Why Is My Male Cat Spraying All Of a Sudden? (Find Out Why!)

In this article you’re going to learn why your male Cat is spraying all of sudden

You’ll learn why your male Cat is marking his territory all over your house!

You’ll learn what the possible causes are

And how you can stop this behavior

Sound good?

Let’s dive straight in!

It can become a very big issue when your Cat starts spraying in the house

Small drops of urine but the smell it leaves behind – My god, it’s the worst

You know what I’m talking about

The whole house stinks of this foul smell

And when you have visitors over it’s embarrassing

Because you’re thinking “Can they smell it too? I hope they don’t!”

But you know they can and they won’t say anything to you but it is not something you want your house to smell of

The worst part is, trying to solve this behavior can become nearly mission impossible

You probably have tried all the different methods out there but no success

I know how you’re feeling because my Cat used to spray all over my house too!

He’d mark his territory everywhere!

From my curtains, nets, doors, couch

And he would do it when I’m not there

So I got no idea where the smell is coming from

And if you don’t know where exactly your Cat has sprayed, how do you actually clean it up?

You literally gotta sniff everywhere and then take a lucky guess and start cleaning that area up

Only to realize the smell is coming from a different direction!

Makes you want to pull your hair out right?

But fortunately for me, my Cat has stopped marking his territory in my house

You know I was sick and tired of this behavior

It was getting me stressed


Because things started turning sour at home with family members

It got to a point where my family were saying to me it’s best to give him away because it doesn’t seem like he’s ever going to stop this marking his territory!

Getting rid of my Cat was never an option but getting pressured was making it hard for me to deal with this problem

And how much research can I do

There’s only so much information you can take in until it stats to feel overwhelming because you’re getting information overload!

You know what I mean right?

It was hard trying to understand why my Cat was marking his territory indoors

I needed a quick fix

A solution to this problem

Something that was going to teach me how to stop this marking and spraying

There had to be a way!

I heard about this guide called Cat Spraying No More

And this guide was a step by step system on how to stop a male cat from spraying indoors

Well, male and female – The guide works for both

And I thought, I wanna check out this guide and see what it’s all about..

More about that later on but if you want to know what this guide is then I have written a non bias review

You can check this out by clicking the link below

Cat Spraying No More Review 

If you’re still reading this article then I want to talk about how you can stop your male cat from spraying all over the house

Why Is My Male Cat Spraying All Of a Sudden?

Life can change dramatically right

One minute your Cat is using the litter box

Pooing in there too

No marking their territory

House is all good and not smelling like Cat urine (Thank god!)

But then all of a sudden

This change just happens

And your beloved furball has started to spray all over the house

Out of the blue!

No warning signs.


And bam!

Just like that, stress has started to creep into your house

Things have changed now

But enough of that because I want to give you a insight why your male Cat has suddenly started to spray all over the house


There are many reasons why your Cat has started this spraying behavior

Before we go into the possible reasons, I would like to stress that it’s important to be calm, have patience and know that it may take some time and work to get your Cat to stop spraying

It’s not impossible to stop this behavior

The best part?

It will stop

It’s just a phase your Cat is going through

Let’s look at the possible reasons why your Cat is marking all over your house

Keep reading..

Medical Condition

This is the first thing you need to find out

You should take your Cat to the vets and make sure your Cat is medically okay

Your Cat could be suffering from some sort of disease or infection that is causing your Cat to pee little drops of urine and not use the litter box

If your Cat is medically okay then it’s time to look at other reasons

One of the reasons could be is because of other Cats coming into the neighborhood

Other Cats Coming Into Your Area/Garden

If your Cat is a indoor Cat then he will usually spray inside your house when they see other Cats hanging about in your Garden or in the area close to your home

So your Cat would spray inside the house to mark their territory as they can’t chase the other Cats away or even worse fight with them!

What happens is, the other Cats coming into your area or garden would often their scent behind which your Cat could smell

Hence the reason for spraying indoors

Similarly your Cat would spray to mark his boundaries or area

Create a No Go Zone For Other Cats

Cats are territorial and your house now belongs to your Cat

It’s his territory

And what your Cat would do is, create a “Do Not Enter” sort of sign via spraying to let other Cats know that this area belongs to your Cat

It’s pretty much their way of communicating with each other – Through scent

This then can all lead to stress in a Cat which is another cause for spraying


When a Cat feels stressed then this can cause spraying

Cats are sensitive and some Cats can be more sensitive than others

Here are a few things that can cause a Cat to become stressed

  • Changes in the household such as redecoration or new furniture
  • Owner being absent for long period of times
  • New addition to the family (baby)
  • New pets
  • Changes to routine

These are all factors that can trigger stress in your Cat

I have actually written a in depth article about Cats being stressed and how to calm them down

You can check out by clicking the link below

How To Calm a Stressed Cat Down 

Clean The Urine Thoroughly

It might be difficult to find out exactly where your Cat has sprayed but if you do by chance catch your Cat spraying or you actually see the drops of the urine then it’s important to clean that are very thoroughly

Reason why is because Cats have amazing sense and they can smell where they have sprayed

And although you may have thought you’d clean that area properly and can’t smell the urine anymore your Cat will be able to

So the solution to this is to buy Cat urine odor removers that have enzyme cleaners in them

If you want to know which Cat odor removers are the best then you can check out my article Best Product To Remove Cat Urine Smell  

Stop Your Cat Spraying Fast By Following This Guide!

I mentioned earlier how I bought this guide called Cat Spraying No More

Cat Spraying No More

This guide is a must have for Cat parents who want to stop this behavior once and for all


Stopping your Cat from spraying is no easy job (I’m sure you agree)

It’s hard work and takes time

The thing is, you don’t have time because your whole house is smelling like Cat urine and it’s not a pleasant smell

Worst part is,

You’re getting pressure from family members to do something about this behavior

You’re trying your best but they don’t seem to understand that

What then happens is you get stressed which makes your Cat get stressed and that then lead to even more spraying!

It’s like a cycle and you keep going round and round

That’s why you need to follow a step by step system that teaches you everything you need to know about Cat spraying and most importantly how to stop this behavior

I personally bought this guide

Cat Spraying No More

And to be honest with you I don’t regret this one bit!

My word, it goes into so much detail on why a Cat sprays

And shows you all different ways you can stop your Cat spraying

What I love about this guide is it covers everything

It’s all in one place and following a proven system to stop your Cat from marking and spraying

You know what else I love about this Guide?


I love free stuff 😀

Cat Spraying No More

This is the free bonuses I received when I purchased Cat Spraying No More

Bonus 1 – Cat Training Bible

Bonus 2 – 101 Recipes For a Healthy Cat 

Bonus 3 – The Cat Care Blueprint 

Bonus 4 – Pet Medical Recorder Software 

I go into more detail about what is all these bonuses in my Cat Spraying No More Review 

If your Cat is spraying all over the house and you’re tired of figuring out how to stop this spraying then you need to check out this guide

This guide costs $37 which I think is really cheap considering the free bonuses you get!

The good news is there’s a special offer of $10 OFF the original price

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No problem though because I’m just happy to have saved you money and also a Cat that does not spray anymore!

I’m a Cat parent and It’s my duty to help other Cat parents out as much as I can

We’re a team 😀

You can get the Coupon Code by clicking here

Great! You got yourself a awesome guide for half the price and trust me it’s worth it 🙂

You’d rather invest your money in stopping your Cat spraying rather than buying a UV light and Cat urine removers and stopping your Cat from going into this room etc (it’s so much stress and hassle)

Another thing I want to mention is, people think this guide is a scam which I find really crazy!

Yes, the sale page is quite long and may look spammy but I purchased this myself and I can tell you 100% you get what they offer (Free bonuses and the guide)

I actually wrote a article talking about this which you can check out

Is Cat Spraying No More a Scam?

Hope this clears any doubts you may have about this guide


Stopping your male Cat spraying can be done but it does take time and patience

It’s important that you don’t shout at your Cat or punish them because this will make matters worse

This will also make your Cat spray even more!

If you follow the steps and advice in this article then you should see improvement and hopefully your Cat will stop spraying

But if you want to follow a step by step system that you can easily follow that will help you stop your Cat from spraying then I would recommend Cat Spraying No More

Don’t forget to get your $10 OFF coupon code which you can get by clicking here

This guide is not necessary but it will make it easier for you to stop this spraying behavior (Male Or Female Cat)

Another thing to mention is if your cat is neutered and still spraying then you can check out my article

How to stop a cat from spraying after neutering 

That’s all from me!


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