How Do You Stop a Cat From Peeing On The Bed – Get Into Bed Without Finding Urine Puddle!

When your Cat decides to pee on your bed and use it as their litter box then this can become a very annoying problem

I mean, you’re exhausted from a hard days work and you just want to get tucked in and go to sleep

Only to realize your Cat has left you a very nice present (Although I wouldn’t call it a present)

Yep, a puddle of urine

Right in the middle of the bed!

So here you are, tired, exhausted, yawning away excited to finally hit the bed

But you have to now clean up this puddle of urine that your Cat has left for you

It is frustrating right? And annoying

The main thing is to remain calm (I know you’re tired!)

The mistake that Cat parents tend to make is to shout at their Cats or even punish them!

This will just make matters worse

Your Cat will use your bed again to urinate

You need to understand that your Kitty is not peeing on the bed to annoy you or to make life hard for you (I know it feels like that!)

There’s a reason why your Cat is not using the Litter box that you have got for him

It’s up to you figure out the why 

Not to worry though

You’re not alone

Because in this article you’re going to learn How Do You Stop a Cat From Peeing On The Bed


Let’s dive straight in!

Why Is My Cat Suddenly Peeing On My Bed?

Possible Medical Condition

The first and most important thing to do is take your Cat to the Vets

I always advise this to Cat parents as the first thing they need to do

Why? Because Cats won’t just pee outside the litter box

It’s sort of their way of telling you that something might be wrong with them medically or if not medically then it’s a behavior problem such as stress (We will get to that later)

When a Cat pees outside the litter box and starts using your bed to relieve themselves this could be a sign of a medical problem

Here’s a short list of what medical condition causes Cats to avoid using the Litter box

  • Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney Stones
  • Arthritis

And other serious and painful conditions

That is why it’s very important to get your Cat checked out as son as possible

Your Cat Feels More Safe Urinating On High Places Such As Your Bed

Cats love high places

You probably already know that because your Cat loves jumping on the kitchen counter

Or they’re always on top of their Cat tree observing the view beneath them

Why do Cats love high places? Because they have a good view of their territory (Your house, which belongs to your Cat now by the way!)

It makes them feel secure and makes it easier for them to identify escape routes should they feel threatened

Your Cat is all about survival – It’s in their instincts as Cat’s don’t want to feel like they’re going to get ambushed

So when your Cat pees on your bed, they’re doing it because it’s in a higher place than the ground which makes them feel safer than using his litter box

It makes it harder for any other animals to corner your Cat or trap them because they’re in a elevated area so they could see everything

I know it’s not a behavior that you want but it makes you appreciate how amazing Cat are right?

Maybe you could add a litter box on a high place and see if this helps

Another common reason why your Cat is peeing on your bed is because of problems with the Litter box

Problems With The Litter Box

This is a common problem which causes a Cat to avoid using the Litter box

If the Litter box is not to your Cats liking then your Cat won’t use it

What do I mean by that?

You see, just how I mentioned about Cats wanting to feel secure and safe, they want to feel safe when using the Litter box, so if the litter box is located in a area where your Cat feels threatened then your Cat won’t use it

That is why Litter box location is very important

Other things to consider with the litter box are as follows

  • Add a extra litter box per Cat – The general rule is 2 litter box per Cat because some Cats like to pee in one and poo in another
  • Clean Litter Box – You should try to clean the Litter box twice a day and if you can’t do that then once per day. If the Litter box is filthy then your Cat won’t use it. Cats are very clean animals and they expect their Litter box to be clean too! You wouldn’t want to use a washroom that is very dirty so the same goes for your little feline friend
  • Cat does not like the Litter – Cats can become fussy (I’m sure you’ve experienced this). Now if you’ve changed the litter recently then it could be your Cat does not like the Litter or it doesn’t feel good on your Cats paws
  • Covered Litter Box – Try to use a Litter box that is uncovered. A Covered Litter box can make your Cat feel trapped and feel like they’re going to get ambushed in litter boxes that are covered
  • Litter box location – I have already touched on about this but want to add few more points. Try to avoid putting the Litter box close to where your Cat eats or next to the dryer or washing machine. The noise will get your Cat scared and this can leave a negative impact on your Cat using the Litter box which basically means he’ll use your cosey bed as a Litter box!

If you think the Litter box is completely fine and all the points are being met then another factor you need to consider is your Cat may be stressed

Your Cat May Be Stressed

Stress in Cats can cause litter box avoidance

And yes, your Cat can become stressed

They are emotional and sensitive animals!

Let’s look at what causes stress in Cats

Veterinary Visits

Do you hate going to the Doctors? Or maybe your children hate going?

Similarly a Cat feels scared to go to the Vets and can make them feel stressed out

New Addition To The Family

Your Cat may react differently to new members to the family such as a new born baby or just new family members.

If it’s possible to plan ahead then this can help your Cat get used to the new member of your family

This does require patience and understanding

Give your Cat some time to get used to the newcomer

Change In Routine

Cats love routine and as soon as this gets disrupted then this can lead to your Cat being stressed

If you need to change your Cats routine then do so but gradually

For example, if you got a new job and you will be away for longer periods during the day, try to plan a week ahead by gradually increasing your time of being away

And when you come back, show your Cat how much you missed them. Talk to your Cat telling him how your day was

Show your Cat love and affection

By doing this, when your new job starts, your Kitty will be used to you being out of the house for some time

To learn more about stress in Cats and how to calm them down check out my article

How Calm a Stressed Cat Down 

Clean Your Bed Sheets Thoroughly

The last thing you want is your Duvet and bed sheets to smell like Cat urine

Worst thing is, Cat urine smell is very strong and it does not smell nice!

You don’t want your Cat to come back to the same spot and pee again if you haven’t cleaned the area where your Cat has urinated properly

That is why it’s important to clean the area as thoroughly as you can!

There’s so many Cat urine odor removers out there but it’s difficult to know which one will actually remove the smell

Discover which product is the best to remove Cat urine odor by checking out my article below (It’ll save you a lot of time and money!)

Best Product To Remove Cat Urine Smell 

How Do You Stop a Cat From Peeing On The Bed – Try This Quick And Easy Way

It’s hard trying to figure out why your Cat is not using the Litter box

And it is frustrating going into your bed full of Cat urine

But what if I was to tell you there’s a quick and easy way to get your Cat to stop peeing on your bed, carpet, rug, furniture basically stop your Cat peeing everywhere and use the Litter box!

Sometimes relationships can get strained because of this problem

So you got pressure from family and your Cat just does not want to use the litter box

Which is why you need to check out this awesome guide called Cat Spraying No More

Cat Spraying No More

This is a guide which teaches you how to get your Cat to use the Litter box in a step by step easy to follow system 

The best part?

It’s all in one so you’re not going to one website to another and getting all sorts of different advice

This adds more stress to you and can make you feel overwhelmed with the amount of information you’re getting

And if you’re stressed this can make your Cat stressed which leads to using your bed as a litter box!

It’s a very in depth article and I don’t think you’d find the information on there over the internet

It’s easy to follow

I purchased this myself to see what the hype was about and to be honest with you, I don’t regret purchasing it!

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Cat Spraying No More

What I love about this guide is the FREE bonuses you get 😀 

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And I’m not just talking one free bonus

You actually get 4! 

Pretty cool right

Here’s the free bonuses you get

Bonus 1 – Cat Training Bible 

Want to truly understand your Cat and learn why your Cat behaves in certain ways? This training bible helps you learn all this! Not bad!

Bonus 2 – 101 Recipes For a Healthy Cat 

Learn how you can make yummy and tasty but healthy meals for your Cat!

Bonus 3 – The Cat Care Blueprint 

How awesome would it be to have a complete checklist for your Cat care needs?

This Cat Care Blueprint is the answer!

You will know when you need to take your Cat to the vets, how to groom your Cat etc etc

Bonus 4 – Pet Medical Recorder Software 

This software is very helpful!

Why? Because it helps you keep your Cats medical history easily!

You will be able to see your Cats previous treatments with just a few clicks

You can also keep a record of Cats vaccinations

With this software, you’ll also be able to store helpful information such as Health insurance details, Vet Contact information and all other medical history

Very handy indeed!

Pretty cool bonuses right?

It also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee! 

So you actually have 2 months to decide if this guide is for you

If you don’t like it for whatever reason you can get a full refund

Why not check out my Cat Spraying No More Review

I give you a full non bias honest review and you can decide if this is something that will help you get your Cat to finally use the Litter box


Stopping your Cat urinating on the bed can be done

It’s not mission impossible

You just have to figure out the reasons why your Cat is doing this

It does require patience and time

Whatever you do, don’t ever shout or punish your Cat because as mentioned before this will just make matters worse

Your Cat doesn’t think it’s doing anything wrong

They’re not peeing on your bed in spite or some sort of revenge

Hopefully this article has given you some ideas and guidance on how to stop your Cat from peeing on the bed

If you want a quick fix and prefer to follow a step by step guide to solving this problem then be sure to check out my Cat Spraying No More Review 




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