How Cold Can Cats Tolerate

In this article you’re going to learn how cold can cats tolerate

You’ll learn how you can keep your Cat warm in winter

You’ll also learn what temperature is too cold for a Cat so that you’re aware

So if you want to make sure your Cat is safe in the winter season then you’re in the right place

Let’s get started

How Cold Can Cats Tolerate

Cats can adapt to cold weather

Although this does not mean they can tolerate and extreme cold weather that comes their way

In reality you should always try to keep your Cat warm more importantly during the winter season

In regards to how cold can Cats tolerate, as long as the weather is above freezing your Cat is okay

But when the weather drops below freezing that is when your Cat will not be able to tolerate it

This can then be dangerous for your Cat


Because when the weather gets extremely cold your Cat will most likely look for warm places

And this could be anywhere including inside a Car bonnet by the engine

Worst case scenario – The owner of the Car does not check their car before driving – This can be fatal!

Do you see how dangerous it could get (I pray this never happens)

If you have an outdoor Cat then you during winter you should try to keep your Cat indoors

This is a much safer option

That way you know your Cat is safe inside the house and is not feeling cold

Then come summer time you can let your Cat outdoors again

If your Cat does not like staying indoors then you should try to keep them warm whilst they’re out

How could you do this?

Provide them with some sort of shelter that will keep them warm during the night

But the best option would be for your Cat to stay indoors

I have written an article about if it’s okay to keep Cats outside during winter which you can check out by clicking the link below

Is it OK to leave Cats outside in winter 

How To Keep My Outdoor Cat Warm

If you think your outdoor Cat won’t stay inside then you need to look at ways to keeping your Cat warm during the winter nights

One way to do this and I think it’s the best way is to provide shelter for your Cat

How can you provide shelter for your Cat?

A outdoor heated kitty house is the perfect solution to keeping your Cat warm outside

This is like a second home for your Cat except that it’s heated 

Pretty cool right?

That means your Cat will have a place to go to when they feel cold or when the temperature drops below freezing

This will give you a piece of mind knowing that your Cat is warm during the night

You can check out all the details and features of this house over on Amazon

The price is not too bad as well and hey! for our Cat’s health and safety, money is not an issue

As long as they are safe and warm then it’s all good

Click the link below

Click Here To Find Out More

Final Words

Cats can tolerate the cold but only to a certain extent

When the temperature goes below freezing that’s when your Cat can suffer and catch hypothermia or frostbite

This can have a serious impact on your kitty’s health which is not something us Cat parents want

If you have an outdoor Cat then you should try to keep your Cat indoors during the winter period

This would ideally be the best option

If this is not possible then you should provide some sort of shelter for your Cat

This way, if your Cat is feeling cold and needs some place to stay and keep warm they can go to this shelter

The best to go about doing this is by purchasing a outdoor heated kitty home 

This is an awesome kitty house that stays heated for your Cat

It’s not too hot but just warm – perfect for your Cat in the cold

A great little cosy home for your little feline friend


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