Retraining a Cat To Use The Litter Box – Who Else Wants Their Cat To Use The Litter Box?

When your Cat stops using the litter box then it can become a really big problem

A expensive one too!

Urine puddles on your expensive carpet

Or finding poo on your bathroom rug!

Cleaning it up is hard work

It can be really annoying too and frustrating

I know how you feel

Relationship can become strained

Family members start to say to get give your Cat away!

It can become very stressful right?

Makes you wonder why your Cat has stopped using the Litter box all of a sudden

And now to get your Cat to use the litter tray again is no easy task

Not to worry because in this article you’re going to learn how you can retrain your Cat to use the Litter Box again

The first thing you need to look at is why your Cat has stopped using the Litter Box

What’s the cause for this

Then we’ll look at how you can actually retrain your Cat to use it again

Don’t worry it’s not difficult

It can be done!

Let’s dive right in!

Let’s go through some possible reasons why your Cat has stopped using the litter box

Reasons Why Your Cat Has Stopped Using The Litter Box

Medical Condition

I always say this in all my article…

If you see any sudden changes in regard to your Cat avoiding the Litter box all of a sudden then you need to take your Cat to the Vets as soon as possible

What happens is, if your Cat is suffering from some sort of infection or disease this can cause your Cat to stop using the Litter box

Some common medical condition Cats can suffer from are as follows

– Kidney Disease

– UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)

– Feline Interstitial Cystitis

That’s why it’s important to get your Cat checked out to make sure he’s okay medically

Problems With The Litter Box

If the litter box is not to your Cats liking then this will result in your Cat not using the Litter box

Here’s a few problems that can cause your Cat to stop using the Litter Box

Dirty Litter Box 

If the litter box is dirty then your Cat won’t use it. Simple as that.

You have to think of it this way, we wouldn’t want to use a washroom that has not been clean, similarly your Cat won’t use a litter box that hasn’t been clean

Try to clean the litter box at least twice a day and if you can’t do that then once a day

I know it can be hard work especially if you’ve just come back from work and just want to rest

But think about the trouble it’ll save you if your Cat peed elsewhere!

Not Enough Litter Boxes

You should have a extra litter box per Cat

Cats like to pee in one litter box and poo in another (Well some do so you can give this a try and see if that gets your Cat to use the Litter box again!)

Have a extra one for each Cat if you have a multiple Cat household

Too Small Litter Box 

Make sure the Litter box is the right size for your feline buddy

If it’s too small then your Kitty won’t bother using it!

Difficult Access To Litter Box

If the litter box is placed someplace real high and your Cat is a senior then it’ll be difficult for him to access it

Try and ensure your Cat has easy access to the Litter box and also a easy escape route too

The Litter box location is also a important one too which leads me to my next point

Litter Box Location 

Try putting the Litter box in a place where your Cat has some privacy (I’m sure your Cat wouldn’t mind a bit of privacy when he needs to relieve himself!)

Avoid placing the Litter box near things that make loud noises such as a washing machine or a dryer

This will scare your Cat every time he uses the Litter box which obviously will create a negative association using the Litter box

If you have a small apartment and struggle for space to then you should check out my article by clicking the link below

Where To Put Cat Litter Box In a Small Apartment 

Too Much Litter! 

Yep, If there is too much Litter then this can put off your Cat from using the Litter box

The Litter shouldn’t be too deep

Cats tend to prefer one or two inches deep of Litter

Wrong Type Of Litter 

Cats can be fussy (Like me, I’m very fussy!)

If they don’t like the Litter they won’t use the Litter box

If you want to try a new litter then you should gradually introduce it and slowly use it completely

As you can see, there’s a lot regarding the Litter box and how important the Litter box is to your Cat

Try to encourage your Cat to use the Litter box 

Stress can be a big factor an this can cause your Cat to stop using the Litter box

Stress And How This Affects Your Cat To Use The Litter Box 

If your Cat is stressed then your Cat won’t use the litter box

So what causes stress in Cats?

Let me go through them

  • Changes in their routine
  • New member in the family
  • New pet
  • Moving houses (new environment

These are some of the factors that can cause your Cat to become stress

I’ve actually written a article on how you can calm a stressed Cat down (Worth a read)

How To Calm a Stressed Cat Down 

Try This Guide To Help With Getting Your Cat To Use The Litter Box

What if I told you, there’s a guide that has a proven easy step by step system that teaches you how to get your Cat to  use the Litter box? Interesting right?

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What Is this guide I’m talking about?

It’s called Cat Spraying No More 

Cat Spraying No More

You see, what happens with us Cat parents or just us humans is sometimes when we get too much information from all different sources it can become overwhelming and can actually stress you out! Which is not good for you or your Cat

Your Cat knows when you’re stressed and this causes your Cat to become stressed which means your Cat won’t use the Litter box

I know how it is, you get one piece of advice from this website and then another website says to do something completely different!

Wouldn’t it be ideal to have all information together

It just makes life easier right

That’s what Cat Spraying No More is – A comprehensive in depth guide that helps you get your Cat to use the Litter box and if your Cat is spraying too then how to stop this behavior too!

I was surprised at how deep this guide goes because you learn things I don’t think you’d find over the Internet about why Cats stop using the Litter box

It does really give you a great insight on how your Cat thinks and works which makes this retraining easier for you

Yes, you can retrain your Cat to use the Litter box again, but how long will it take? I don’t know

What I really loved about this guide is the FREE bonuses I got with it

Cat Spraying No More

4 FREE bonuses which is pretty awesome

Another thing that took me by surprise was the 60 day money back guarantee 

You can actually try this guide out for 60 Days and if it’s not for you, you get a full refund

Now that’s what you call a guarantee 😀

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Wrapping Up

No Cat parents want to see a puddle of urine on their Carpet or finding unpleasant surprises all over the houses

A Cat that stops using the Litter box is not forever – It’s just a phase that will soon pass

You just gotta play detective mode and find out the reason for this sudden change

Retraining your Cat to use the Litter box can be done but it can take time

You should never shout or punish your Cat if they stop using the Litter box

This will just make things worse and can cause your Cat stress and just how I mentioned earlier, stress can be a cause for your Cat to stop using the Litter box

It does take time and patience

Every Cat is different

If you want a fast and easy solution then I would really check out Cat Spraying No More

You got nothing to lose because it’s backed with a 60 money back guarantee 

Don’t forget you can check out my review by clicking here

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