What is the best litter box for kittens? – The Best To Buy!

Providing your Kitten with a Litter box is just one of the most important essentials for your new Kitten

More importantly, getting the right Litter box that your Kitten will love and use

And when you are a new Cat parent you don’t usually think about the Litter box

When you look at them you probably just think that any box will be all good for your little furbaby

But that’s not the case!

Not all litter box are the same

They’re all different

And with Cats, they can be very picky about the litter box they use

Especially with kittens, you need to ensure you got the right litter box

Otherwise you may find puddles of urine on your beautiful Carpet

Or poo somewhere in the corner of your house (I talk from experience!)

To be honest, they have a right to have the perfect litter box right?

It needs to suit their needs

Think about it

We wouldn’t want to use a washroom that is very small and cramped right

Or every time you had to go to the washroom you need to climb over a wall or go through a maze! (Imagine how frustrating that would be if you were so in need of the washroom!)

It’s not something we would want to do every time we have to use the washroom especially in dire situations

And the same goes for your Kitten

Your Kitten shouldn’t have to work to use the Litter box

I know they are so many cool litter boxes out there and it can be confusing to know which litter box is the best for Kittens

Last thing you want is your Kitten to not use the litter box and cause you havoc in your house

This is something you want to avoid because it can become a problem (Not a very nice problem at all!)

Not just for you but family relations as well

It can cause a strain

I’m not trying to scare you

But emphasizing how important it is to get the right litter box

Now you got nothing to worry about because you’re in the right place to discover which litter box is the best for your little Kitty

By the end of this article

You will have an idea of what litter box is best for Kittens

Where to put the litter box

Should you move the litter box

You’ll pretty much know everything about the litter box and your kitten

So carry on reading…

What Is The Best Litter Box For Kittens?

The best Litter box for Kittens are open top and shallow that they can easily access

They should be easy to locate for your Kitten too

The Van Ness Small Litter Pan, Gray ,Assorted Colors is a great choice for your Kitten

It’s easy to get into and exit too

It’s open top so easy access for your Kitten

Something very simple

And a bonus for you the Cat parent is, it’s easy to clean too

Happy days!

It comes in different colors too

The size is just right too

14-3/8-inch by 10-3/4-inch by 4-inch.

It’s not too big and not too small

So it wont’ take too much space in your house or apartment

You wanna know what I love about this?

It’s a great price!

It’s very cheap and affordable

Check Price On Amazon

Can a Kitten Use a Top Entry Litter Box?

It’s awesome having a Kitten

They’re so full of energy and they’re just so much fun

Just as how much fun they are, it does require work looking after them

And one of the main essentials is getting the right litter box for your Kitten

If you get the wrong one then good luck!

Because it can cause your Kitten to pee and poop everywhere

I’m not trying to scare you

But this is the case

So now the question is

Can a kitten use a top entry litter box?

To be honest with you

It all depends on your Kitten

Can your little Kitty jump on top of the Litter box to use it?

I personally think it’s best you get a Litter box that is easily accessible for your Kitten

Especially at the beginning stages

This will make it easier to train your Kitten to use the litter box

And it just makes things easier too for your Kitty

Once your Kitten gets older you can then start to think about a top entry Litter box

But for now, I would recommend choosing a simple and easy to use

Do Kittens Need a Smaller Litter Box?

It’s best to get a traditional litter box that’s a regular size

Just how I mentioned earlier in the article you want to get a litter box that is big enough for your Kitten to use

The main thing is to make sure the litter box is comfortable for your Kitten

It’s something that will appeal to your little furbaby

That is why the one I have recommended is the perfect one to start off with your Kitten

You can check it out on Amazon by Clicking here

What Is The Best Place For a Cat Litter Box

At the start for Kittens, you would want to place the litter box in a place where it’s easy for your Kitten to find and accessible

It would be better to keep your Kitten close to the litter box throughout their Kitten phase

Try to avoid putting the Litter box near the laundry area because your Kitten may develop bad habits by using the pile of laundry as their Litter box! Something you would want to avoid!

What would be good is if you could keep your Kitten in a room with the litter box so she can get used to it. It’s easily accessible for them too so it just makes it easy

If you have a large room then it would be a good idea to have multiple boxes

Speaking of multiple boxes, you should have 2 litter boxes per Cat

Is It OK To Move a Cat’s Litter Box?

It’s best you try to avoid moving the Litter box

Cats love routine and if you start making changes this can upset your Kitten which can lead to stress

And when Cats get stressed they will avoid using the Litter box and pee elsewhere!

That’s not something you would want to deal with

Another thing to mention is if you have moved houses or moved into a apartment then obviously you will have to move the litter box

If this is the case then I would recommend checking out my article on how to retrain your Cat to use the litter box after moving houses. Click the link below

Cat Not Using Litter Box After Moving 

If you have moved into an apartment or you live in a apartment which is small and you’re wondering where to put the Cat litter box then I have a article that talks about where to put the litter box

You can check this out by clicking the link below

Where to put Cat litter box in a Small apartment 

How Often Should You Change Your Kitten Litter Box?

Ideally you should change it twice a day

If this is not possible then once a day

The litter box needs to be fresh and clean for your Kitten

If it’s dirty then your Kitten will not use it and pee everywhere!

Think about it – we would not want to use a washroom that is filthy

Your Kitten is the same too right? They wouldn’t want to use a litter box that is dirty

Wrapping It Up

The best litter box for Kittens is a easy and simple to use one

You don’t have to go out all fancy and buy the best and most expensive one out there

Yes, we do want the best for our furbabies but sometimes simplicity is actually the best

As long as the litter tray is easy to use and accessible then that would be ideal for your little feline friend

Maybe when your Kitten grows up you can invest in a better litter box that is more “advanced”

Sometimes your Kitten may not use the litter box (I hope not) and if this happens then you should clean the area thoroughly with a Cat urine odor remover that has enzyme cleaners in them which is why I would recommend checking out Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator

This will remove the urine smell completely which will stop your Kitten from peeing there again

It will also remove the stain of urine too

Also it’s important to remember, Kittens will have accidents, it’s natural

The important thing to remember is not get angry or shout at them

This will just make things worse

It does take some patience and understanding

Ultimately, getting the right litter box for your kitten will help




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