Why Is My Cat Peeing On Plastic Bags – And How You Can Stop This

If you’re wondering why is my Cat peeing on plastic bags then you’ve come to the right place

Here’s why

In this article you’re going to learn why your little feline friend loves peeing on plastic bags

You’ll discover how you can stop this and get them to pee IN the litter box

Sound good?

Let’s get started!

Why Is My Cat Peeing On Plastic Bags

Cats are pretty awesome right

I mean they sometimes do the weirdest things

And one example is peeing on plastic bags

It can be funny (Sometimes!) until it gets to a point where your Cat has just stopped using the litter box completely and looks for every opportunity to pee in a plastic bag!

So whys is your Cat peeing on plastic bags?

To be honest it’s because they love to pee on plastic!

It’s not that ALL Cats like to pee on plastic bags but you can say it’s a Cat thing

And your Cat is peeing on plastic bags makes it that he loves it! (If that makes sense!)

In fact they love to lay in plastic bags too! 

But that may not be the only reason

There could be a number of possibilities why your Cat is not using the litter box and peeing on plastic bags

It’s important we go through them just to be on the safe side

And the first possible reason could be medical

Medical Reason

As soon as you start to see your Cat avoiding the litter box it’s important you take your little furball to the vets


Because a Cat won’t just stop using the litter box for no reason

One of the common reasons is UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)

You’ll only know by getting your Cat checked up at the Vets

It’s better to be safe than sorry right?

If your Cat is all good (I hope he is!) then you need to take a look at the litter box

Is The Litter Box Cleaned Regularly?

A Cat will avoid using the litter box if it’s dirty just as how we humans would not want to use a washroom that is not up to our standards

And Cats standards are very high lol

You should try to clean it twice a day and if that’s difficult then at least once a day

I know it can be hard especially if you’re busy and work full time

If that’s the case then you should invest in a automatic litter box

At least that way you know the litter box is cleaned regularly and it will stop this behavior

I have written a article on the best automatic litter box for large cats but it’s the same for normal size cats too

Best automatic cat litter box for large cats 

A fresh clean litter box will attract your Cat to use it

I have actually written an article on how to get your Cat to use the litter box

You can check it out by clicking the link below

Stop Cat peeing outside the litter box 

Another obvious way to get your Cat to stop peeing on plastic bags is to make sure none is lying around!

It may sound like common sense but it’s good to be reminded I guess

Make sure plastic bags are not on the floor and kept away so your Cat can’t get to them

This will literally stop the peeing on plastic bag business

If the pee does somehow go on the floor then it’s important you clean this up thoroughly otherwise your cat may go to that spot and pee there

I would recommend using Rocco & Roxie to remove the smell of cat urine

You can check out my review

Rocco & Roxie Review 

Final Words

When your Cat starts to pee other than the litter box it can become a frustrating problem!

Especially if you come home to puddle of urine on plastic bags!

But the reason your Cat is peeing on plastic bags is because they like them!

So the best thing to do is make sure there’s no plastic bags lying around in the house

Another important job you need to do is get your Cat checked out at the Vets to ensure nothing is wrong with your little feline friend medically

I would like to stress to ALL Cat parents to avoid shouting at your Cat or punishing them

This will make things worse and can cause your Cat to become stressed which leads to litter box avoidance

They’re not doing this to get your angry or for some sort of revenge

The key is having patience and treating your Cat with love and affection

If your cat is neutered and is still spraying and peeing on things then check out my article

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