New Baby, Cat Peeing Everywhere! – Here’s Why & How You Can Stop This!

In this article you’re going to learn about why your Cat is starting to pee everywhere after the birth of your baby

You’re going to learn about how you can get your Cat used to the new arrival in your family (Your baby)

You’ll also learn if Cat urine is harmful to your newborn baby

There’s lots to cover

I’ll also reveal this awesome step by step guide that can help you stop your Cat peeing everywhere permanently 

Let’s get started

New Baby Cat Peeing Everywhere! – Here’s Why

Congratulations on the birth of your new baby!

That’s some great news

For you yes,

Unfortunately for your Cat it may be bad news

Which is the reason your Cat is peeing everywhere in the house!

And I understand it’s driving your insane

Because you’re looking after your baby but then your Cat is giving you more work to do

It’s frustrating!

I think the first thing we need to look at is how you can help your Cat get used to the baby

It’s still not late to prepare your little furball to the idea of having a baby in the house

How do I prepare my cat for a baby?

Here’s 6 steps you can follow to prepare your Cat for a new baby

1. Keep a consistent schedule

When a new baby arrives things can get out of hand! Especially your schedule

Trust me, I remember when my little girl was born, everything went pear shaped

My sleep was gone that was for sure lol! (She’s 2 years old now, time flies!)

So now the problem is, your Cat loves routine (Cats are very routine animals)

Try to sort out a schedule for your Cat

For example, playing, eating, cleaning the litter box

It might be easier for you to get an automatic feeder as this could make life a little easier for you

Try getting family members to help too

You could create a list where family members could see it

2. Introduce Sounds, Sights and Smell Slowly To Your Cat

When a new family member shows up then this can cause your Cat to become scared and feel overwhelmed

It would be a good idea to get your Cat used to what to expect before baby arrives

But if your baby has already arrived then it’s still not too late!

You could try keep them distance for the time being and play sounds of baby crying slowly and then you can gradually increase it till you get to a realistic level. This will help prepare your Cat

Place your newborn baby’s toys around your Cat so he/she can get used to their presence. of new toys etc

Grab some of your baby’s blanket and let your Cat smell it so she’s used to the smell.

Don’t worry if your Cat sprays the clothing, it’s just a way of them marking their territory

This way, it will make it less foreign for them when your Cat sees the baby

3Avoid Showing Too Much Attention To Your Cat 

You must be wondering, “Isn’t it a good thing showing your Cat affection?”

But what tends to happen is, before the baby arrives, so much attention is directed towards the Cat with a good intention because the parents know that the baby will get the most attention when they come into the family

This can have a negative effect because when you’re giving your Cat all that attention, they would then expect that level of attention all the time and when it suddenly stops, your Cats behavior will change and will pee everywhere when she sees the baby now getting all the attention

Don’t get me wrong, you should show your Cat attention all the time but it may be a very good idea to provide your Kitty with some independent toys before the baby has arrived or even when the baby has arrived

Don’t forget to carry on giving your little furball snuggles and cuddles!

Also, do set some time to play one and one with your Cat too

4. Let Your Cat Explore The Baby Room 

You should allow your Cat to explore your baby’s room so she can become familiar with all the baby stuff

If you want, you can also place a Cat tree there for a little while because this will make her feel at home in this new baby room

Avoid letting your Cat use the baby crib or sleep in there because if your Cat snuggles too close to the baby mouth this can be dangerous.

Also, your Cat may urinate in the crib so you might want to grab a crib tent which will prevent your Kitty from climbing inside the crib

5. Resolve Any Behavior Issues 

If your Cat has some bad behavior problems, it would be a good idea to try and sort this out before your baby arrives

If your baby has already arrived then you’ll need to sort out a schedule and address this behavioral issue

6. Provide Tall Cat Trees For Your Cat 

With all the manic and hectic baby activities, your Cat would appreciate to escape from all this especially from those small hands that will want to pull your Cats tail!

Providing your Cat with a Cat tree or even a perch will help your Cat get away from all this chaos but at the same time be in the same room as his slaves (you!)

Cats love high spaces and this will give him a great view of her territory

These are 6 cool ways to get your Cat prepared for a baby

If your baby has already arrived and you’re noticing that your Cat is peeing on baby’s things then here’s the reason why

Why Does My Cat Pee On My Baby’s Things?

Cats are territorial animals

And when they feel threatened, they mark their territory by peeing on things

It actually be that your Cat is spraying as this is their way of marking their territory

Because all the belongings of your new born baby is all new, your Cat is marking them to make them hers

It’s their way of saying this is mine

If your cat has been neutered and is still spraying then you should check out my article

How to stop a cat from spraying after neutering 

Yes, Cats can get jealous

And especially when a new baby arrives in the family then the attention will go to the baby which can make your Cat jealous

The best thing to do is try to give your Cat the same very attention you did before the baby come

It can be hard but it can be done too!

Another thing is, if your Cat has peed on your baby’s items then it’s a good idea of getting them washed immediately! (Of course)

Can Cat Urine Hurt My Baby?

Cat urine has ammonia which is highly concentrated

Being exposed to Cat urine for a long period can cause serious health issues

The best thing to do is to make sure you clean the Cat pee as soon as possible

I know people say to use vinegar or baking soda but I believe you need to use those products that are designed to actually eliminate the odor completely

Those products have enzymatic cleaners in them

I actually have written a article on what is the best Cat urine odor remover

You can check it out by clicking here 

If you catch your Cat peeing other than the litter box than make sure it’s cleaned up thoroughly straight away

Wrapping It Up

If your Cat has started peeing everywhere after the introduction of a new baby then most likely you have unfortunately done this wrong!

But it’s not too late as you can still get your little kitty used to your newborn baby

It may take some work and time but surely your Cat will accept your baby as one of her own

I’ve mentioned in the article on how you can get your Cat prepared and if you follow these steps then for sure your Cat will stop peeing everywhere or on your baby’s stuff out of jealousy or marking their territory

If you feel like this behavior is not stopping and your just continuous to pee everywhere then you need to look deeper into this problem

It can be frustrating and challenging too – especially with a newborn baby in the house

That is why I recommend you check out Cat Spraying No More 

This is a guide that will guarantee help you in going to the root of the problem and actually solving it too

I know you don’t have time to do research for this and that

It’s best to have something all in one right? Like this guide

All you have to do is follow the step by step system

And trust me, anyone can follow it

And the best part?

It’s worked for many Cat parents!

You can check out my in depth review of Cat Spraying No More and see if this can help you (I’m sure it will)

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I believe it’s best to follow a step by step guide rather than looking for answers because it can become overwhelming and that’s the last thing you want with a Newborn baby




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