How To Stop a Cat From Marking It’s Territory – (No More Cat Urine Smell In The House!)

When your Cat starts marking it’s territory in your house, you know it’s going to be a difficult and expensive problem

It’s difficult because you have to figure out why your Cat is spraying all over the house

It’s expensive because of the Cat urine odor removers you need to buy and all other products that will help you stop this behavior

I know how you feel

No matter what you do or how thorough you clean the Urine drops (That’s if you could find it!) your Cat still sprays in the house!

It can become a real issue

Especially when your family start to say to get rid of your Cat! (That’ll never happen!)

Relationships start to become strained due to Spraying

It gets to a point where you think “Will this problem ever go away?”

It can get tiring when you’re continuously sniffing around to identify where your Cat has decided to mark his territory

And sometimes you have no choice but to keep your Cat locked in one room because of this behavior

You don’t let your Cat outdoors because it’s dangerous so you have no choice!

Let’s be honest Cat parents, this is not fair on your Cat right?

Your Cat deserves to roam around the house freely

But then again, you don’t want to come back from work and spend the next hour cleaning up Cat urine!

That is why in this article you’re going to learn how to stop a Cat from marking its territory

You’ll learn what is causing your Cat to spray

You’ll also learn how a proven step by step guide designed to help Cat parents stop their Cat spraying

I personally have got this guide and let me tell you it’s something all Cat parents need! 

More about that later on

Let’s first look at why your Cat is marking it’s territory all over your house!

Reasons Why Your Cat is Marking His Territory Inside Your House

Medical Issue

As soon as you realize your Cat is spraying in the house then you need to take your Cat to the Vets to make sure nothing is wrong with your Kitty

A Cat won’t just start spraying all of a sudden

There are many reasons, but this is the first thing you should do

You don’t want your Cat to be suffering and you’re trying all other different methods to stop your Cat spraying

The best thing to do is take your Cat to the vets just to ensure your Cat is healthy

If your cat is neutered and is still spraying then check out my article

How to stop a cat from spraying after neutering 



Stress is another cause for a Cat to spray and mark it’s territory

You see, when a Cat is stressed then marking their territory is your Cats way of dealing with this stress

What causes stress in Cats? 

  • Change of routine
  • Changes to environment such as redecorating or adding new furniture
  • New pet or baby in the house
  • Seeing another Cat in your area or Garden

If your Cat sees any other Cats coming into his area then he’s going to mark your house as his territory

It’s Cats way of communicating with each other

A bit like saying “Back Off! This is my territory”

If you do see other Cats coming into your Garden then try your best to scare them away so they don’t come back

You could also block your Cats view of the garden until you know for sure other Cats won’t be coming back again!

The Litter Box

Another reason why your Cat is spraying all over the house is because of the Litter Box

If the Litter box is not up to your Cats standards then this will result in your Cat spraying indoors

Here’s what you need to look out for regarding the Litter Box

  • Make sure it’s clean – Cats won’t use a Litter box that is filthy. Try cleaning it twice a day and if that’s not possible then at least once a day!
  • If you only have one Litter box for your Kitty then it’s time to buy one more. The general rule is for one Cat a Litter box plus one more, so basically 2 litter boxes for each Cat
  • Try and put the Litter Box in a location where your Cat has some privacy and feels safe too
  • Maybe the litter you’re using is not to your Cats liking. Try and experiment with other Litter. But do this gradually and you’ll see which Litter your Feline Friend prefers

Mating Behavior

This is more common with male Cats

A male Cat that is not neutered are most likely to spray and actually have more of a reason to do so because when a Cat is urine marking then it’s a way of a Male Cat to let the females know that he’s available!

Yep! It’s like a invitation to other Female Cats

You should try and get your Cat neutered as this will stop your Cat from spraying

This doesn’t mean your Cat will stop spraying completely!

It means your Cat will less likely to spray

So we have covered the possible reasons why your Cat is marking it’s territory

And we’ve also looked at how you can stop this behavior too

But what if I told you, there’s a quicker way 

Carry on reading to discover and quick and fast way to stop your Cat from spraying.. Permanently!

Quick And Fast Way To Stop Your Cat From Spraying

2 guides I would recommend you check out

Actually I would recommend these 2 guides to all Cat parents

And those 2 guides are

Cat Spraying No More

Cat Spray Stop

You must be wondering what’s so special about these 2 guides? The answer is in the title! Lol (You must have figured that out – It is quite obvious)

Let me give you a quick overview of what these guides are and how they will help you with this behavior

Cat Spraying No More – A Step By Step Proven System To Help Cat Parents With Spraying

Cat Spraying No More

I actually purchased this myself and paid the full price for this unfortunately 🙁 But hey! At least I know what it is about and can give you a honest review of it which by the way you can read by clicking here 

So what is Cat Spraying No More and how is this going to help you stop your Cat from spraying all over the house!

This is what you’ll discover in this awesome guide

  • Find out WHY your Cat is spraying all over the house and once you find out the reasons for this behavior it just makes it so much more easier to stop your Cat from spraying!
  • Herbal Repellent Mix – Sounds interesting right? Don’t worry it’s safe for your Cat and you can easily make this at home! This will stop your Cat from peeing and spraying in unwanted areas.. Forever!
  • Use your Cat’s own instinct to stop this behavior – You’ll learn how to do this
  • You’ll learn the most important rule that ALL Cat parents must follow when you set up your Cat’s litter box!
  • The creator of this guide will show you 3 real life examples that she used to stop this problem of her Cat spraying in the house and how you can do it too
  • Want your Cat to pee in the Litter box? You’ll be surprised at this weird trick that will make your Cat want to pee in the litter box! < How awesome is that?
  • There’s so much more other stuff you’ll learn in this guide

I was surprised at how in depth this guide is, it’s crazy deep!

But what surprised me was the FREE bonuses I got with this (I love FREE stuff!)

Here’s the FREE bonuses that came with this guide

  • Cat Training Bible – Discover how you can collar train your Cat, Holiday train (Take your Cat anywhere with you on holiday!) Prevent your Cat from fighting, Get your Cat to perform tricks too!
  • 101 Recipes For a Healthy Cat – This app shows you how you can prepare the tastiest meals that are healthy! Learn how you can cook a home meal for your Cat
  • The Cat Care Blueprint – This eBook has some great information on how you can keep your Cat healthy, happy such as how you can groom your Cat, providing them with the healthiest food, what you need to know about vaccinations!
  • Pet Medical Recorder Software – Keep track of your Cats important medical and treatment records with this pet medical recorder software! I love this software! With just a glance you’ll know your Cats general medical history, have your Vets contact details at hand, immunizations, health insurance details! All the important stuff all in one place.. Pretty neat right?

So you get quite a lot with this guide

And it only costs $37! Not bad at all 

But you wanna know what the best part is?

You can actually purchase this half price

I paid full price for this which I still believe is worth it

But there’s a special offer they have which is $10 OFF the original price

And on top of that there’s a $10 OFF Coupon Code!

That’s $20 OFF the original price (How lucky are you!)

>>Click here to get the $10 OFF Coupon Code<<

Oh, I forgot to mention, you’re covered with a 60 day money back guarantee

You have 2 months to decide if this guide is right for you and if it’s not then you get a full refund!

That’s what I call a guarantee!

So that’s what Cat Spraying No More is

A proven step by step system that you can follow to help with getting your Cat to stop spraying everywhere!

Now that other guide Cat Spray Stop

Cat Spray Stop – Use The TTS Method To Stop Your Cat From Spraying In Just 7 Days!

I have not bought this but I have done my research and this actually looks really interesting

Let me tell you what’s it about

What is this TTS Method and will my Cat stop spraying in 7 Days? 

Good question.

Will your Cat stop spraying in 7 days? I can’t guarantee that but the reviews say otherwise

To be honest, I love this TTS method and I find it really clever

TTS stands for Touch, Taste and Smell

You’re basically using your Cats instincts and senses to change your Cats behavior (Spraying)

It’s a real clever way to teach your Cat that spraying is wrong

I have actually gone into much detail about this method which you can read more about by clicking the link below

TTS Methods For Cats

This is also backed by a 60 Day money back guarantee

You can watch a video about Cat Spray Stop by clicking here 

Cat Spraying No More Vs Cat Spray Stop – Which Is The Best?

Look, both guides are awesome

But if I was to recommend one then it would be Cat Spraying No More 

The reason why is because I have purchased this myself and know what it’s all about

It’s a legit guide although the sales page might look a bit spammy

That is why I would recommend Cat Spraying No More

That does not mean Cat Spray Stop is not very good

There have been some awesome testimonials for Cat Spray Stop

Imagine if you could get your Cat to stop spraying in 7 Days using the TTS method?

That would be awesome right?

Both guides are there to help you as Cat parents to stop this spraying behavior

So now you have 2 choices

Choice 1 – You can try to stop your Cat from marking their territory in your house which makes your house smell like Cat urine. It can be done but you have no guarantees that you can stop this behavior. The worst part is, you’ll be spending money after money buying Cat urine removers, new Carpets and furniture. Have hope that your Cat will stop spraying

It’s not a really easy choice right? 

Choice 2 – You can stop this behavior by taking action now in checking out one of the two guides I have recommended. A easier option because you have a step by step system you can easily follow

The choice is entirely up to you.

Here’s some quick Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a Cat Stop Spraying If It’s Neutered?

Not completely

It does reduce the chance of your Cat spraying but it does not mean your Cat will stop spraying completely

It’s in their nature to spray so for them, they’re not doing anything wrong

Your Cat may stop spraying completely but this is not 100% guaranteed!

Medication To Stop Cat Spraying

There are no medication to stop a Cat from spraying as far as I’m aware of

Well, if your Cat is suffering from UTI or Kidney Stones (I hope this is not the case) then the Vet will advise you on that

Will My Cat Stop Spraying Completely

I can’t answer that but if you follow the step by step system from Cat Spraying No More then why not?

Or you can try the TTS method in Cat Spray Stop

I can’t say to you if your Cat will completely stop spraying as every Cat are different and the circumstance are different too


Stopping a Cat from marking their territory can become hard work but it can be done

You have to play detective mode and find out WHY your Cat is spraying

It can take time so patience is key here

Never shout at your Cat or punish them because this will just make matters worse

If you want a easy solution, something that you can follow easily and have all the information and advice on one place rather than going to different websites then I would really check out Cat Spraying No More 

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