How To Stop Your Cat From Spraying In The Same Spot

In this post you’re going to learn how to stop your Cat from spraying in the same spot

You’re going to learn how to put a complete stop to this behavior

So if you’re tired of your house smelling like Cat urine you’re going to love this article!

Let’s dive right in.

How To Stop Your Cat From Spraying In The Same Spot

Cats are extremely territorial animals, and spraying is a natural behavior that cats do to mark their territory and let other cats know where they have been.

Your may also spray due to other reasons such as stress, problems with the litter box or even due to a medical condition

More about all this later on..

Your Cat spraying can be a very unpleasant habit for you to deal with especially if your cat is continuously spraying inside of your home, as the smell is very strong and difficult to get rid of.

This can cause problems not just for you but to all your family members


Because the smell of Cat urine can really become frustrating (You should know how strong that smell is!)

It literally can engulf the whole house

The worst part?

It just doesn’t go away! No matter what you do the smell is always lingering around

It can become embarrassing when you have visitors over

And because of this constant spraying, it can cause your family members to become upset

Sometimes, there’s talk within the family of giving your Kitty away!

I know the feeling because my Cat would spray all over the house

It was frustrating and got to a point where family members were saying to give him away

I love my Cat and that was never going to happen!

But thankfully, my Cat has stopped spraying in the house

I will reveal how you can stop your Cat spraying too by following this simple guide so carry on reading..

That’s enough about me and my story with my Cat

Let’s look at why your Cat is marking his territory in the house so we can look for solutions to this problem

Is Your Cat Spraying Or Urinating?

It is important firstly to distinguish whether your cat is indeed spraying, or whether they are relieving themselves.

If you can catch your cat in the act it should be easy to tell which it is.

If your cat is spraying they will perform the act usually standing upright and spray small amounts onto vertical surfaces like walls or the sides of your couch or even the door! 

If your cat is urinating they will squat and release a lot more liquid onto a horizontal surface like the floor or on your bathroom rug

Sometimes you could even find a puddle on your beautiful expensive carpet!

If your cat is urinating there are a number of separate potential explanations for this behavior.

For example, the problem could be

Medical related

Social or stress related,

The Litter box

The Litter in the litter box

Location of the litter box

You can learn more about this by checking out my article by clicking the link below

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Why Do Cats Spray?

Spraying is your cat’s way of leaving scent in the environment in order to communicate with other cats or animals.

The reasons cats spray could be territorial or in response to feeling anxious or threatened.

If you have stray cats or neighbors’ cats coming into your garden it could be causing your cat to mark his territory by spraying near the back door, or marking windows and other entry points to the house.

This is a way of your Cat telling the other Cats to back off this is my territory!

The behavior may also arise due to a new pet being introduced the household or it may be cause by a conflict between two cats in the same house.

Generally anything that is potentially causing your cat stress could be the cause of unwanted spraying.

For example if you have rearranged furniture in the house, or if you have a visitor staying with you that the cat is not used to.

Cats are very routine animals and if that changes then this causes your Cat stress which leads to spraying

Did you know, if you’re stressed then your Cat can sensed that too

How Do You Stop A Cat From Spraying In The House?

It is important to consider that your cat is more likely to spray if he is an un-neutered male cat, as the marking behavior may be the result of hormones.

The best way to reduce the likelihood of your cat practicing this unwanted behavior inside of the house is to have him neutered before he reaches puberty.

This way he will not have had the opportunity to discover the activity, and by the time he is matured he will not have as strong a territorial urge due to reduced hormones.

You can also spay your cat if she is female.

But do remember this does not mean your Cat will stop spraying completely 

It just reduces the chances of your Cat spraying

If your cat is neutered and still spraying then check out my article

How to stop a cat from spraying after neutering 

Next you must determine if there is a conflict or stress factor that you can resolve for your cat that will cause them to cease spraying.

This may be as simple as increasing the number of litter boxes in a multi-cat household, or finding ways to discourage other people’s cats from entering your garden, or limiting your cat’s view of the garden.

Try to find out if your cat is being bullied or feels threatened.

If you notice Cats coming into your garden then try to scare them off

Another thing you could do as mentioned is restrict the view for your Cat – You can try to stop your Cat from looking out the window until you know Cats won’t be coming back again

You should also ensure that you clean the areas thoroughly and use products, which neutralize the odor so that your cat doesn’t keep going back to the same spots to leave his scent.

It’s very important that you clean the area as best as possible

Now what is the product out there?


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Best Product To Remove Cat Urine Smell 

Lastly, you can try making sure that your cat is receiving enough activity and mental stimulation throughout the day by providing him with toys and giving him plenty of attention.

I know it can be hard to keep them entertained

Especially if your Cat is a house Cat

You can check out my article where I go through how to keep your house Cat entertained indoors 

Fast & Easy Solution To Your Cat Spraying

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These are 2 guides which are worth checking out

Instead of searching all over the internet looking for different ways to stop your Cat from spraying

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Which guide would I recommend?

Well I purchased Cat Spraying No More so I personally would recommend that

But to be honest, both are good and they both do the same job

Teach you how to stop this spraying behavior


When your Cat keeps spraying on the same spot it’s a way of your Cat communicating with you or with other Cats

I would advise to get your Cat checked out at the vets to make sure everything is okay

If it’s all good then you need to look at why your Cat is spraying

What is causing this issue

In this article we have gone through different reasons why your Cat may be spraying

If you want a fast and easy solution then I would recommend you check out Cat Spraying No More

As soon as you purchase it, you get it through email straight away even it’s 3am!

No need to wait and you can start implementing what you learn in the guide

It’s important to resolve this issue as soon as possible because it can become a problem

You don’t want it to come to a point where you get pressured in giving your Cat away

Another thing I would like to mention is

Don’t ever shout or punish your Cat

This will make things even more worse and will actually make your Cat spray

Your Kitty may even become afraid of you

I know it can be really annoying and sometimes just want to make you tear your hair out!

But it’s natural for your Cat to behave like this and they’re not doing anything wrong in their eyes

It’s up to us Cat parents to look at the why and find the solution


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