How Cold Is Too Cold For a Cat To Be Outside?

Does it get too cold for Cat to be outside?

Or can they withstand the winter weather because they’re an outdoor cat?

Or they have lots of fur to keep them warm?

In this post I’m going to talk about how cold is too cold for a cat to be outside

You’ll also learn how you can keep an outdoor cat warm during winter

So if you want to make sure your cat stays safe and warm in winter then you’re going to love this post

Let’s dive right in!

How Cold Is Too Cold For a Cat To Be Outside?

If you have an outdoor cat then they are usually used to the cold weather

But that doesn’t mean they don’t feel cold

It can get cold for them too

Once the temperature drops below freezing that’s when it’s a concern

That is when it will get too cold for a Cat to be outside

So what is below freezing?

This is when the temperature drops below 32°F

So it’s important you keep an eye out on the weather and make sure it’s not too cold

But in my opinion if you could try and keep an outdoor cat to stay indoors during winter that would be best

You know for 100% that your cat is warm inside your house

What Happens If My Cat Stays Outside When It’s Freezing

First of all you shouldn’t let this happen

But it’s important to know what can happen so us cat parents are aware of the dangers

So if your Cat is outside and it’s below freezing temperature then your Cat is susceptible to the effects of hypothermia and frostbite which can eventually lead your cat to death

You see how dangerous it can be

What Is Hypothermia?

Hypothermia is when your cats body gets low to a very dangerous level

You see, when your cats body can not maintain their normal temperature then terrible things can happen

And when your cats body temperature drops this can then make the heart rate and all other body activities slow down for example the heart will have difficulty pumping and if this is not treated quickly then it can stop altogether which can result in death 

How To Keep Your Cat Warm In Winter

If your cat is an indoor cat then this is easy because as long as they’re inside the house you know they are warm because the house is obviously going to be warm

But what about outdoor cats?

This is a tough one

The best thing you can do is try to keep your cat indoors during winter

It just makes everything easier in keeping them warm

I know it can be difficult to transition a outdoor cat into a indoor cat

It’s not that easy

So there are ways you can keep your cat warm outdoors in the winter

How To Keep An Outdoor Cat Warm Even In Freezing Cold Temperatures


The best thing you can do for an outdoor cat is to create a warm place for them in your garden where they can go and sleep and feel warm

How can you do this?

If you love DIY then you can build an outdoor house for your kitty

It’ll be a great little project you can do by yourself or with your family

Another option is to buy one ready made (If you’re lazy like me and don’t want to build one!)

This way all you have to do is assemble the house and it’s good to go

The best part?

It won’t take long and it’ll be ready before winter kicks in!

And it is heated too so that means your cat will have a place where they can relax and feel warm too

It just puts ease in your mind knowing your little furball is safe and warm

Both options are good but me personally

Buying a outdoor kitty house that is heated just makes it much more easier and half the work (But that’s just me)

If you’re wondering or thinking about buying a outdoor kitty house then you probably want to know which one is the best?

What Is The Best Outdoor Heated Kitty House?

If you’re looking for the best then I would really recommend

K&H Pet Products Birchwood Manor Outdoor Thermo-Kitty Home (Heated) Natural Wood 18″ x 16″ x 15″ 25W

Just look at how comfy and cosy that looks

Your cat will love that

Especially in winter

What I love about this Outdoor Thermo Kitty Home is

It has a heated pad which will warm your cat up

Not too hot but warm so basically just how your cat would love it

Oh and did I mention it’s removable

So you can use this house indoors and outdoors

Perfect right?

And Like I mentioned before

If you’re like me and not a DIY person

Then you’ll be happy to know that it only takes around 5 minutes to build

The price is actually really good for a cool outdoor heated kitty house

You can find out the price by clicking the link below

Check Price On Amazon

Final Words

Cats do get cold and just because they have fur does mean the cold temperature does not affect them

Yes, long haired cats may survive better than short haired cats but even then the cold affects both breeds especially when the temperature drops below freezing

It’s important to keep your cat warm during the winter months because it can be very dangerous for cats in extreme cold weather

They can catch hypothermia which can potentially cause death

That is why you have to keep your outdoor cat warm

And how can you do this?

If you can keep them indoors that would be great although it can be difficult

Another option would be to provide some sort of shelter for them

You can create one yourself or you can buy a outdoor kitty house that is heated

Just how I have mentioned in the article

I would recommend you check out

Outdoor Thermo Kitty Home (Heated) 

This is a great way for your cat to stay warm outside

The house has a heated pad which will keep your cat warm and cosy

And that is the ultimate goal

3 thoughts on “How Cold Is Too Cold For a Cat To Be Outside?

  1. I have two feral cats outside. They stay in the back of my husband’s truck. We leave the tailgate down. We have blankets back there. We also have two cat beds in there, and a Mylar blanket back there. We have some of the entrance blocked off. We have a heated bowl for seems to work out pretty good.

  2. I have a stray cat that is coming to feed but just at night. I fixed up a heated water bowl, and a shelter that I made of a plastic container as well as grain free food every day for him. He leaves in my garage because this way he has his shelter from the winter, and other animals that could hurt it. I leave the garage door open just about 8 inch open at bottom, and have put a board at bottom with an opening 8×8 inch for him. I install a small oil heater at low setting for extra heat if it gets really cold at night. Made sure that he cant get into anything, and hurt himself like oil, and other stuff that could hurt him. I would take him in but have 4 rescues all ready as it is in home plus a rescue dog. I guess I love all kinds of animals, and happy to help them. What you are doing is like I am really doing so you take care.

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