Do Cats Actually Use Cat Trees? – Find Out In This Article

In this article you’re going to learn if Cats actually use Cat trees

You’re going to learn everything about Cat trees and whether you should purchase one for your Cat

If you’re wondering to invest in a Cat tree but not 100% sure then you’re in the right place

Don’t buy a Cat tree until you’ve read this article

Let’s get started

Do Cats Actually Use Cat Trees?

Cats need entertainment

They’re predators so they need to use their natural instinct daily

Such as

Running after their prey

Jumping on things

Scratching stuff to sharpen their claws

Playing with dangly toys

You get the idea

But the problem is

We buy them all sorts of toys and they’re more interested in the box then the toy!

It can become a expensive flop especially if you’re buying something like a Cat tree

They don’t come cheap

So the question is

Do Cats actually use Cat trees?

Or is it just going to be situated in the corner of your house gathering dust?

And be a big expensive mistake?

I’ve got good news for you

Cats do use trees

And they love them too as a matter of a fact

It gives them entertainment so obviously they’re going to love playing on them

It’s a great way of keeping your Cat entertained

Especially if you’re away for most part of the day

There are so many benefits for buying a Cat tree for your little feline friend

Let’s look at why Cat trees are good for Cats

Are Cat Trees Good For Cats

Cat trees are awesome and they’ll be loved by your Cat

They are very good for your Cat

So many benefits of a Cat tree

Your Furniture Is Safe

Pretty much all Cat trees have scratching posts attached to them

This is something your Cat will love to scratch to sharpen their claws

And when you see how much your Cat scratches that post you’ll be giving yourself a pat on the back for investing in a Cat tree


Ask those Cat parents who have problems with their Cat scratching up their EXPENSIVE furniture and Couch

You will save yourself a lot of money!

How Do You Get Your Cat To Use The Cat Tree

Has this scenario ever happened to you?

You buy this awesome toy for your Cat

It’s got all the features and you’re thinking “My Cat will love this”

You’re all excited to give it to your little furball

Only for your Cat to not play with it at all!

He has no interest

So you’ve invested money in this toy only for your Cat to not even look at it!

Which is why you’re thinking twice if you should buy a Cat Tree

Because you’re worried your little furball won’t use it or might even be scared of it!

Let me be tell you this won’t be the case

Your Cat will use the tree

Here’s how you can get your Cat to use the Cat tree

Before even purchasing a Cat tree you need to buy the right one

So what makes a perfect Cat Tree?

A few things to look at

Does it have a scratching surface? – You’d want your Cat to sharpen his claws on a scratching post and not your furniture!

Is It Tall? – Cats love heights so the taller the tree the better. Height gives your Cat a good view of their territory and makes them feel safe and secure

Does it have multiple platforms? – The more platforms the Tree has the better. Your Cat has a variety of things to do on the Tree. That is if you have the space to purchase a large Cat tree with multiple levels

Scratching Post Materials – Cats prefer different material whether that is carpet, wood, sisal or corrugated carboard. Buying a Cat tree that is covered with the material that your Cat loves will make it easier for your Cat to use the Cat tree

Please To Meet You

Some Cats will use the Cat tree automatically but other Cats may need some encorougement

Introducing your Cat to the Tree properly will help in the future

You can introduce your Cat by using treats, cat nip or toys to get them onto the Cat tree

If your Cat loves treats like how my Cat does (He loves them and will do anything to get to them lol) then you can put them on different platforms on the Cat tree. This will get your Cat to climb the tree to get his treat

You should then give your Cat lots of praise and positive encouragement whenever he’s on the tree

This will make your Cat use the tree in no time!

Where Should You Put a Cat Tree

You should put the Cat tree in a place where your Cat frequents

If you have a small apartment it can be a bit tricky but lucky for you I have an article on the best Cat tree to buy for a small apartment

Placing the Cat tree where your Cat loves to chill will make it easier for your Cat to get used to using it

Naturally, they’ll be curious and will want to climb and explore

Are Cat Trees Dangerous

Cat trees are not dangerous

You just have to make sure you purchase the correct one with a sturdy base

I understand the worry of it tumbling over because your Cats will be jumping on them

But you have nothing to worry about

Many Cat parents have Cat trees in their house and it hasn’t been a problem

Wrapping It Up

Cats love Cat trees and they do actually use it

Some Cats may need more encouragment than others but rest assured they do eventually use it

It’s a great way to provide entertainment for your Cat especially if you’re not at home due to work

Your Cat will get the exercise too with a Cat tree

If you want to save money on new furniture because your Cat is scratching everything up then you deffo need a Cat tree

Trust me, you’ll save money because your Cat will use the scratching post on the Cat tree instead of your expensive furniture

I hope you’ve got your answer if Cats actually use Cat trees in this article


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