How To Keep Indoor Cats Warm In Winter

Do you want to know how you can keep your indoor cat warm in winter?

Then you’re in the right place

Because today I’m going to show you how you can make sure your little kitty is nice and cosy in extreme winter condition

You’ll also learn what is a good room temperature for your cat

The best part?

Well the best part is for your cat because you’re going to able to keep him warm this winter

Ready to keep your little furball warm?

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How To Keep Indoor Cats Warm In Winter – It’s So Easy!

Your cat may have a lot of fur but that does not mean she won’t get cold

Especially if you live in an area where it gets extremely cold

You’ll notice your cat sleeping in new areas in your home

Like where the sun is shining in the house, your cat will probably take a nap there

In front of the fireplace soaking up all that warmth (she may even be taking your spot in front of the fireplace!)

My cat loves sleeping next to the radiator, he’ll literally sleep under it all stretched out

Cats feel the cold and they look for places that will make them feel warm

But you can help keep them warm and comfortable too which I’m sure your little feline friend will want and appreciate

So here’s a few things you can do to keep your indoor cat warm this winter

Make Your Home a Warm Place For Your Cat

Okay this is obvious one but I think it’s still important to mention this

Keep your house warm by turning on the radiator and leave it on for a bit especially if you’re going out. Try to keep it on before you go, that way before you leave you can turn it off but the house will be nice and warm for your Kitty

If you have one of those smart controlled radiator then brilliant!

If you keep the window curtains and blinds open to let some sunshine in, your cat will love you for that! It’ll be a good spot for your cat to get some sunshine and some warmth

If your cat has a bed or you know he likes to sleep on certain things then try and move that to places where it can get some sunlight and away from spots that feels the draft of cold air

Improve Bedding

Just like when it gets cold we tend to put extra bed duvets to keep us warm so similarly for your cat you should add an extra blanket

Something soft that will obviously keep them warm

I know cats sleep in many different places and you know your cat best.

So wherever is his sleeping spot you can add an extra layer or two of blanket to make it more warm and cosy for him

I would recommend getting a cat bed as they’re designed specifically for your cat

But you won’t suffice with just one bed because they sleep in different places

Our cats deserve to be spoilt during the winter so you should try and get a few cat beds

If it’s not in your budget then you could buy one for your cats favorite place and then you can make bedding for them on your own using bed sheets and duvets

You wanna know which one I think your cat will love

Best Pet Supplies Corduroy Tent Bed for Pets, Beige – Medium

Don’t be fooled by the image, the space inside is quite big which your cat will love

What I love about this is, your cat will feel cosy and a sense of security

It’ll look so cute when you can see them just snoozing in there

The price is not bad too

You can check it out by clicking the link below

Check Price On Amazon

Heated Cat Bed

I know I’ve already spoken about cat beds

But these cat beds are different

They actually heat up!

How awesome is that

Imagine how warm and cosy it will be for your cat

And don’t worry, it’s not HOT but it’s actually WARM 

I really like K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Heated Pet Bed, Mocha, Large

Doesn’t that just look so cosy?

This heated cat bed will be perfect in the winter for your little furball

And you don’t have to worry about it heating up or anything

Because when the bed is in use it heats up to your cats body temperature – how cool is that!

Great way of keeping your Cat warm during winter days

I love the interior material too

It has soft foam walls and fluffy polyfilled pillow for your cat to sit in

That’s so comfortable

Your cat will love it and will love you for getting her something that will make her sleep like a baby! (Well cats can sleep through anything too so yeah, sleep like a cat too!)

Indoor cat?

If your cat is indoor then you’re all good but some cats are outdoor cats only and this can be a problem

Because it’s difficult to all of a sudden get an outdoor cat to stay indoors

If your cat is an outdoor cat then try your best to keep them indoors during winter and if this is not possible at least during the night

I know it can be difficult but you can still help keep them warm too even outside

I have a article I’ve written about cats being outside during winter and I talk about how you can keep them warm

You can read it by clicking the link below

Can cats stay out all night in the cold – Find out here 

Do Indoor Cats Get Cold Easily?

The answer is yes – well it depends right?

How cold is the house?

Do you leave the heaters on to keep the house warm

Cats can stay warm due to the fur they have and that their regular body temperature are two degrees higher that us humans but that doesn’t mean they won’t feel cold in the house

You may have noticed how your cat would curl up near the heater or look for where the sun is shining in the house and then relax there

That’s a sign that they want some warmth right?

You can learn more about cats being cold indoors by checking out my article below

Do cats get cold in the house

What Temperature Is Too Cold For Indoor Cats?

This is something you don’t need to worry about too much because I’m sure your house temperature won’t fall below freezing

You just have to make sure your house is nice and warm

And you have the right things to keep your cat warm too just how I have mentioned in this post

So now you must be wondering what would be a good room temperature for cats right

What Is a Good Room Temperature For Cats?

When the temperature gets any lower than 60 degrees that is when most domestic cats will start to complain unless they have a nice warm spot to relax in

That is when it gets cold for them

Now on the other side regarding being hot

Cats are all good up to 80 degrees but anything more than that it might get too hot for them

So that means a good room temperature for cats would be anything between 60 – 80 degrees 

Of course this will vary between cats but it’s just figure that you can work on

End of the day, you know your cat more than anyone and you’ll realize when your cat is getting too cold

Wrapping It Up

During the winter season it’s important us cat parents keep our cats warm

Although cats have fur, they do still feel the cold

Which is why it’s important to have things in place to help them keep warm

There are many different ways as mentioned in this article

You should make your home feel warm which is obvious of course

If you’re at work for most of the day then you should get a heated cat bed where your cat can snuggle into

At least that way you don’t need to keep the heating on (It can become very expensive) and you know that your cat has a place to relax and at the same time feel warm and cosy

Another way I forgot to mention is. you can snuggle with your cat.

Both of you will feel warm – not a bad idea!

Does your cat look for places to feel warm during winter?

How do you keep your cat warm?

Would love to know!

Let me know in the comments below


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