Is It OK To Leave Cats Outside In Winter?

In this article you’re going to learn if it is okay to leave Cats outside in winter

You’re going to learn if Cats can actually survive winter (especially in those areas where it gets extremely cold)

So if you have an outdoor Cat and worried about your little feline friend being outside in winter then you’re in the right place!

Let’s get started

Is It OK To Leave Cats Outside In Winter?

If your Cat is an outdoor Cat then there is no problem with that

Yes it can be dangerous they are all alone and unsupervised

But I’m not here to state the pros and cons

Some Cats are well adapted to staying outdoors

Though when winter comes it can be a whole new ball game

I mean how much can Cats tolerate in the cold weather

They are adapted to it and they do have the under layer coat that keeps them warm during winter

But what about when the temperature goes below freezing?

This can be very dangerous for your Cat

Because they can catch hypothermia and frostbite

To leave a Cat outside in the winter is not a good idea

If you could keep him inside that would be better just until the winter season passes

Though some Cats only stay outdoors and it can be difficult to make them an indoor Cat

So what can you do to help them keep warm outside?

I would recommend you provide them with some sort of shelter

Because when Cats feel cold they’ll look for places to rest that are warm

And one place they go to is inside the Car bonnet near the engine!

That’s very risky especially if people don’t check their cars before driving

I don’t even want to talk about the scenario

As you can see it’s very important to give your Cat some sort of resting place that keeps them warm

At least that way you have piece of mind that they’re safe

I would recommend you get your Cat an outdoor kitty home

This one is really cool because it actually heats up to your Cats body temperature which means your Cat will have a cosy place to sleep and chill

The best outdoor kitty home?

You gotta check out

K&H Pet Products Birchwood Manor Outdoor Thermo-Kitty Home (Heated) Natural Wood 18″ x 16″ x 15″ 25W

This Outdoor thermo kitty home will keep your Kitty nice and warm during the winter outside

It’s a very nice and cosy chilling spot for your Cat

Keeps them safe too which is a bonus

I love the features of this kitty home

Heated Pads 

This is the main thing right? It has heated pads to keep your Cat nice and warm during the nights in winter. What I love about these heat pads is that it does not get so hot that will make your Cat feel uncomfortable rather it’s warm. Just nice and perfect for a cosy house.

Easy to assemble 

If you’re like me and hate doing DIY stuff or just feel lazy trying to assemble something that’s so complicated then you’re going to love how easy it is to assemble this kitty house. Reading from the reviews it takes less than 5 minutes! EASY

MET Listed (Safe to use) 

It’s safe to use and has been approved by the USA and Canada electrical safety standards

2 Year Manufacturer Limited Warranty 

Anything goes wrong you got a 2 year warranty. Sweet!

Real Birchwood 

This means it’s UV protected. You can paint on it, color it, put stickers on it, you can do anything you want to it to match the lovely decorations of your home

Overall this will be a perfect solution for an outdoor Cat

Especially in the winter months

Give your Cat some shelter that keeps them warm

You don’t want to fear the worst for your Kitty

Sleep peacefully knowing your Cat is sleeping in a warm cosy kitty house

The price is not bad also (you’ll be surprised)

You can check it out by clicking the link below

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Are Cats Warm Enough Outside?

Look, Cats can stay warm in winter, they’re adapted to cold weather as I mentioned earlier

But they won’t stay warm for long right?

I mean the longer they stay out in the cold, they’ll become cold eventually

Especially if the weather drops to below freezing

That’s why I emphasize in making sure they have a warm shelter they can resort to

Such as the Kitty home I mentioned earlier

At least that way you know your Cat has a place they can go to, to stay warm

If you have an outdoor Cat then it’s important to have this warm shelter in place for them

You don’t want your Cat to suffer from frostbite or hypothermia

I understand it can be difficult to keep your outdoor Cat inside because they’re so used to staying outdoors

So the next best thing for you to do for them is having things in place that will keep them warm during Winter

Can Cats Survive Winter

Cats can survive winter

They have been doing so throughout the years

But you see it can become very difficult for them during extreme cold winter

And yes, I know I’ve mentioned this before but once the weather hits below freezing then unfortunately it can become difficult for a Cat to survive in these sort of temperatures

Try to ensure your Cat can stay indoors

If you’re worried about how you can keep your Cat entertained indoors then you should check out my article on how to keep Cats entertained indoors

Click the link below for some great ideas to keep your little feline friend busy (Even if you work all day)

How to keep a house Cat entertained

Keeping your outdoor Cat indoors for the winter period can be done

And it’s the best option to be honest

Otherwise if you don’t have any warm shelter to provide for your Cat then it can be dangerous for your Cat to roam around at night in winter

Final Words

If you want to leave your Cat outside in winter then it’s important you have a place or somewhere that your Cat can take shelter in

It should be warm because it can get really cold during winter

That’s why I would recommend Outdoor Thermo-Kitty Home (Heated) for your Kitty

This will ensure your Cat has a place to rest and keep themselves warm

If you can, it would be better to try and keep your Cat indoors during the nights in winter

That way you know your Cat is safe and warm at home



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