Why Does My Cat Pee On My Baby’s Things?

In this post you’re going to learn why your Cat is peeing on your baby’s things

In fact you’re going to learn how you can stop this behavior completely

In short: if you want your Cat to stop peeing on all your baby’s things then you’re going to love this article

Let’s get started!

Before we go into why your Cat is peeing on all of your baby’s things it’s important to understand why a Cat pees outside their litter box

It can be frustrating I get it, but don’t worry because by the end of this article you’re going to discover how you can get your Cat to pee in the litter box

So let’s look at why Cat pee outside the litter box

Why Do Cats Pee Outside The Litter Box?

If your cat is peeing anywhere other than where he normally goes to the toilet, which should be in the designated cat litter box, it is likely that your cat is feeling stressed.

Yes other factors can be a reason too

But stress plays an important part in litter box avoidance

You see, Cats become stressed very easily.

Small changes in your cat’s environment can begin to make him feel insecure.

For example changing furniture around in the rooms of your house, or introducing new and unfamiliar items, pets, or people.

Cats deal with stress and insecurity by marking their territory in the form of either spraying or peeing.

This enables them to assert their presence in the area and allows them feel more relaxed and in control.

It’s in their nature and how they behave

They’re not doing this to make you angry or just for the sake of it

That is why when a new baby arrives in the household you can imagine the changes in the house

Let’s go into more detail about Cat peeing on your baby’s things

Why Is My Cat Peeing On My Baby’s Things?

A new baby is a really big change in the environment.

Suddenly there are new items, new rules, and everyone is acting differently.

You may find that your cat is stressed even before your baby arrives, because there are new baby items appearing in the environment and your behaviour may be changing, especially towards your cat.

Cats are very sensitive and intuitive creatures, and they can sense when humans are stressed too.

If you find that your cat is peeing on your baby’s things it could be that he is trying to get your attention, or attempting to involve himself in what is going on.

He does this by peeing and spreading his scent amongst the new baby items, as if to say – don’t forget about me!

The unwanted peeing could also be your cat’s way of claiming territory back by covering up the scent of the new baby with his own.

I know it’s hard to deal with this situation but your Cat just wants the love and attention again

It’s a bit like when a little toddler has a new baby brother or sister

Just like that your Cat is the older sibling and now all the attention is going to a new baby and not your Cat

And Cat’s can’t talk right?

So they communicate by spraying and peeing on those new things

Okay so we know why your Cat is peeing on all these baby items

So how can I get rid of this awful smell

Because the smell of Cat urine is not something you want your house to smell like

Especially if it’s your baby’s clothes or furniture!

Carry on reading to find out how to remove the smell of Cat pee

How Can I Get The Smell Of Cat Pee Out?

The smell of cat pee is very strong and offensive.

It can be extremely stubborn and difficult to get rid of, especially if you are not sure of where your cat has peed.

And if you think the smell of Cat urine will go away by itself then you need to think again!

Because it won’t (unfortunately)

So the first thing you need to do is determine where your cat is peeing.

It may be on the baby items or in a corner of the baby’s room or doorway.

Next you need to clean the area or item thoroughly and neutralise the odour.

This is not only so that you don’t have to endure the smell, but also so that there is no remaining scent to draw your cat back to pee in the same spot over and over again.

You can buy specially formulated cleaning products and sprays from your pet shop that are designed to neutralise the odour of pet urine.

But you may also be able to find ingredients in your kitchen cupboard, which are just as effective and possibly cheaper.

Effective products include bleach and vinegars like white vinegar and apple cider vinegar.

You should dilute them with water at a ratio of 1:1.

And apply to the area liberally after cleaning thoroughly with soap and water.

Don’t worry, the smell of the vinegar scent will evaporate after it has dried.

This is one way

But to be honest I usually recommend you use products that actually are made to remove the smell of Cat urine

You can check out my article on how to remove Cat urine smell

If you want my recommendation on the best Cat urine odor remover then it has to be

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4. Removes the stain of urine!

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It’s a no brainer to be honest

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What Is The Best Enzyme Cleaner For Cat Urine

Okay so now we know how to get rid of Cat pee smell

Let’s look at how you can stop your Cat from peeing in the wrong places

How Can I Stop My Cat Peeing In The Wrong Places?

The best way to stop your cat from peeing on your baby’s things is to make sure that your cat does not have the opportunity to do so.

This may mean closing the door to the baby’s room and making sure that the cat has no access to your dirty laundry.

You should also ensure that your cat’s litter box is cleaned regularly to rule out the possibility that your cat is avoiding using it.

And aim to reduce stress in your cat’s life by giving him lots of love, attention and reassurance.

If your Cat does pee on other places and things then you should not shout at him or punish him

That will just make things much worse

And it will make your Cat scared of you (that’s not something any Cat parent would want)

It’ll also make your Cat more stressed which will lead to more accidents in different places in your house

You can get your cat neutered but this does not mean your cat will stop spraying completely

Here in this article I go into more depth – How to stop a cat from spraying after neutering 

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Wrapping It Up

If you want your Cat to stop peeing on your baby’s clothing then you should try and stop your Cat from getting into your baby’s room or your room by blocking it off

It’s important you still show the same love and affection to your Cat because your Cat may be peeing on your baby’s things because of stress and attention

Try to keep your Cats routine as normal and show him that he’s not forgotten

Your Cat is not doing anything wrong so it’s important you don’t shout or punish him

This will just make matters worse

It’s all about having patience with your Cat

This will go a long way

If you’re struggling to get your Cat to use the litter box even after all this or you just want a quick and easy solution then you should check out the guide I had recommended

Cat Spraying No More

This will make things easier for you

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