Can Cats Stay Out All Night In The Cold?

In this post you’re going to learn if your Cat can stay out all night in the cold

You’re going to learn if Cats can survive in the cold weather

So if you’re worried about your outdoor Cat and how he will cope in winter during the night then you’re in the right place

Let’s get started

Can Cats Stay Out All Night In The Cold?

Keeping your Cat outdoors is a big decision.

Your Cat is unsupervised so it can be dangerous

Don’t get me wrong though, some Cats are very well adapted to outdoors

Now in winter time it’s a completely different story

Especially if you’re living in areas where the winter can be brutal

Although Cats are very well adapted to cold weathers, once it goes below freezing they can easily catch hypothermia and frostbite

When it becomes too cold for your Cat outside then they will go look for a warm place

So instead of your Cat looking for a warm place to relax you should provide your Cat a warm place to chill

That can be a self made shelter

Or you can just go and invest in one

I personally would just invest in one as it just saves you time making one and it’s easier to set up

Especially now that winter is approaching you should have one ready

So which outdoor shelter is the best for your Cat?

I would recommend

K&H Pet Products Birchwood Manor Outdoor Thermo-Kitty Home (Heated) Natural Wood 18″ x 16″ x 15″ 25W

It’s a great little outdoor home for your Cat to take shelter

What I love about this is

  • It’s heated so your Cat will feel warm in cold weather
  • Made of real birch wood (Very strong and sturdy)
  • It’s very easy to install so you don’t need to worry about how you are going to assemble it (I’m not a DIY person myself) It takes less than 5 minutes to build 
  • It’s MET listed which means it’s been evaluated for safety by an approved independent lab which is in accordance with the national standard (Safe to use)
  • Heated pad to keep your Cat warm (Not too hot!) in the cold

Pretty cool right?

It’s the perfect little shelter for your outdoor Cat to sleep in especially on a cold winter night

You don’t want your little furball to feel cold and more worse to catch something that is dangerous

The only downside to this Outdoor Kitty home is that it does not fit 2 Cats

But overall it’s a really good shelter for your Cat to keep safe and warm

You won’t need to worry about your Cat being outside in the cold

As long as he is using the Kitty house

If you are worried about getting your Cat to use it then you don’t need to worry too much

Just put some treats in there to encourage your Cat to come inside

Once he’s inside he’ll feel comfortable because it’ll be warm and Cats love the warmth especially on cold days!

Easy right

Can cats survive extreme cold?

Cats are adapted to cold weather as I mentioned earlier

But how cold is too cold for Cats?


In the winter you don’t want to risk your Cats health

Yes, they can survive the cold weather but it’s best to either keep them inside or provide a shelter that keeps them warm outside

You don’t want your little furball to catch hypothermia or any other illnesses due to the cold weather

So the answer to can Cats survive extreme cold?

No they won’t and it’s not worth putting them at risk

The question now is what temperatures can Cats tolerate?

What temperatures can cats tolerate?

It depends

How well the Cat is

Is the Cat old?

Is it a Kitten?

Is the Cat feeling well?

A lot of factors come into play

But the general rule for a healthy Cat is anything above freezing temperature (32°F) should be safe for your Cat

So you need to be careful and keep an eye on the weather

Because if it drops below 32°F then this can cause problems for your Cat

It doesn’t matter if your Cat has a nice beautiful thick coat, as this will not be enough to keep your Cat warm

Final Words

If your Cat is an outdoor Cat and has no way of coming back into the house during the night then I would really recommend you get something that will provide your Cat some sort of shelter that will keep him warm

The winter can be brutal especially in some parts of the world

Cats can adapt well to cold weather but if it goes below freezing then you’re asking for trouble

Cats can catch frostbites or hypothermia which can be dangerous to your Cats health

I would recommend you get a Outdoor kitty house that can be warmed up to keep your Cat warm in the night during winter

That way your Cat can be safe because he won’t go looking for other warm places to take shelter as some Cats will go hide in a Car engine and if the Car owner does not know a Cat is there and drives the Car…

If you can, try to keep your Cat indoors during winter at night

At least you know where your Cat is and gives you piece of mind


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