Cat Not Using Litter Box After Moving – (Try These Awesome Tips Instead)

Get your Cat to use the Litter box using the methods shown to you in this article

The best part?

They’re so easy to follow, any Cat parents can follow this and get their Cat to use the Litter box again!

In short: If you want your Cat to use the Litter box again, you’ll love this article

Let’s get started

Moving houses can be a stressful time!


And this is the case for you and your little feline friend

That’s right, moving can cause stress to your Cat and this results in your Cat avoiding the Litter box

But you got nothing to worry about,

This litter box avoidance is only short term, it’s a phase that will pass by

It can be done a lot more quicker by helping your Cat to use the litter box again

How do you do that?

Let me tell you

How To Get Your Cat To Use The Litter Box In a New Home

What you need to understand is, your Cat is stressed

Your Cats routine has been changed

It’s a whole new world for them

So the first thing you need to focus on is keeping your Cat stress free

It’s very simple

Make Your Cat Feel Secure And Safe

Show your Cat extra love and affection

Make your Cat feel more secure by giving her more attention

You can reassure your Cat by telling her everything is going to be fine and there’s nothing to worry about

Your Cat needs you at this time so make sure you’re there for them

These comforting words and affection will go a long way to make your Cat feel more at home

Try to be home with your Cat and spend some quality time

Play with your Cat

Stroke and pet your Cat

Be around her and show her that you’re there for her

This will make your Cat feel safe

If you want to learn more on how to deal with a Cat that is stressed then you can check out my article

How To Calm a Stressed Cat down 

Use Old Litter Box

If you haven’t thrown away the old Litter box, then make sure you use this same one

This will make it easier for your Cat to adjust to her new surroundings because the scent of the old hose or apartment will be familiar for her which will incline your Cat to use the Litter box

If you have thrown the old Litter box out got a brand new one then I would suggest you place some old towels or clothes near the litter box

The familiar scent on the old clothes or towels will be familiar to your Kitty which will reassure her she can use the Litter box as it’s safe

Gradually Introduce Your Cat To The House

If you’ve just moved in then you can still probably follow this method

Moving to a new house can be very stressful for your Cat

You need to take things slowly with your Cat

What I mean by this is, slowly introduce your Cat to the new home

Make one room of the house for your Cat (For the time being)

So make sure her litter box is there, food, water, bed and her favorite toys

Keep this room for your Cat only

Let her get used to the new smell of the house, the new sights of the house and the new sound of the house

This room is her safety net and it’ll help her feel secure in the meantime

Slowly start to introduce her to the rest of the house

This will hopefully stop any accidents with the Litter Box

Clean Up Urine Thoroughly

If your Cat has urinated somewhere other than the Litter box then it’s important to clean that area thoroughly

The reason being is, your Cat will just come back to the same spot and urinate again

You want to get a Urine remover that has enzyme cleaner in them as this will completely remove the urine smell

Check out the best product to remove cat urine smell

If your Cat keeps peeing on the same spot even though you’ve cleaned it up throughly then you should check out my article >> Stop a Cat from peeing on the same spot

Number Of Litter Boxes

Try adding more litter boxes especially in the places where your Cat is urinating

Your Cat should have 2 litter boxes,

One for urinating and other for poop

Catify Your New Home

Try to make your home suitable for your Cat so she feels comfortable

If you haven’t already got a Cat tree then you should buy one!

Your Cat will love you for it lol

This Cat Tree looks really awesome

New Age Pet Cat Climber – Espresso

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In Conclusion

Your Cat will use the litter box again that’s for sure

It’s just a phase they’re going through due to moving

It can take time so patience is key

Don’t shout at your Cat or punish them!

That will just make things worse

They’re stressed already and if you shout at them, they’re only going to get stressed more

Follow the tips in this article and I’m sure your Cat will be using the Litter box in no time!

And if you’re in a rush and want to follow a in depth system then be sure to check out Cat Spraying No More 

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