Advantage ii For Cats Reviews – The Best Flea Treatment For Large Cats!

Want to know what is the best flea treatments for Large Cats?

 Advantage II is the best flea treatments for large Cats!

In short: If you want your Cat to have a life that is free of fleas then you’ll love my Advantage ii For Cats Review

Carry on reading to find out what’s so great about Advantage ii and why every Cat parent should keep this in stock!

When a Cat starts to over-groom it’s a sign that your Cat may be infested with fleas

And that is not good for your Cats

The effects of fleas on Cats can even be deadly if it’s not dealt with immediately

Did You Know?
– Your Cats skin can become red and irritated due to fleas

– Unattended wound can become infected

– Bald patches can appear on your Cat due to your Cat pulling out lumps of hair

– Flea treatments can prevent fleas and also break the flea cycle

This is why you need to get the best possible by treatments

In this article you will find out why Advantage ii By Bayer is the best flea treatment for larger Cats

How to use the treatment

You’ll also learn what are the pros and cons of this flea medication

First what is Advantage ii?

Why Advantage 2 for Cats over other treatments?

Is it really the best flea medication for cats that are large?

What Is Advantage II By Bayer?

Advantage ii for large cats

Purchasing a good anti-flea medication is a good investment.

Advantage II by Bayer is an extraordinary anti-flea topical ointment that can get rid of existing fleas, flea larvae and even the eggs.

All traces of fleas can be wiped out with a couple of uses.

This purple pack Advantage is exceptionally defined for large cats weighing over 9lbs.

The item dispatches a 3-pronged assault by at the same time crushing grown-up insects, hatchlings, and eggs.

No matter what cycle the flea is in, the medicine will kill it instantly.

Standing active guard long after use to ensure long-term prevention.

Why Is It Considered The Best Flea Treatment For Large Cats

Cat owners agree that anti-flea products are really expensive.

So, nobody wants to pay big dollars and get the product that isn’t worth the money.

Bayer’s Advantage II is one of the best anti-flea products on the market that provide you great value for money.

It’s a quick-action product that fights fleas, larvae, eggs and fleas as well as treat skin problems caused by fleas.

Advantage II doesn’t have any sort of harmful contents that could be found in other anti-flea products.

While choosing an anti-flea product, keep in mind that your cat will roam around with the medicine on it and it’s absolutely natural if you can’t follow your cat around 24/7.

Even if he gets himself in water, the medicine will not wash away.

This is a huge plus point for you since many anti-flea products found in the market are not waterproof.

Most of the anti-flea product makers don’t usually update their formulas on a regular basis.

As a result, the products lose their capability after a while.

But Bayer understands the importance of your issue and updates their formulas regularly.

Advantage II is highly recommended by veterinarians and provides fast-relief within 12 hours.

To fully eradicate the flea issue, the formula needs around four weeks.

Maintaining a regular routine of application of the ointment gives you the best and most satisfying service available.

Advantage II is produced by Bayer is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world and have excellent ratings and have highly positive reviews from customers.

How to Use Advantage II Flea Control? – It’s Real Simple!

The liquid product comes in a sealed tube that is easy to apply on large cats.

The combination of advanced formula and effective chemical ingredients gives it immense power to provide an active shield against any possible parasitic invasion.

Imidacloprid and Pyriproxyfen are two of its major chemical components which have been used largely to prevent parasites for a long time and have been proved most effective in a lot of medical studies.

The package has six tubes which means you can use it for six months straight to prevent fleas.

If you are concerned about the ingredients irritating your cat’s skin, since there are many cats out there with sensitive skin, it is advised to test a little amount of the ointment on a small portion of skin and check for any signs of irritation.

Here’s a video on how to apply a spot on treatment

Pros And Cons Of Advantage ii For Cats


  • Shows effective results within 12 hours.
  • Completely waterproof
  • Easy to use
  • Ingredients will never get into felines’ bloodstream.


  • A bit pricey than other available anti-flea products because of its advanced formula.
  • Although the product rarely has any side effects, but there have been minor reports of skin irritation and signs of discomfort.

As you can see the pros shows you it’s a really good flea preventative for your cat

The best thing about this flea product?

It’s easy to use

Advantage ii Price: Great Bargain! Cheaper Than The Vets – Here’s How You Can Get Yours!

It’s crazy how this amazing Cat flea treatment has been significantly reduced

It’s actually cheaper than the Vets!

To be honest, I have no idea how long this offer is going to run for so you might want to quickly take advantage of this offer before the price goes back to normal! 

What so great about this product is it will prevent infestations of fleas on your Cats!

So you won’t have to worry about buying flea treatments again!

It’s a no brainer investment


We don’t want to see our little furball go through any hardship and trust me, fleas can make your Cats life hard!

Let’s help our Cats become free of fleas!

Check Latest Price

Here are some frequently asked questions by Cat parents

All about Cat Fleas

Did you know, on average a flea can bite up to 400 times before it’s been killed?

It might be hard for you to accept that your squeaky clean kitty cat might be infected with parasites, especially since they are phenomenal groomers.

Cat fleas can turn your joyful cat into a distressed feline and make its life miserable.

They are not only harmful to cats but also to humans too.

Cat fleas usually cluster around the places where your cat spends most of the time, for example, the pet bed, floor mats, etc.

Fleas flourish in warm, damp conditions which implies pre-fall is the pinnacle season for flea infestation.

Although focal warming in winter implies you’ll have to debug your cat consistently.

Fleas don’t just result in annoyance but they can also prompt medical problems as well.

Utilizing great, quality anti-flea products implies that you are taking early steps to prevent a hazardous situation before it befalls your cat.

But anti-flea items don’t come as one-measure fits-all, and they ought to be marked as safe for felines.

How to Prevent Cat Fleas?

Cats frequently contract fleas from other pets or while they are out on the patio.

Insects can cause skin irritation and bearers of some of the most perilous pathogens.

The clearest signs that your cat has fleas are constant scratching and over-grooming.

If your feline builds up a flea allergy, they may sport scabs and red sores on their skin.

If you’re thinking consistently grooming your cat will eliminate these nasty parasites, you are wrong.

However, it will at least give you an opportunity to check their body for any indications of these undesirable guests, with the goal that you can start an early treatment and save yourself some money and your cat some pain before it becomes a bigger issue.

There is no guaranteed method that will help prevent fleas in your cat except for a brilliant anti-flea product.

While choosing anti-flea products, you might pick the one which is not too pricey, hoping it would just do the work. But this should not be our mindset.

There are various types of products that work on different levels.

Some medicines will just kill the fleas that are present currently, but some excellent products get rid of the fleas immediately and also will prevent further flea invasions.

Larger cats need a more strict flea control since by the definition of their size itself, they are more vulnerable.

Prevent Fleas In Your Home

If your Cat has no fleas (Great!) then it’s still important to make sure your house stays flea free

You don’t know when or how fleas can come into your house

You can’t even see them so you just to have to make sure your home is flea proof

How do you do that?

It’s simple

Spray your house with anti flea spray

I would recommend checking out Knockout Area Treatment By Vibrac 

This spray kills fleas and ticks in your home and keeps your home from any flea infestation for up to 4 months

It’s recommended by Veterinarian and is safe and effective

This is very important for all Cat parents because if your Cat has fleas then at least your house is safe from any flea infestation

And if your Cat does have fleas, then this spray will ensure it does not happen again!

Concluding Remarks

Dealing with fleas and other parasites are part of raising a Cat

If your Cat is an outdoor Cat then there’s a very high chance he will catch fleas

Even an indoor Cat may catch fleas

It’s normal

But what’s important is how you deal with this and how quick you deal with it too


There’s lots of mainstream products around, it might seem quite difficult to choose one that is actually as effective as it claims.

You want the best for your Cat right? I mean we all do, they’re our little furball friends

Try to put yourself in your cats “paws”

Imagine if you went to a hot country where there are mosquitoes

And they kept biting you continuously

It would be very irritable


You’d try all you can to repel them

I speak from experience

When I went India, my god! So many mosquitoes

There was this one night where they kept biting me

All through the night!

If I remember correctly – I didn’t have any medication or mosquito repellent

So through the night I was constantly scratching myself

It was a tough night

Now imagine your furbaby

Fleas constantly bite them

Throughout the day

It can become really frustrating for them

They can’t talk to tell you to get them a flea treatment

Which is why it’s up to us Cat parents

You can’t waste too much time figuring out the best Cat flea treatment

Because cat fleas need to be dealt with quickly and to do so, you need to choose the product that not only will kill the fleas but also will stop them from infesting your cat again.

So, if you’ve got a large cat weighing more than 9lbs, Advantage II by Bayer is the best available option for you that will keep your cat healthy, happy and most importantly pest-free!

If you have any questions then let me know in the comments!

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