Do Cats Hate The Smell Of Vinegar – Find Out In This Article

In this article you’re going to learn if Cats hate the smell of vinegar

You’re going to discover how you can keep Cats away from certain areas

So if you want to stop your Cats from spraying or peeing in your house by stopping them from certain places then you’re in the right place

Let’s get started!

Do Cats Hate The Smell Of Vinegar?

There are no know scientific proven or anything that Cats hate the smell of Vinegar

But from doing research, diluting water with Vinegar can act as a repellent

Again, I can’t say this will work though

But what I would recommend is not to use Vineger

I mean, you don’t want your house to smell like vinegar right?

It has a strong smell and having your house smell like that is not something you would want

I get it,

You want your Cat to stop getting into certain areas because your little furball might be peeing there or doing his poop

But wouldn’t it be a better idea to find out why your Cat is peeing in certain areas

And then from there you can stop your Cat peeing in places

It’s more of a permenant solution to your Cat going into certain areas

Vinegar will just make your house stink

And how long will the smell of vinegar last?

Me personally, I would not want my house smelling like Vinegar

It just makes more sense to put a stop to this behavior rather than a temporary solution

A little bit of advise for Cat parents,

If your Cat is going to certain areas and peeing there then what you need to do is clean that area properly

You should use a product that has enzyme cleaners in them

That will remove the smell of Cat urine completely which reduces the chances of your Cat coming back to that very same spot

If you want to know which product to buy then you can check out my recommendation that I have written by clicking the link below

What is the best enzyme cleaner for Cat urine

Okay so what smell will repel Cats?

What Smell Will Repel Cats

There are 3 main smells that will repel your Cat

So if you don’t want your Cat coming into your closet or into a room then you can use these smells to stop them


Don’t throw away the orange peel after you have eaten them!

You see Citrus has a very strong scent and this smell will make it feel like an assault to your Cats sensitive nose (Not Literally lol)

You could try it and see how your Cat reacts

To be honest I have tried this and it does work to an extent!


Yep! That’s right, Cats hate the smell of mint

A small sniff of mint and your Cat will run away!

But I would not advise you to use this


Because they are toxic when ingested so yeah, you don’t want to be using that

Or if you do plan on using it just make sure it put away straight away!


Cinnamon is highly disliked by Cats too

These are the 3 most common smells that a Cat hates

Final Words

If you want your Cat to stop getting into certain areas then I think the best thing to do is try and block it off

Vinegar has a strong smell and that is not something you want your house smelling like

It’s best to figure out why your Cat may be peeing or pooping in other places other than the litter box

Vinegar won’t deter your Cat from peeing

Or if you want a temporary solution then you can use the 3 smells I have mentioned




Another thing is you could stop your cat from spraying

If you have got your cat neutered and is still spraying then check out my article

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