pet Products Birchwood Manor Outdoor Thermo-Kitty Home (Heated) Natural Wood 18″ x 16″ x 15″ 25W

Looks pretty cool right?

Trust me

If you want your cat to stay warm in winter and keep them safe and secure as well then you need to spoil your cat with this house

It’s so cosy and your cat will love it!

You can use this for outdoors and indoors

So if you’re worried about your outdoor cat being cold then this house would provide the perfect solution to keeping your cat warm outside

This heated cat house has a heated pad that heats up to your cats body temperature

So basically it gets warm not hot but just perfect for your cat 

This is a great way of protecting your cat from catching a cold and other dangerous illnesses such as frostbite or hypothermia

Did I mention it takes only 5 minutes build?

Pretty easy to set up and get it ready to use for your cat

You can learn more about this cool heated cat house over at amazon

Oh, and you’ll love how cheap it is!

Click the link below to check the price!

Check Price On Amazon

Final Words

Keeping your cat warm and safe during winter is very important I can’t stress it enough

Especially if you live in a area where it gets extremely cold

The weather drops below freezing temperature

This is when it can become dangerous for your cat

And because of this your cat can get sick from the cold weather

So keeping your cat warm is important

But also knowing when your cat is cold is important too

Knowing how cold your cat can tolerate is something you should

You can help your cat by equipping him with the relevant things to keep them warm

Such as a heated cat house 

This is very ideal for winter

A nice and cosy house for your cat to relax in





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