Does Vinegar Deter Cats From Peeing? – Discover The Truth!

Does Vinegar deter Cat from peeing?

As a Cat parent we look for any solution that will stop our Cats from peeing in the house

I get it

I’m a Cat parent myself and when your Cat starts using your house as a litter box it can be a problem

No Cat parents wants their house to smell like Cat urine

It’s the worst smell!

The worst part?

The smell of Cat urine doesn’t go away on it’s own 

You try many different things to make the smell go away

Mop the area if it’s on hardwood floors

Or put the rug in the wash

Nothing seems to work

So instead of cleaning up Cat urine it would be better if we can just stop them from peeing in the house altogether

That’s why Cat parents tend to ask if Vinegar actually deters Cats from peeing

Which is why in this article you’ll learn if vinegar stops a Cat from peeing

I’ll also talk about possible reasons why your Cat may be peeing in the house and not using the litter box

You’ll also learn how you can get your Cat to use the litter box so you don’t need to worry about using this product or any other home remedies to stop your Cat from peeing

Sound good?

Let’s dive right in!

Does Vinegar Deter Cats From Peeing?


Using vinegar can stop your Cats from peeing in certain areas where you don’t want them to pee

Cats noses are very sharp and they hate the smell of Vinegar

So yes, it will stop them from peeing wherever you put the vinegar

There are ways to do this

But to be honest with you

Do you really want your house to smell like Vinegar?

I mean the smell of vinegar is very strong

So yes, your Cat will hate it but it’s not a smell that you will like right?

Cats are very clever

They’ll stop going to certain areas where you have put vinegar

But if they stop going to that area they’ll go to another place and start peeing there

So in reality you might need to make your whole house smell like Vinegar!

That’s not something you want

It’s not something I would want my house smelling like too

So now it’s sort of a dilemma

Do you let your Cat pee in the house and just keep cleaning it hoping the smell will go away or do you want your house to smell like Vinegar and not Cat urine anymore?

Me personally, I don’t want none of that!

I’d want my little furball to actually use the litter box and not the house as their place to do their business

I’m sure you want the same too

So the question is,

How can you stop your Cat from peeing in the house and start using the litter box?

Before we answer that I want to talk about what to do if your Cat peed in the house

If you have caught your Cat in action and see a puddle of urine or even if he has sprayed then you need to act immediately and clean the area up to such an extent that the smell of Cat urine goes away

And to do this, you need a product that has enzyme cleaners in them because this removes the smell of Cat urine

The Best Cat Urine Remover

Lucky for you I have done the research to find out exactly which Cat urine remover is the best to remove the smell

If I was to recommend one then I would recommend you buy Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator

Why this Cat urine remover?

It’s simple

It does the job

  1. Removes the stain of Cat Urine
  2. Destroys the ammonia found in Cat urine which means the smell of Cat urine gone completely!
  3. Safe to use around Pets and Children

Pretty straightforward

If this product can remove the smell of Cat urine completely, do you know what that means?

Your Cat won’t come back to the very same spot to pee again


Because the smell of Cat urine has gone

You see, when your Cat urinates and you clean it up with whatever product you have and that does not remove the smell of Cat urine

For you, it may seem that the smell has gone

But your Cat thinks otherwise

He can still smell the urine and that will make him go back to pee again in that very same spot!

That’s why you should have Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator at hand just in case your Cat has an accident (Which is normal)

The price is not too bad on Amazon (Oh and it’s the #1 Best Seller On Amazon)

Check out how cheap it is (You’ll be surprised!)

Check Price On Amazon

If you are not a fan of this product then you can check out my top 8 Cat urine removers by clicking the link below

Best Cleaner to Remove Cat Urine Smell – Top 8 To Buy In 2019

So now that you know what the best urine remover is

Let’s look at how you can actually get your Cat to use the litter box

How To Get Your Cat To Use The Litter Tray

The main thing is for us Cat parents is to make sure our Cat is using the litter box

That’s why you’re looking for solutions to stop your Cat peeing everywhere

And yes, vinegar can deter them from peeing

But for how long?

Wouldn’t it be better if your Kitty just used the litter box

So you don’t need to use all these home remedies

You don’t want your house smelling like Vinegar

Imagine having guests over and a certain corner in your house smells like Vinegar

It’s embarrassing

That’s why it’s better if you can train them or find out why they’re not using the litter box 

And when you’ve realized what’s causing this behavior you can then make arrangements

I have written many articles on how to get your Cat to use the litter box

Here’s one of them which you can check out by clicking the link below

Retraining a Cat To use The Litter Box 

If your’re really frustrated with your house smelling like Cat urine and you just want a FAST & EASY solution then I would recommend checking out this guide called

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It’s a very easy system you can follow

The best part?

It’s all in one place so you don’t have to go to all sorts of websites to find out why your Cat has stopped using the litter box

This can cause you to become overwhelmed which can lead to stress

You’d rather invest your money into this guide than spend money on finding home remedies

I actually bought Cat Spraying No More for the full price which is $37!

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>> Cat Spraying No More Review <<

In Conclusion

Vinegar can deter Cats from peeing but this doesn’t mean your Cat won’t pee elsewhere in the house

And I’m sure you won’t put vinegar EVERYWHERE in the house

Otherwise your house is going to stink of Vinegar

If you don’t want your Cat to pee in the house and use the litter box it’s important to first find out the reasons why your Cat is not using the litter box 

Once you understand the reason for this behavior you can then find the solution

If you want a quick and faster way then you should check out the guide I recommended

Cat Spraying No More 

This guide will make things easy for you

Putting vinegar in certain areas in the house is just a temporary solution

You want a permanent solution to this problem

If your cat is spraying even after you have neutered them then you should check out my article

How to stop a cat from spraying after neutering 


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