How Often Should I Wash My Cat’s Litter Box

In this post you’re going to learn how often you should wash your Cats litter box

So if you want to learn the best way to keep your Cat using the litter box then you’re going to love this article

Let’s dive right in..

Cleaning a litter box can be a difficult chore

I know what’s it like

It’s not the best thing to do for your Cat

It’s tiring coming home from a hard days work and knowing you have to clean the litter box before you can lift your feet up and relax

But it’s important to know how a clean litter box will keep your Cat happy and will encourage your Cat to use the litter box

Just ask those Cat parents who are dealing with their Cats not using the litter box

It can become a big problem

Think about it

You wouldn’t want to use  a washroom that is filthy and dirty

Your Cat is the same (They’re even more cleaner than us!)

They would not find it appealing to use a litter box that is not cleaned regularly

And if this happens

Be prepared to find puddle of urine and Cat poop all over the house!

So the question is

How often should you wash your Cats litter box

How Often Should I Wash My Cat’s Litter Box

You should be cleaning your Cats litter box twice a day

This will make sure it’s cleaned and ready to use for your Cat

If you can’t or don’t have the time to clean it twice a day then you should clean it once a day

When I say clean it I mean to take out feces and areas where your Cat has peed

You don’t have to clean the actual litter box (more on  that later on)

You could try to do this once in the morning and once during the night

It would be a good idea if you add more litter a few days later just to make sure there’s enough litter for your kitty

When You Should Clean The Actual Litter Box

Give the litter box a quick rinse and clean either weekly or biweekly

Take out all the litter and give that liter box a nice rinse

Make sure it’s dried completely before you add litter again

Generally you should add litter to around 2 to 3 inches deep

But all Cats are different and you know how much litter your little furball loves

When You Should Give The Litter Box An Actual Clean

You must be thinking

“How many times do I need to clean this litter box!”

Think of it like this

Your Cats worth it and something that’s worth having requires work I guess 😛 (if that make sense)


Every month would be a good practice to clean the litter box completely

Remove all the litter and empty it completely

Then give it a good scrub and clean

You should use a sponge and a dish detergent to clean the litter box

If you could, try to use a unscented dish detergent

Again, make sure the litter box is completely dry before adding new litter

Where should you clean the litter box?

The best place would be in the outdoors so maybe your back garden

If that’s not possible then the laundry sink would be ideal too

I have a bathtub at home

If you do use your bathtub to clean the litter box then you’ll need to clean the bathtub after litter box cleaning

When To Buy a New Litter Box

It’s impossible that the litter box will last forever (obviously)

So when should you change litter box?

You should buy a new Litter box every year

I mean all that using the litter box, it’s going to smell of urine and poo no matter how good the litter box is

It’s best to just buy a brand new one every year

Final Words

Cleaning a litter box can be a difficult chore

But it’s important that us Cat parents do this

At least once a day

It’s vital that a Cat has a clean and fresh litter box to use

Cats are very clean animals and they would expect a clean litter box (After all we are there slave!)

We humans would not want to use a washroom that is filthy so the same goes for your Cat

It is hard work I know that but our Cats deserve the best

Remember, if a Litter box is not clean then your Cat won’t use it

And if your Cat won’t use the litter box then they’ll do their business elsewhere

Like on your bathroom rug!

Or everywhere in the house

You know how bad Cat urine can smell and I’m sure you don’t want your house smelling like that!

If you look after your Cats needs then they will love us for that right?




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